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Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement by WeAreChange

Now this was epic


I like Luke.

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I wondered if that

would get a response. lol

this is pretty sad.

Rand, now behaving like most politicians in DC once confronted over compromise. Just talk to Luke and tell him it was for strategic political reasons w/o the BS.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


Mixed feelings...

This is obviously an emotionally charged situation with our movement on the brink of splintering apart, rightly or wrongly. I emotionally do not like to see Rand confronted like this.

That said, taken solely on the value of journalism, I'm reluctantly proud of these kids. THEY ARE DOING THE JOB THE MEDIA IS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!

When I say that I do not necessarily mean going after Rand Paul. But going after the NEWS STORY.

This is the journalism I remember when I was a kid with real reporters going after a real story and not regurgitating corporate and government press releases that came in over the fax last night.

Again, I have mixed feelings about these kids going after Rand this way. HOWEVER, IN GENERAL, I want to encourage them to continue doing what they are doing. This is what journalism is SUPPOSED TO BE.

TO: FBI Exposer

Just one added thought to your good comments--don't you remember all the times we've seen ABC, NBC, CNN, etc. reporters swarming a politician? I think what these kids did was "in line" with what the mainstream media does and shouldn't be critized for it.

I thought their tone of voice was VERY RESPECTFUL. Yes, Luke may have asked the Bilderberg question once too many times. And, if I were to give advice, I'd say to Luke: "When you get a negative or non-response, switch to another question, and have a few pointed questions you can ask in your mind ahead of time."

But, it was obvious to us that Luke just wanted to have a positive response, so that we could all feel a little better about Rand. The girl was very professional. I really liked her, too.

I love We Are Change, but

I love We Are Change, but disagree with your point and this video.

How many videos have we seen now where Rand explains his position? The Peter Schiff video pretty much cleared it up. He explained what his game plan was... what more do you want? Do you all want the man to cave in and reverse his strategy or endorsement? Fat chance! So why bother?

I'm starting to get seriously worried about Alex Jones and the rest of his crew--and that includes their relationship with Russia Today the Russian state owned TV network.

I'm starting to see something potentially very scary....

It was a POOR explanation

a) Rand got NOTHING in exchange for his endorsement... NOTHING

b) The very people the endorsement was intended to impress, it had the EXACT OPPOSITE EFFECT - it completely backfired. They LOST more respect for him and his father than they ever had in the past.

-> www.dailypaul.com/239353/way-to-go-doug-trygve-and-jack-not-...

That is the REALITY, despite however you or I might FEEL about it.

You have to deal with the REALITY of the situation. Self-delusion cannot improve the situation, regardless of whichever side of the fence you sit on: Rand hater or Rand supporter.

Are you also buying into the conspiracy theory that

Alex Jones is a Russian Agent? Come on now :) Now Alex is way over the top for me. But relationship with RT means nothing.

No, not a Russian agent, but

No, not a Russian agent, but maybe an agent provocateur.

In a weird twisted way, AJ probably works for the Pentagon....

That could be.

I don't completely agree with AJ. He has had some blow ups with Jack Blood and others in the patriot community. But when you mentioned Russia Today ... that is exactly what Michael Savage and all these neocons have been using to attack AJ. On HotAir, which is a neocon site, they essentially call Jones a Russian agent because he does interviews with RT.

I am not an AJ follower. I post some of his videos because other people are not asking some of the questions he is asking. I know why AJ is upset with the Pauls. He has helped them a lot in the past. He has stood up for Pauls like no one else. He calls Ron Paul the George Washington of the modern times or something like that.

I am (was) a huge fan of AJ.

I am (was) a huge fan of AJ. The man has single handedly opened up a platform for so many interesting people.

That said, what he is doing now to the Paul family is suspect. Either he is truly an agent provocateur or that fat head of his is too weak to battle his fat ego!

Nice post

I don't mind that Rand was asked about the Romney endorsement and Bilderberg, it was the way he was pestered about it. Rand even said in the beginning that he was busy and that he could talk later, but the interviewer just kept asking over and over about Bilderberg and implying that Rand was a dirty politician. I would have ignored the interviewer too if I was disrespected like that. Also, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask Rand about these things later, especially if he is going to run for president.

Does Rand get a bye just because he's Rand?

I'm not so sure.

Abby Martin of Russia Today.

Abby Martin of Russia Today. She's the one who interviewed Jack Hunter the other day. She did great.


After watching Jack squirm through this interview, I can see why Senator Paul was running...:)

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

I will not pass judgement on this until after the convention

One of the things that I always liked about Ron Paul is that when you see him and Carol in person it is clear that they are real people not afraid of any question... even conspiracies.

Ron will literally take any question and respond to it appropriately on the spot without hesitation.

In this case I understand Rand being pissed and frustrated at the format but I also see where We Are Change has a right and a responsibility to ask the questions. I always like it when they confront empty suits.

I wish Rand would just stop right there and confront the question... good or bad, right or wrong, STOP!

I know Rand can do it; I know that he can respond, he has it in him just like his father, if only he would just STOP.

I know what Ron Paul would have done and I know Rand could have done the same but chose not to.

I hope this ends soon and that some strategy plays itself out that lets this family go back to being themselves in public.

I will not pass judgement on this until after the convention.


Immature harassment.

I thought they were harassing Rand and were being generally immature. "he was answering my questions until I mentioned Bilderberg".. that was the first question, and they just kept harassing him when he didn't answer. This was very poor journalism, they didn't even warm up to the question, it was purely harassment and I don't blame Rand for not answering. If you want to ask him questions, request an interview. Rand did three or four of them now and answered why he endorsed Romney. If you immediately start asking over and over about Bilderberg, Rand is going to write you off like a lunatic. Show some respect. I'm not talking about respect towards a higher figure, I'm talking about everyday personal respect that everyone deserves.


Hold There Feet To Fire

Playing political games with politicians will never amount to any real change.
People know who's real,That's Why Ron Paul stands out above all others.

Lawsuit against Romney

Lawsuit against Romney campaign for election fraud.

Urgent Attention All Delegates including Ronmey,Santorum and Gingrich-ELECTION FRAUD http://www.electionfraudremedy.com/

Please listen to this audio. http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=1...

Looks Like RON PAUL Is Going To The GOP Convention In Tampa.

I saw that.

But even Adam Kokesh was not optimistic about it. I am not sure. But yes. The fraud was happening all along

Not sure what to think

It doesn't look very good for Rand. They were simple questions that he could have easily responded to. I would have loved to hear his response to the question about Goldman Sachs, and it shouldn't have been difficult to answer since he had already stated a position before he became senator. Now it seems like I am watching a typical politician that stonewalls and back peddles on their former positions.

What emotion do you sense?

Do you see a man who is downright corrupt, or a man who has been threatened and is fighting for the protection of loved ones?

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

So sad to see

how the liberty movement is being duped into destroying the liberty movement.

People jumping on Alex Jones, Adam Kokesh, Rand Paul and even Ron Paul.

I love Luke but in this case his attack is misguided.

The biggest problem in our liberty movement is all the big egos. Some people prefer to fight each other rather than the enemy.

Our enemy is very organized and strategic. The elite knows that they need people at all levels. They own the mainstream, most of the conspiracy people, most of the alternative media etc. They know that pretend infighting between their various assets is advantageous for their globalist agenda AS LONG AS THEY AVOID ARGUING ANYTHING THAT WOULD HURT THEIR AGENDA like the FED, the wars, the assault on liberty etc etc. They play us and they are experts at it while we are like childish amateurs killing all our own assets because we believe our individual idea or understanding is the most important.

The irony is that we act like sheep. We are the collectivists. We are so easily duped. We are not as individual as we think we are. The enemy knows how to employ a winning strategy, we don't. We don't have the experience, the wit or the organization. But we will learn and our numbers are increasing (except when we divide ourselves and create factions fighting against each other).

This is Crap

This ambush journalism is nonsense. Throw a bunch of crazy jibberish at a politician and when he ignores you declare you "got him". I even hate seeing this when its directed at politicians I don't like. Grow up


I know people are down vote happy, but I agree with you 100%

Vain showboating

Rand will gladly answer an actual journalist who is not a jerk.

Click here.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

We Are Change is a 9/11 Leftist Truther Movement.

Rand Paul needs support from kooks like WAC about as badly as he does from MoveOn.org. Next.

Yeah! People who ask

Yeah! People who ask questions and want to know the truth about 9/11 are idiots!

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

We know the truth about 9/11.

We were attacked by Islamic terrorists who were apart of Al Qaeda.

rand isn't acknowledging you

rand isn't acknowledging you because you are the one creating the controversy. Rands endorsement is stratetgic, because he knows romney will be elected nominee no matter what happens. so the whole point is the be able to maintain the influence of the liberty wing in the party. What you are doing is going in and creating controversy and confrontation and harassing a guy who is risking his life for you. I support rand 100%. Even if i don't like that he kissed romney's ass its not like he voted for him, he is simply trying to help us out by playing ball. You guys know he understands the sacrifice he made. Grow up and stop thinking that rand is some kind of traitor. You need to understand that rand is trying to actually move us forward. And endorsement is nothing more than word of mouth. romney is going to get elected anyway. Treating rand like he is david rockefellar is sickening and totally unjustified. This type of activist journalism is so annoying sometimes because you guys have no clue what you are doing. He ignored you because he won't acknowledge you because he doesn't belong to you, you idiots!!!!!!

Rand is trying to help us by playing ball?

HA! I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone these days when I read comments like this from so-called liberty supporters. This whole freaking Ron Paul Revolution was built on the fact that Ron Paul was not a typical politician and didn't sell-out his ideals!!!