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Ben Swann's EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Rand Paul on Fed Audit, NDAA, Drones, Interventionism, RP2012


Published on Jun 14, 2012 by BenSwannRealityCheck

Ben Swann Reality Check talks one on one with Senator Rand Paul about his endorsement of Mitt Romney for President

Reality Check: One on One With Rand Paul On His Endorsement of Mitt Romney

Posted: Jun 14, 2012 6:31 PM Updated: Jun 14, 2012 6:31 PM
By Ben Swann

It was an endorsement that surprised many people.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul endorsing Mitt Romney for President late last week.

That endorsement surprising many people, especially when you consider the strong stances Senator Paul has taken against the use of drones overseas and the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.

These are of course, issues Governor Romney supports.

Ben talked with Senator Paul from Washington D.C. earlier today.


Ben is very wise; he posted the video on YouTube, before his own station WXIX FOX19 Cincinnati, OH's video went up.

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I'm not saying any more about him now

Ok. i've gotten the rand thing out of my system.
If you have seen any of my other comments
(there aren't that many) none were "extreme" and
i don't swear.
onward and upward.

No but he's doing a fine job

No but he's doing a fine job as a Senator. Have your anti-Rand comments on the DP helped or harmed the r3volution?


No doubt. NDAA for starters. Next question.

Utter confusion

Why are we still putting up these interview videos? Vote these down and get rid of them! We get it, some of us love Rand, some of us hate him as a Judas, some of us say wait and see. Well, let's start waiting, get over hating and love him from afar if necessary. On to important matters, delegates, local activism. I just signed up with our local board of elections to run the voting machines and be an "election inspector". Get inside the process somewhere, lets talk about stuff we think we should do and stop killing each other over Rand. This is the Daily "RON" Paul, not the daily Rand. Let's get back to tiptoeing through the tulips of liberty together.

Rick Santorum, what a joke.

Rick Santorum, what a joke. Bring it on

Let's give credit ...

where due. Rand's move was certainly both bold and has a logic of reasonable strategy.

However, it is so bold that by intentionally choosing to be a *Republican in good standing*, he has brought his credibility factor back to zero and harnessed himself with a yoke of scrutiny whereby the *Liberty Movement* will watch and gauge his every move relative to proving ground that he does not engender the typical and expected fat cat biPartisan traits of corruption and incompetence.

His post-primary relationship with Moneybags McConnell put him in that position with me from the start of his incumbency.

Kentucky Libertarian
Mark Gailey

Mark Gailey –[Liberty Felix]-

Learn to protect yourself from lawyers,
_with or without ‘em_

Wonder if Judas Rand

used Romney lists to seek donations?

Opps that list probably has very few people and they are all bank gangster puppets of the Owners ot the Fed reserve corp.


The voting UP or DOWN on this article is malfunctioning!!!

Please fix it, Daily Paul!

Numerous times on this article I would vote something UP, and the result was it went DOWN. Other times I'd vote something DOWN, and the result was it went UP.

You might think others were pressing buttons at the same time. NO! That might happen a couple of times, but this happened consistently, so it appears some of the comments are getting huge pluses, when in fact, they don't deserve it--either way.

This is weird.

My Vote To The Mods

It might be a good idea to completely eliminate all "-" votes. It is usually misused and subconsciously causes me to overlook some possible good points. If you allow just "+" votes, people who do not like it will ignore it and the comment will fizzle out quickly.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

There may be some who may be voting down at the same time

you are voting up. The net result is what you see. Often when I vote up it goes up by 10 points. That is because others are voting it up while I am reading it and I don't see the update until I vote it or refresh.

The vote count is simply

The vote count is simply refreshed when you click on it. So it doesn't mean someone pressed the button at the same time, it just means someone pushed the button after you last refreshed the page.

Oh a video of Runt Paul?

Mmmmmm no thanks. I'll watch what somebody who doesn't endorse tyranny has to say.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

I suppose you think you are

I suppose you think you are following in the footsteps of Ron Paul. Since when has Ron Paul promoted ignoring people and not listening to them? There is not a member of congress Ron Paul would not work with when they are on the right side of an issue.

This type of thinking you have adopted is everything Ron Paul is not.


First off I never said I was trying to be like Ron Paul. He is a better, and more principled man than I will ever be.

Second, I've heard all of the excuses. "We need a seat at the table", "I promised them I would", and "We can't have another 4 years of Obama". Its all a bunch of BS. Those excuses are pitiful and do not jusitfy selling out the movement and everybody who donated to you back in 2010 (me) who thought you would be able to carry the torch of your father.

And lastly, yes, Ron has worked with many people to pass bills and create coalitions. But he has NEVER gone out of his way and campaigned for someone who is a full blown statist. Sorry thats just never happened.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Nothing you stated changes

Nothing you stated changes the fact that unlike Ron Paul, you are unwilling to set aside politics to help liberty. You will turn your back when someone is attempting to advance the cause of liberty and call them names. It is not about campaigning, it is about supporting the right ideas.

I dont think you understand what "advancing the cause of

liberty" means.

Its certainly not "comprimising" your values and endorsing someone who loves the Fed, NDAA, endless unconstitutional wars, and the Patriot act.

I don't give an F about politics. I could care less. Hell I'm not even mad about Ron not getting the nomination.

I'm pissed that after all the effort and sacrifice this community went through, in the end we are just supposed to fall in line behind the establishment so we can "get a seat at the table".

F that.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Compromise does not equate to ally with on issues

"I don't give an F about politics. I could care less"

But that's all you are complaining about. You are not complaining about policy.

Please show me where Ron Paul would not work with someone because of who they endorsed as he thought it would equate to compromise.

I had not seen this before - threats against congress

Douglas J. Hagmann, founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network. A lot of forewarnings in this interview regarding the elections, DHS, congress, etc. If you haven't seen it, please take the time.


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix


will have his work cut out for him because the way things are going Romney will not win the election imo.

Way too many people today are light-years away from any connection to Romney and since the GOP is stuck in its old ways, fortunately the GOP will look for much soul searching. Getting Romney to run was a great way to let the Democrats get re-elected. How can any self respecting Republican stand by the Party today is beyond me???

One thing is for certain, 4 years from now it will be a very different world.


I agree that Romney will probably

lose the election in 2012. He seems to fall behind in almost every voting group except for... you guessed it, rich white males. Although Romney still does have a chance as he has tons of money and powerful crooks on his side. I think four years from now at the very least will be more of the same. If Romney wins and we go to war with Iran, I think we will be totally screwed. We can't afford more war and the war will undoubtedly lead to more bills that diminish the 4th amendment.

I wish I was wrong...

...but I really believe that the electronic voting machines are already set enough to have the winner as we speak. And being that Romney & Obama are so much a like in being good little establishment puppets, we don't really know who they chose. If those machines were honestly functioning Romney would have been in forth place in the primaries in the first place. It's just all to obvious to me.

i dont think alot of you guys

i dont think alot of you guys realize how many people hate obama. He wont have the young vote like he did last time, and just about everyone i meet from all walks of life have fell into the slogan "anybody but obama" it will prob be easy for anyone to beat him... thats my opinion...

legalize freedom

This whole argument about

This whole argument about Rand's actions, apart from being so destructive, seems to polarise into two groups. Those that think he is a sell-out and a traitor; and those that think he's a saint.

Doesn't add up;
Rand has always said he wasn't a libertarian.
He's not been committed actively to the RP revolution, other than giving support, and he's always remained on the fringe. Even on the fundamental issues, he's never lent verbal support to more than a few.

So how can he be accused of selling out the campaign, the one he wasn't committed to. By the same reasoning, how can he be called a hero for supposedely infiltrating the Republican Party on a lone mission to change within?, even if it were possible.

Truth is he's doing what he's always done, building a career in politics and pressing for change wherever he sees the need, according to his own beliefs, principles and maybe even party line if he feels that's the direction.

So what's this got to do with the RP revolution? Not a lot in reality; the impact is minimal (or should be), he's not doing anything differently, plus he's an ally of the movement.

Then where's the real issue? Well, because he's Ron Pauls son!
Think of the ramifications of being Ron Pauls son people..

Lets find the middle ground maybe, and put this whole issue to bed and move on with what's really important.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Anger not only cause he's related

but because he is a sitting senator who stood onstage next to Ron Paul numerous times throughout the campaign and then announced his endorsement of another candidate before the nomination is officially over.

If another senator made the same move, wouldn't the accusations still be flying??

That the action came from Ron's son adds to the hurt and incredulity, but the dissent would have been there no matter who did this.

The "other" two camps ...

There are those that believe we are libertarians and those that believe we are constitutional republicans. Didn't know the RP movement was a libertarian movement since Dr Paul is a Republican. ><

I think we are full of many...

...Libertarians, awakened former Democrats & Republicans, and Independents. And I also think regardless of party, that anyone who runs for office that represents liberty issues as close to Ron Paul as possible will get our support. I myself...a former neocon Repub will call myself independent. I will not pledge my loyalty to any party again, but to the candidate who comes the closest to Paul's policies...the policies I believe in. So it will be the individual, not the party.

That is what is most

That is what is most upsetting ... Rand Paul has the record that he is indeed a liberty candidate and he is being tarred and feathered by the puritan branch of the movement. It's like they honestly believe that an "All or Nothing" campaign is somehow a path to victory.

I support anyone that will advance the Liberty Movement in anyway ... This nomination by Rand doesn't change the fact that he is an agent for Liberty.

Other than using Ron Paul's lists to seek MONEY!

He's not been committed actively to the RP revolution, other than giving support, and he's always remained on the fringe. Even on the fundamental issues, he's never lent verbal support to more than a few.


That's what irks me...

... he used us (and many of us contributed generously) and now that he has friends in the upper echelons of the GOP Politburo, he dumps us; and that on Sean Insanity's show, just to add insult to injury.

Romney is the antithesis of what his father has fought for all his life. You can't endorse a statist like Romney. It just emboldens the neocons and guts your own cause.

People like Jack Hunter are delusional if they think Rand can reform the GOP from within. We all thought Reagan could do that... Reagan was followed by Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain and Romney. Enough said.

Plano TX

Rand does remind me...

...of Reagan in his approach. Don't think it will work, but don't think he has bad motives with his agenda either. Time shall reveal what happens.=/