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What actually happens when someone gets "endorsed"?

There's all this angry talk about Rand "endorsing" Mitt... But when you think about it, an endorsement is actually nothing... It's just words!

"I "endorse" Mitt Romney"... Ok so what?!?! How does that help Romney get elected? How does that make Ron Paul lose delegates?

I mean, think about it... What actually happened to Ron Paul or Mitt Romney after Rand went on TV and said what he said? What changed?

I tried to figure out what really changed and I couldn't think of anything... Nothing changed. Ron still has his delegates going to Tampa and our message is getting more and more popular by the minute.

I think many of you didn't take the time to actually think about it... You guys somehow thought that a Rand endorsement of Mitt would hurt Ron when in fact it did nothing to hurt Ron's goal of getting as many delegates as possible to Tampa.

This whole thing was really overblown. Kind of ridiculous actually.

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Endorsing Romney

Does not violate the NAP. Words are empty. I mean in an anarcho-capitalist society blackmail would be legal.

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Well, this is an odd

Well, this is an odd question, but it had to come up sooner or later. You see, sometimes, when two candidates love one another very much, they decide to make a special pact and go to a special place called "national television".

Once there, one candidate professes his or her feelings for the other candidate for all to hear. This is called an "endorsement". Once this commitment happens, the two candidates are inextricably linked for life--or until the next election cycle.


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Trust me you'd rather

be checking this thread out than hashing over Rand's endorsement again.


When Rand Paul starts

When Rand Paul starts campaigning for Mitt Romney, you'll know the difference..


That is Bull!

Campaigning maybe for the GOP, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that Dr Rand Paul doesn't VOTE (key word there folks, VOTE) for Mitt.



Rand endorsed Mitt to

stay relevant in the senate. One thing he has learned from his father's past is when you don't endorse, you don't get respect. Endorsements mean nothing. Out of everyone in this country, if there are 2 people who know most Paul supporters could not vote for Willard out of principle, it is Ron and Rand. Some are acting like Rand wants us to vote for Willard. LOL Rand knows that will never happen. I suppose people have gone rabbid because of their emotions.

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I see your words and lower you:


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