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RP State Coordinator telling delegates to vote for Mitt Romney

Can someone please explain to me why our RP State Coordinator is pressuring us delegates to vote for Mitt Romney on the first ballot? I am not happy about this, and am very displeased that our delegates are being coerced into voting for Mitt Romney, with those who oppose this having their character and integrity insulted.

I think I made it clear I plan on voting for Paul on the first Ballot, and now I am being told I "have to" vote for Mitt Romney. I expected this from the GOP, but from our OWN Ron Paul campaign? This is truly disparaging to me.

We support people who claim they want to change the establishment, but it turns out in many cases they only want to become a part of the establishment, and are willing to betray the movement to try to further their political ambitions.

What's the point of even going to Tampa if our own state coordinators are going to insist, demand, and order us to vote for Mitt Romney?

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If you plan on listening to your...

State coordinator, then don't even bother going to Tampa!
In order to save America you know what you need to do.

Notify "Lawyers for Ron Paul". This is EXTORTION (a felony)

A phone call from LFRP will straighten this state coordinator our.

Vote Ron Paul on every ballot.

Every time. No compromise.
This is where we have to "hold the line!" This is where the pressure on us to "show party unity" is turned WAY UP.
Tampa will be our Battle of the Bulge.
This is where Jeffersonian Republicanism is reborn in America

Tampa will be the first swing of the axe on the shackles that have bound Americans in economic slavery for the past 100 years.

Hold the line!

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Your state coordinator is

Your state coordinator is just repeating what Ron Paul himself has said he wants.

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LoL! 4 hours and 43 minutes. YEA, I'm

going to listen you. Get a life! You deserve all the down votes. I suspect you should receive about 430. Can't wait to see the count rise.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Mods have been notified.

You should see his other posts where he suggests that we commit suicide.

None of this would have become an issue if we had lost fair and

square in all of the other states, but that isn't the case. People should vote how they want to. Some people I can understand their reasons to vote Mitt on 1st round...like if they are a precinct chair or on a committee. Everyone else should vote their conscience.

How can a conservative vote

How can a conservative vote for Mitt? I would email the state coordinator back, and call her out on that nonsense so she doesn't taint all the delegates with her establishment like mentality. You can protest 1st round of voting even if there isn't a brokered convention. How about just to draw attention to the fact the Mitt is not a conservative.


From: Monica Serrano
To: undisclosed-recipients
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2012 10:25 PM
Subject: CONGRATS Seal Team!!!

Dear Stealth Delegates, Stealth Alternates, and the rest of the Seal Team,

I am so sorry that I am just now getting to you all. I have been fielding emails NON STOP all afternoon. Doug Wead and I also just finished polishing up a blog that he is about to do on us. Woohoo! I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the hard work you did and for helping make today a wonderful success!

A couple here in Little Rock plan to host a celebration party for you all and to see about helping you financially to Tampa. I will give you more details when I get them.

Lastly, I want to reiterate how important it is to respect Doyle Webb and the state of AR while you are in Tampa. I spoke with one of you today and it seems that there is still hope for a brokered convention. It is NOT going to happen. We must know that we are here with bigger fish to fry. We are steering our party and state along with the other states towards liberty. We must be in it for the long haul, and that means we will be working with people like Doyle Webb. Please please....do NOT vote against Romney in that first round. If I am wrong, and there is a brokered convention, then and only then, vote how you wish. I can't make you do this....but I am begging you to do it. I can't express to you how much Doyle has worked with us and I am convinced he was there to help us today and to keep Johnny Rhoda from freaking out. When Doyle spoke today, he looked directly at me for much of what he said. He told stories of how he got started and how he was a rough looking 25 year old and the very first delegate elected in AR. He was showing us that he relates. Please respect him. You represent all of us RP supporters here in AR and you represent Ron Paul himself. In all you do and say in Tampa ask your self, "what would Ron Paul do?" Just as we expect our elected officials to represent us when elected, and to not go up there to Washington or Little Rock all willy nilly doing what they want...we expect YOU to go to Tampa representing us and not to go all willy nilly and creating problems for us here back home. I hope that does not upset any of you...but it is vitally important that you understand this and take heed. :-)

Ok....I'm off my Mom speech, lol.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We kicked some tail today! :-)

Monica Serrano
Arkansas State Director Ron Paul 2012

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

Taking into account the fact

Taking into account the fact that the votes belonging to Ron Paul were flipped and rigged to Romney, taking into account the ballot stuffing, vote manipulation, voter disenfranchisement, coercion, intimidation, violence, and vote buying, that makes Ron Paul the legitimate nominee. Not Romney. It means that almost all of the bound delegates rightfully belong to Ron Paul. It means that the only right and just delegate majority vote on the first ballot and every ballot belongs to Ron Paul and We The People.

Taken from the email to you, "What would Ron Paul do?" Hmmmm........Winners always vote for themselves. So do their supporters.

As a competitive athlete, Ron Paul would never give up on the home stretch. And he always runs to win.

This campaign and movement is taking on corruption and doing something about it. It's time for the delegates to follow through and stomp them out for good. Ignore the spineless go alongs to get along. Vote for Ron Paul first ballot.
We have the criminals at the jailhouse door. Are you really going to let them go and let them win? You're kidding, right?

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Report it to the LFRP and

Report it to the LFRP and become a plaintiff in their lawsuit.

My state's coordinator

My state's coordinator put out a mass email telling the delegates they are bound to Romney as well, and that they should vote for him on the first round, that they're obligated to.


I posted the email on the Election Fraud Remedy site.

She went on to say that she can't MAKE anyone do it, but......

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

She did it cuz she had to. She has now "done her job" The

fact that she can't make you says it all. To me that says: I hope you VOTE FOR RON PAUL. That's what it means. She can't say it outright.

Now put on your baseball helmet, bring your mini-megaphone, and go vote for Paul.

We are going to be thinking of you, watching you, glued to our ustreams, and praying for you and protection for you. Go for Ron Paul.

p.s. With what is going on in this campaign, maybe it was not even from her. Maybe Mitt Romney's sone or his employee got hold of the list very likely) and sent out these letters. Would not put it past them.

Get ready you will be bombarded and intimidated from every direction. Maybe even threatened.


I agree

If the rule is that the delegates are all unbound, which seems to be the case then vote for RP.
If they can't force you to vote for Romney, they you are free to do as you wish.

I agree with Karen on this, you are expected to read between the lines, and she is expected to tell you what the Party wants.
But you don't have to do what the Party wants.

It's definitely from her

She said she can't make anyone vote for Romney but she is BEGGING them to.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

If she is begging, then someone has either threatened her with

something...like her job or her advancement or they have promised her something (maybe they will pay off her student loans).....

You are not votiing on her behalf. You are voting for who you think can be the best president. She may ask you who you voted for; your answer can be: I voted for whom I think will be the best president". You don't have to tell anyone who you voted for.

You do not have to feel guilty for anyone. This is You. You are an adult. You may be "stretched and feel and alliance for her". Maybe she has been a good chairman. Good for her. We need more like her.

Your duty is to your country...to your future to vote to uphold the constitution. We won't ask...you don't have to tell. But I hope it is for Dr. Paul.



Nuff said.

I have to agree that without the state being given...

...this thread is useless hearsay.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Becuase Ron Paul wants you

Becuase Ron Paul wants you to. You see...Ron Paul doesn't care if he loses with 200 delegates or 500. And since you WILL be replaced...and then you will whine like the worthless little bitch that your mommy is embarrassed about you being over how they won't let you vote after spending all that moneyto go to Tampa, Ron Paul is NOT going to get your vote anyway. And when you are replaced, it is bye bye to you. And you don't get to vote on anything.

Ron Paul could NOT be more clear on this. He wants you to vote for whom you are bound to, and then vote on OTHER issues as you are allowed to.


Why do dumbed down folks like you think you can come to Daily Paul and say crap like that and actually have anyone listen to you? Go find a nice Obama site and sit and eat your GMO corn syrup and drink your aspartame.


Yeah right

Benton & Olson two of your buddies want them to, but we're on to them.


The Romney campaign is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for its trolls, isn't it?

in just 8 hours

you learned all of that - mighty impressive.


See the court case post here in DP

If I was in your shoes and didn't care about "furthering" myself in the GOP or worried about being kicked out, I would just vote for Paul. If you challenge prior to the supposed court case decision, then I worry they might try to purge you before Tampa.

One thing is clear, the GOP establishment and Romney are fascists.


Doug Wead is looking into this. It may be the case that the delegate chair will not give us a chance to vote, but will just deliver all votes to the candidate we are bound to???

That is also what I

That is also what I understood to be the case from my state as well... :(

Give ear to my prayer, O God...

Westfall they cannot do that RNC Rule 37 Section (b)

This rule not only reinforces the fact that delegates are unbound but also give YOU the authority to stop your delegate chair in his tracks if your or any others vote from your State is not recorded properly.
This is the second time I have posted this on this thread now.


RNC Rule 37 Section (b)


Another RNC rule that seems to indicate the primacy of the individual delegate’s preference at the nominating convention is Rule 37, Section (b), which states:

“In the balloting, the vote of each state shall be announced by the chairman of such state’s delegation, or his or her designee; and in case the vote of any state shall be divided, the chairman shall announce the number of votes for each candidate, or for or against any proposition; but if exception is taken by any delegate from that state to the correctness of such announcement by the chairman of that delegation, the chairman of the convention shall direct the roll of members of such delegation to be called, and the result shall be recorded in accordance with the vote of the several delegates in such delegation.”

All delegates from every State that support Ron Paul must make sure that this rule is enforced to the letter.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Thanks for re-posting. I've

Thanks for re-posting. I've got your response in my file now and will help you with reposting. It is hard to fight the disinfo, and I simply can't believe that people are telling Ron Paul delegates to vote for Romney.

What in the world is going on? I mean just a few days ago, Jack Hunter, paid by the Ron Paul campaign (our donations), and Rand Paul are telling everyone to vote for Romney.

Step back and think about that for a bit.


Sometimes all caps are justified.

Yes, that is what I heard and

Yes, that is what I heard and if true, is a horrible idea and probably comes from someone on the take. This should be thoroughly investigated by the body of the GOP.