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Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement by WeAreChange

Now this was epic


I like Luke.

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Im not out of line. This is shameful.

Luke was rude.

Rand does not have to answer to random people on the street.
Nobody does.
He answers to his constituency.

No one said he was a god.
You have the right to ask him questions
He has the right not to answer them
Rand was beyond patient and polite with him.
He had every right to stop and tell him exactly where he could go.
He had respect for Luke and simply did not respond where as anyone else would have told him off or called security.
Rand simply said he could make an appointment. Fair enough.

Luke was not respectful.
Respectful means making an appointment.
Respectful means not harassing people walking down the street.
Respectful means not interrupting peoples conversations
Respectful means not persisting in making a fool of yourself unless all other options are exhausted, which Luke did not.
Rand has given many interviews and has answered the tough questions
Some like myself are not satisfied with his answers but he has not run away from them.
Ron Paul would not have answered Luke's rude interview either.
I don't give a flip what organization he's started you don't do what he did here.
I know very well who he is and what he has started and what things he spearheads. Many of them I applaud.
I'm not some 20 week noob spouting off nonsense.
I wish there were more people like Luke as well. Not like him in this video but in many others.
I will shame and guilt whom I please if I disagree with them. Including Rand, Ron, Luke, you or wide swaths of the DP community if I see fit.
I am ashamed, embarrassed and indignant about those who broke fingers, hired thugs and dislocated hips.
What's that have to do with Luke and this rude interview? Strawman much?
Just because Luke didn't flying kick Rand into oncoming traffic doesn't mean what he did and how he did it wasn't rude and uncalled for.
Calling for civility and decency = neocon?
Someone is out of line and it's not me.

I disagree.

Often is the case that reporters/journalists/public get the BEST information from politicians when the interviewee isn't given 'prep' time to answer honest questions.

It's amazing to see the responses from politicians Luke and others from around the world have collected from 'ambush journalism' tactics to get a breathe of unnarrated truth.

Rand might not like it and in this instance neither do you but its how we keep checks and balances in society when we're up against the machine.

PS. I love Ron with all my heart and no endorsement will ever change my pursuit of liberty for as long as I live. I owe much of what I am to this movement.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

That's called being rude

Some feel that is an appropriate means to an end.
I don't. I don't imagine Ron Paul feels that way either.
It turns people off. It is counter productive. It closes their mind. Makes them defensive. Makes them esteem you the enemy.

Can it sometimes get a unique response yes. Is it ever ok? Sure in certain circumstances.
It's one thing if all other avenues of trying to get in contact with them, get a response or an interview have failed. It's quite another to just rush someone.

So yes if this is the only way to get through to someone fine. But that was not the case here with Rand.

No, this was pointless...

"Now this was epic..." No, it was pretty pointless. I love the energy and the go-get-em spirit displayed in this video, but what a WASTE OF TIME. Rand Paul's reasons (which have already been exhaustively discussed in several interviews and many more speculative commentaries on this site and elsewhere) for endorsing Romney are a non-issue. In five years, do you think ANYONE in or out of the liberty movement is going to care about this?

These smart, energetic kids, who are obviously pretty passionate about shrinking the government, should be putting there energies somewhere else. Rand is at VERY LEAST a close ally of this movement and at best is a strong leader in the fight for liberty. Go hassle someone that's actually ruining the country.

You just basically repeated

You just basically repeated word for word Jack Hunter's write-off of the Romney endorsement: "In five years, do you think ANYONE in or out of the liberty movement is going to care about this?"

What's your point? (I'm

What's your point? (I'm genuinely curious, not trying to bait or anything)

Don't judge Rand by this video

If someone did to me what Luke did to Rand in this video, I would have been pretty ticked off. Rand was quite polite about it. I probably would have told them to go away and leave me alone. If they want to really talk to Rand, they should schedule an appointment with him like the lady with him suggested or go in to talk to him during visiting hours. Randomly approaching him like that is not the way to go.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Quite honestly

I would like to know the answer to the question that Luke asked Rand and Luke is correct. Trying to ignore him was disrespectful and all he had to do was answer the question. I am tired of prepared statements from politicians. What happened to asking honest questions and getting honest answers? Luke is amazing and handled himself very respectfully. As for Rand, politics as usual and refusing to answer is guilt. I'm surprised he didn't plead the fifth.

What's disrespectful was Luke ambushing him like that

Personally, I wouldn't answer someone like that even if the actual questions he asked didn't bother me.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Are you kidding?

That was evasion 101. If Luke had come up & said, "Ran (that's his name now), Ran, could you talk to me about what Romney's going to do to save our country?" Ran would have stopped & talked to him. If he'd spoon-fed him like Hannity & Beck, he would have given him ALL the time in the world.

Instead, Luke asked hard questions of Ran, & he couldn't answer. If he told the truth, he'd reneg on Romboid, if he stayed on his lying course, he'd have more sins on his soul to answer for in hell. He also knew that Luke would follow-up with even harder questions,he wouldn't just take Ran's preprepared BS that flies with neocon talking heads.

That was a SUPER interview. Also, did you notice, all you people who think Ran is threatened with bodily harm, he didn't have a bodyguard. Now, even if he's sold out to protect himself & his family, don't you think he'd still have his own bodyguard?

AND, I'm NEVER going to forget this. I can still give you a play by play of Watergate. Elephants have long memories.

I would never answer someone who acted like that,

no matter what their questions were.

" If Luke had come up & said, "Ran (that's his name now), Ran, could you talk to me about what Romney's going to do to save our country?" Ran would have stopped & talked to him. If he'd spoon-fed him like Hannity & Beck, he would have given him ALL the time in the world."
You know this...how?

If Rand was threatened to be harmed if he didn't endorse Romney, he's probably safe now that he did endorse Mittens.

There's no reason Luke couldn't have made an appointment. If you want honest answers from someone, that is the way to go - not ambushing them on the street.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

I agree. This is the kind of

I agree. This is the kind of behavior that I really have a difficult time with. Even Ron Paul reacts this way when people ambush him like this. I'm not going to imbue bad motives to these people, but I just think it's immature and a waste of valuable libertarian energy, especially when your using it to try to make a fellow champion of liberty look bad.

Wow what is wrong with Rand

I know he must be taking alot of heat for the endorsement of the flip flopper but he could have given a few answers, oh well we are not voting for him anyways we are voting for the father of the tea party and of the Revolution Dr.Ron Paul.

Rand Paul

you're no Ron Paul

How very very sad. My heart

How very very sad. My heart is so heavy. Rand has nothing to offer for voter support.

Well, I caught the first couple of minutes of Alex

's show today and he said let's all be nice to Rand or he may completely turn his back on us. Did anyone else catch that?

Oh, gee

He might turn his back on us? And maybe call us names like "internet extremists" and endorse an Obama clone Bilderberger?
LOL! With "friends" like RAND Paul, who needs enemies?

With all due respect Alex

With all due respect Alex Jones...I sense that Rand has already turned his back on liberty when he endorsed and proclaimed his campaign support for Mitt Romney. His treatment of a member of the press, as shown in the video, confirms that sentiment. He has lost all grace.

Rand is still a decent Senator

but I never liked him being so friendly with Mark Levin and Shawn Hannity. Those who are just nuts, especially Marxist Levin. This whole situation did make me question why Ron Paul did that interview with Michael Savage. I mean Michael Savage has called the good Dr. an anti-semite, a Jew hater, and everything else. Was that Jesse Benton's idea?

What are the odds for the

What are the odds for the time it takes for a newly elected senator full of ideals and integrity to be courted and primed before he becomes one of the Washington also rans?

Anyone remember info wars

Anyone remember info wars reporting a couple weeks back that Bilderberg attendees said they wanted Ron Paul dead? Everyone here seemed to believe that. Now that Rand is acting differently and not wanting to talk about the Bilderberg meetings in public, does anyone here think, just maybe, that it has to do with that? Anyone think the Paul family has indeed received threats? Maybe Rand is trying to protect his family. People need to look at this as a bigger issue with an open mind instead of jumping to conclusions that Rand is some sell out shill for the NWO, or some other conspiracy theory.

Yes I remember hearing That

And it was spread by Jim Tucker, no one else.

There are those who feel that old Jim is quite the imbiber so I feel we need to take what he says with a grain of salt.

Wead in his latest talk said what poltician or political worker has not been threatened. Seems to come with the territory in America which is truly sad!

You don't give into

You don't give into terrorists.

I have to say...

That Rand's attitude and manner reminds me much more of Romney than it does his father...if you don't want to respond, just keep walking and carry on a conversation with someone else while ignoring the question.

I will support Ron Paul to the end (though it bothers me he is quiet on this subject), but Rand is appearing to be just another shill...

I agree with you.

I wish Rand could execute an about-face at this point, come out publicly (maybe with his dad at his side), and come back to the r3volution. However, I recognize that this wish is naive.

I feel keenly that this endorsement of Romney must be bitterly painful for the Paul family, and the entire family has my deepest sympathy.

Romney has made no move in support of liberty's principles. That is telling.

edit: Just to let my fantasy go even further into NaiveNaiveLand, picture this: Paul and Paul calling a joint press conference to announce they are both rejecting their Republican affiliation and will run as the President/VP ticket for the (Libertarian/ Constitutional/ Green/ you fill in the blank) party... Imagine how that might suddenly unite the liberty movement with a domino rejection of the Republican party by every Blue Democrat and Reluctant Republican in the entire country... ouch for the Republicans, eh? ;)


I meant Blue Republican, above.


Ron did the same thing during the early primaries regarding newsletters...

People who do this need more to do. Seriously.

No He Did Not

He spend a great deal of time with Wolf Bitzer explaining those newsletters.

It was ony when that dipshit female neocon who works for CNN did the same deal the following day did he end the interview. But he dd not ignor her or not talk with her, like Rand did.

Rand doesn't owe u anything

Ifirst, I dislike the endorsement myself. But he doesn't owe anyone an interview. He offered to schedule a meeting.

The interviewer here is completely classless and a conspiracy theorist. Rand has already conducted several interviews with reporters since his endorsement... Including with the Daily Paul.

Get over it. Get involved. Make change. Don't become the same scummy reporting that you might see from Fox News... Pushing an agenda or trying to get a gotchya moment.

He did not.

Show me when Ron Paul began an interview, and then ended it so disrespectfully. I've never seen him do that. There are times that he won't begin an interview--like when he's eating breakfast! But if he begins to answer questions, he'll answer everything thrown his way. He may get upset while answering, but he'll answer: just like he did over and over and over about the newsletters.

To my knowledge, Rand Paul has never answered this question about the Bilderbergers.

John F