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Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement by WeAreChange

Now this was epic


I like Luke.

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These "reporters" are sickening. They aren't trying to interview. They have an agenda. Each question is loaded.

Crap like this, they might as well go work for Fox News. Or even TMZ with the way they approached this!

I hope they never get an interview with either Paul again, I know I wouldnt talk to them.

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Lousy judgement by Luke Rudowski and Abby Martin in trying

to do this type of "interview" with Rand Paul. Completely unnecessary and looks like this is the only type of interview Luke knows how to do. It's appropriate for some people at some times, but not here.


I don't understand this double standard

from several posters on this thread. Why is this a good approach most of the time, but not with Rand? Your bias is quite visible.

I'm not saying I don't understand, I am just pointing it out in case you are not aware of the blatancy of this kind of bias. There is no logic to saying that this is good except in this one special case. It's either a good thing or it isn't.

Maybe we just don't want to admit how bad it looks, and what it suggests.

John F

Ever contemplated

that it's not "their" bias which is quite visible, but yours?

Where is my bias visible?


John F

It’s hypocrisy

It’s hypocrisy we are slowly becoming more and more like Tea Party protectionist with one rule for them freedom and unquestioned power and other rules for you like censorship and restrictions because we don’t like your point of view so we a to put FOX News like propaganda sticky post on the front page on DP to control the narrative to squelch all decent.

Ron Paul on Compromise and Democracy

Don’t Follow and don’t Conform on your Principles

I’m a Ron Paul Republican and I will abide by the Constitution and the Paul Doctrine WIN, LOSE or DRAW and I hope you will to.

Hold the LINE for FREEDOM and MARCH steadfast with the CONSTITUTION in HAND

I've kept my mouth shut on this up till now.

That did not look good for Rand. I do hope that this is all a stunt and part of the magic trick to put his father in office, I will continue to hope this is the case.

If he's acting, he's doing one hell of a job at fooling us all, and fooling the establishment. Which he'd have to fool us to be able to fool the establishment, and maybe that's the sinister part of the plan. Again, I hope this is the case.

But .... He sure looks like a slimy snake that's slithering away under the rocks of tyranny when these people are being that polite and asking him legitimate questions that he knows needs to be answered.

I mean if people were to judge him by this video alone, he's a cooked goose; slime ball; POS politician. I hope like hell this is not the case and will still hold off and reserve judgement until this all plays out.

My eyes tell me he's turned to the dark side.

My heart tells me he's about to win a Golden Globe for best actor.

Let's hope it's the latter.

Ron Paul 2012.


Good job on the interview I'm very disappointed in Rand :( shame shame shame !! Lets still take our country back Ron Paulers

Fair questions and fair responses

I think that Luke acted as a professional reporter/journalist and Rand acted as a professional politician.

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination


#Baton vs #camera: Police open hunt for citizen #journalists [VIDEO] http://on.rt.com/0t2tpb @AbbyMartin @LukeRudkowski

My stomach turns

We have been telling others to wake up for many years. Now it is time we follow our advise. This is not liberty, voting doesnt count,the game is rigged, revolution is the only answer. Presidents are selected not elected. This site will be taken off my toolbar now. I suggest any real liberty lovers do the same. Try Sott they had it right months ago and I wouldnt listen, now I see I was the fool.


Sad to see that they got to him.

Ron Paul's largest donor was at Bilderberg,

Peter Thiel. He gave over $2.6 million.

So much for the stupid Bilderberg conspiracy theory. Or you're going to have to claim Ron Paul is part of the New World Order.


Ok we have sheep in here

Damn dude, really? If Ron got a donation from anyone at bilderberg he is part of the NWO. Gonna be like a obama supporter and follow even when it is proven you have been duped? go ahead lemming. I am out of this political charade.

He can't

respond because he can't defend what he has done/is doing. Can you imagine Ron Paul ever not being able to defend his position??? He has truly gone to the dark side. He wants to join the One World Gov. party and has sold out his dad and the whole liberty movement to profit politically. Can anyone be in doubt after this vid??

Sorry your post got -1'd by someone

Think about the vast number of power-hungry people in gov't, and you can see how special Ron Paul is. We do have many principled, humble people in our movement, and one thing that we're not doing enough is running for office ourselves. I ran in 2010, and it sure was difficult. I cringe at the idea of doing it again. But we really do need to start replacing the suckers who are there. I was hoping that Rand Paul would be another Ron Paul, but he is not. Ron's voting record is pure, and Ron will continue to sleep well every night. Rand has started on a path that is extremely hard to recover from. I wish him well, and I hope he does come back. Ron seems to have never waivered from his principles, but it would be even better if Rand recognized his mistakes and came back from them.

To the small but vocal group of people who are clicking the - button next to anything at all that is negative about Rand, it's almost like you're putting your fingers in your ears and singing. Rand has screwed up, and we can point to his exact screw-ups. He hasn't screwed up as much as the other senators, but he has still fallen way short of Ron Paul's record. I was sorely disappointed when Dennis Kucinich went ahead and endorsed Barack Obama. He is easily the most liberty-minded and constitutional congressman in the Democrat Party, and he started to get it right, but he too fell short. The fact that we HAVE a beacon of truth just goes to show us how far off the rest of the elected officials are.

Let's continue to encourage Rand to have a strictly Constitutional record and to never abandon his principles, and if he doesn't come around, let's replace him with one of us.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

I don't think Luke was off base with his questions

He is acting just like MS Pelosi and the rest of them up that hill.

and screw being nice to Rand, he has already shown his true colors by refusing to talk about this stuff.

I have been giving Rand the benefit of doubt but this video has pretty much cleared that up for me...Thanks Luke

Rudowoski is a paid shill who

Rudowoski is a paid shill who stole thousands of dollars of contributions to the New York WAC chapter. He is one in the same as Alex Jones, puke.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

CHANGE the "H" to an "I" and delete the "NGE";

With [dis]respect to Luke (and his c(ia)ontrollers,) that is.

A lot of regular WAC people are probably good people.

The controlled opposition, however? No. Die, Luke.

Ron Paul wins 2012. Get ready for it. :)


I would expect this type of reaction from anyone but Rand Paul. What happened to truth and honesty? To ignore these young liberty loving individuals, the same ones that supported him for Senator, is more disheartening than the endorsement of Romney. I have a statement for you Rand, "Ron Paul would have beenever so gracious and he would have stopped and enjoyed answering the question and talking to a young man and woman about ANYTHING. I lose more respect for Rand every day. Sad

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME.

I wonder how many folks who

I wonder how many folks who are bashing Luke applauded him or others like him when they went after the empty suits?

Luke was quite polite

3 years ago Rand would have stopped and talked.
On another note Luke has a new video with Glenn Beck coming out maybe later tonight if not tomorrow.


Looked like he worked for TMZ to me. Loaded questions, disrespectful.... A sense of entitlement for Rands time and participation.

Any normal person would have clocked him.

He's just demonstrating his new name -


Rand learned something from being on Rachel Maddow

just keep your mouth shut.

Pure garbage


"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Are you serious? An ambush interview? What are you 2?

Did you even make any appointments before you decided to do your cute little giggly "walk and harrass" with Rand? At least then you could have stated that you tried to get through to him but got nowhere that way. Instead you come off as a 2 bit amateur Bill oreilly ambush tabloid trash. Shameful. You're better than that. And Rand even though he messed up, deserves better than that.

I'm upset with Rand and I want answers too but that is not how you go about getting them. I mean, are you kidding me? No one in their right mind is going to answer ambush questions from someone who clearly has a hostile agenda. Did you really expect an answer to your rude questioning. I am very disappointed in you Luke and WeAreChange. You do a lot of good. This was just embarrassing. And as for the many comments here supporting this uncalled for tactic you should be ashamed of yourselves. Rand had no obligation to answer this hack job of an interview, and I'm glad he didnt. Show some class.

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I completely agree with you here.

Thanks for your comment. Luke has done good work, but Rand does not equal Rockefeller, and I believe that if Luke sought out an interview, he could have gotten one, and gotten his questions answered. Rand has not backed off from answering questions in other interviews recently. Also, Rand is working hard on legislation that is actually helping us, in case no one has noticed, so treating him like a Rockefeller or Kissinger or somebody, is not called for and is not something to be proud of. Same goes for Abby Martin, you're brave and all that, but you used poor judgement.


Obama supporter found

Protect the ones that will have your freedom destroyed and cheer them on. Pathetic.

You Are Way out of Line

Rand Paul is an elected officia a servant of the people, and answers to the people. He is not a god! We have a perfect right to ask him questions.

Luke was respectful and all Rand had to do was take 2 minutes, stop and chat with him. Ron Paul would have. I am beginning to feel that Rand is full of himself and rather pompus!

Please stop shaming and guilting Luke, a young man who has the courage to be proactive in his country's government and policies. He started We Are Change, and, it is his generation that will suffer most. Wish there were more young people like him.

I did not see Luke break any fingers, hire off duty cops, take down a man with an artificial hip etc.....Those are the people you shoud feel ashamed of and emarrassment about! Knock off your inappropriate righteousness, makes you look like a died in the wool neocon!