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We CAN get Ron Paul the nomination!

Can Ron Paul still win the nomination after he said himself he can't and many others? ABSOLUTELY!!! How?, Us!... I have 2 answers and the second may be the more realistic one. First, the winner will be chosen at the National convention, not now, so, we need to change the Romney delegates minds. How? 1. If we did a money bomb and let some of the professional people on this site do a professional video, be it 30 or 60 minutes, that we could pay to be aired on a major television channel, we could reach a lot of Romney delegates! I know we have people here that can speak professionally and people with top line video equipment that would do it. Chances are slim but I think we could raise the money for it. 2. The second thing is a lot of us here could do videos for Youtube and other video sites addressing the Romney delegates and why it would be good to change their minds. We all could copy each others videos, and repost them on different youtube accounts ( and we all could make several Youtube accounts) that we could make with different names on the particular videos to attract a larger crowd. In other words, If I made a video and everyone here liked it, you all could download it and make several youtube accounts and re upload the video to each account and give the video a different name on each account to get the viewers. I'm not giving up and I think this may be the only way... We can't have Obama or Romney we need Ron Paul and if we work together we will get our goal accomplished. I will not give up until the National Convention but we need to be a team and pull something off!!!

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I'm beginning to wonder if there are

any rombama delegates. You sure can't tell from the bus tours and rallys he holds. He's lucky to get 50 bodies there maybe 75 if he pays more.

It's beginning to look like the electronic machines are compromised/hacked to flip Ron Paul's vote to rombama, and the local establoishment GOP'ers are obviously coersed into committing election fraud to disenfranchise any Ron Paul delegate.

Delegates are under federal law and so is this federal election at all levels which means that NO delegate are bound no matter how much fraud the RNC commits.

Vote your conscience at Tampa or We the People need to Elect Ron Paul from the floor.

remember dvds 4 delegates chip-in?

that actually worked, by the way.

the for liberty dvd actually did win the hearts and minds of delegates

Look...we have 160 delegates in the lawsuit and it just got

started. This is only delegates from not even 1/4 of the states!

This means at least 160x4=640 of the delegates hate Romney that we know of. Then we have the ones who never really cared for him and were stuck with him.

Now there is this lawsuit and people are going to feel MORE justified to not like him and the RNC. They are losing support that they never really had.

You get Ron Paul on that stage for 15 minutes and it's all over. We have GOT TO GET HIM UP THERE.


The hardest ones to convert are the Santorum supporters

If you can find out who they "originally" supported, it would be easier. Almost all Romney supporters did not support Romney. They were behind, Bachmann, Perry or Gingrich. Those are the ones to work on. The Frothy ones,....well, they're just frothy.

The head of the Dallas Fort Worth Tea Party

Remember his letter in Face book after attending a RP ralley? He switched to
Ron Paul, he might be able to help us with those blind Frothy supporters.
Worth a try at least he could give us insight to how they might listen.

This definitely does it for me.


I've watched it probably 10 times. I still can't believe the words coming out of their mouths. Exactly the same. Plus, I love the bell ring.

I don't think you realize who

I don't think you realize who the Romney delegates are. They are not like us. They didn't start from the bottom and work their way up. They are not every day Americans. The majority of Romney delegates going to Tampa are rank and file GOP members that have been part of the machine for YEARS. The only time Romney delegates beat us was when Romney and the RNC put up "their" slate against us and bullied their way to a win. Those were not random Romney supporters on that slate, they were hand picked for a reason.

That's an unfortunate thought...

I hadn't considered

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

That is true they are GOP supporters not Romney supporters

They may not like Romney at all they are just voting for him over Obama.
We must educate them that Romney has no chance of winning he is to much like Obama they are both bad for our country.
And only Dr Ron Paul has a realistic plan and the honor and dedication
to lead and restore America.
The others have no clue about fixing our country before we go the way of Greece.

I appreciate the idea, but

if we haven't learned yet, we will never learn. Youtube and internet videos are not the answer. Yes, they reach the young, but delegates and especially Romney delegates are not young.

All that will happen is what happens with almost all other videos: they will circulate around the Ron Paul community, we will all get excited with what an amazing video was made, and the mainstream voter will be none the wiser because they did not see it.


all we have to do is buy an insert with the next AARP mailing and we will reach them all.

WTG Steve

Your thoughts are on spot!
Remember the age group !


Very true but...

Champion that is very true, we can all agree. But we are not ordinary people, we are Ron Paul people for liberty for us and our children. If we Unite I promise you we will not lose. It is just how we do it and if we do it.



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...we can!!!!


Earth to DP members


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Most importantly, be

Most importantly, be respectful and courteous in your exchanges with other potential converts. Kill em with kindness!

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Our physical numbers...

...have always been greater that what their machines fraudulently say.


IMHO [Marketing/Advertising

In an endeavor such as this, you have to know the demographics. You Tube films? Fine for the younger group who support Romney but isn't the problem with the older GOP who are the ones who 'show up' for Romney in numbers? What is the age group of the delegates? Example: inexpensive ads in church programs. It's cheap [very] and most read them when bored. Hit the group with Ron's take on Right to Life. Churches have an income from those ads. Have seen the most ads in Catholic church bulletins.. Will have a large impact on the Evangelicals too. Explain Ron's views on SS but how he wouldn't stop it for those now depending on it. THAT is so important to the elderly who always vote! Foreign policy explained because of the emphasis during the debates made by republicans and by MSM.
If you knew from which area the most Sanity and Romney voters were from, target the churches. Do Mormons have a bulletin? Takes a bit more time but the cost in $ is miniscule. Each Paul supporter be responsible for their local churches. The age group is there. Follow through with ad space locally in all activities going on there. A play at school, graduation programs [if not too late] Activities in assisted living or homes/apts for the retired. Senior citizen groups, dances and activities. Our advertising pays for their promotion of activity........and on and on. Where are the 60 and up in your area? Target your advertising.What are their ages, religion and in what activities they would be most likely to participate?
A [CHEAP] more personal 'hometown' exposure.


excellent proposal - ads in church programs

you've got the right stuff DEEKEY, if only we had a well-heeled angel to give your ideas wings. I agree that targeting houses of worship, and a mature demographic in particular, would gain access to many who will be voting in Tampa. Personally, I would approach the issue as 'blessed is the peacemaker'. Troops home, preserve the social safety net, restore civil rights.

Letters to the editor also have a huge impact, as does calling in to daytime talk radio if u have the nerve for it - both of which are free.

You are talking about DVDs4Delegates


G Edward Griffin helped raise the seed money of about $50,000 last time to do this with this video.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

I like your thinking

We are coming up to the last lap, lots oaf great opportunities to move the ball forward.

Raindrop r3volution. One drop at a time wears down mountain ranges.

Free includes debt-free!

You all need to get together

You all need to get together with the Lawyers for Ron Paul...they are moving forward to get Ron Paul the nomination....listen to the latest talk show....awesome.....

WTPN® promos

... PLUS! Ron Paul's campaign gets a boost!

Lead Attorney for the Delegates for the Republican National Convention Richard Gilbert and Operating Director of Lawyers for Ron Paul David Callihan join Robby DeMarco and Lynn Nichols on The Liberty Hour to discuss the civil lawsuit pending in the people vs. the RNC and also the new direction of the Ron Paul Campaign.

LISTEN!! --> http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/audioPop.jsp?episodeId=...

So lets do it!!

Lets get the moneybomb for this mini movie project going!!

I believe Ron Paul won Texas..

And NO way in this world did he win California. No way, no how. I believe that votes were flipped. In Texas they are just doing some simple backtracking and verification. In 1 single polling place alone It was roughly something like... Ron Paul 11 votes. Mitt Romney 48. The elephant in the room: a commenter stated that on their block alone there were 6 Ron Paul signs, -0- Romney signs. How many streets would you think there are in that polling location? Plenty. I wouldn't be too sure Romney won Texas. This is what I believe. Do with that what you will. Free speech you know. These kinds of thing are verifiable. Ron Paul: "You have to keep a high spirit. You have to believe in the seemingly impossible. You have to be ALL the way in!".

Earth to

which galaxy are you in?

I'm pretty sure she's from

I'm pretty sure she's from the same galaxy that let there be Diebold from primordial soup

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One that actually trusts in the natural goodness

of people who are educated in factual history and truthful ethics. We have good reason to be optimistic. You Progressives are the sad folk who have a bloody history of failure, starved populations, tyranny, wars, economic collapse. No wonder you have a gloomy outlook. Come over to the Liberty side, it is gloriously happy and positive despite the odds against us. It is a privilege to work for peace & liberty as Tom Woods often points out.

Does Tom Woods...

feel the same way about original sin that you do? I would venture to say that Woods, being a good Catholic, is libertarian because he believes in the universal corruption of human nature.