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At Which Point Does Healthy Optimism Turn Into Propaganda?

The last few weeks have been mind boggling. No, I am not talking about Benton letters or Rand Endorsements(which are also confusing). I am talking about the conflicting reports about Delegates. Some say we are winning and that its nearly sealed, while others say basically what the official campaign has said: that Ron Paul will get somewhere on the order of 200-500 delegates, which is not enough to win. And there is yet another group of people which are saying that the chances are somewhere in the middle.

When my confusion had reached it's height this week, I reflected on my time here at the daily paul. I had thought back to all the situations where many people proclaimed that Dr. Paul would win specific battles, followed by several individuals going on tirades about how angry they were to find out later that he lost. Don't get me wrong, I know there was a great deal of cheating and manipulation going on. However, what I am here today to talk to you fellow Daily Paulers about is the perception we exude when we write about what we know, and what we don't know.

I feel that there are those in the Ron Paul grassroots effort who take news and information and sensationalize it, making it sound more positive and absolute than it actually is. Now I agree with peoples enthusiasm and positive attitudes, but there is a fine line between playing up new information versus propagating opinions and untruths as facts. I would rather see Paul supporters up in arms by the facts, than see Paul supporters pacified by positive propaganda.

I think the truth of the matter is that no one really knows what the real numbers are for the delegates or what will exactly happen in Tampa. I believe we are at a crossroads; we can decide to kid ourselves with our own propaganda, or we can look at facts and the current political environment and make sound judgements based on truth. I am all for being positive, but when being positive turns into misinformation, I call it a distraction and a pacifier for the Liberty movement. Personally, I will fight for the Ron Paul nomination and Liberty movement till the end of the world without someone having to whisper something sweet in my ear!

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The problem is...

No one really has an idea of how many hard delegates we have, they are just sharing their opinion. I think that the campaign has a pretty good handle on the numbers, but if there really are RP delegates posing as Romney delegates, they may not be close to the real number either.


Great post...

Propaganda is what it is.

Propaganda is what it is. It's not inherently bad or good, it's just a method of communication.

Happened a LONG time ago. It

Happened a LONG time ago.

It is not really optimism though. It is delusion. It is a desire to stave off reality for a little onger because in reality, they are suicidal.

For all this talk of

For all this talk of "reality" I've yet to hear of a "real" Mitt Romney delegate.

Lawsuit against Romney

Lawsuit against Romney campaign for election fraud.

Urgent Attention All Delegates including Ronmey,Santorum and Gingrich-ELECTION FRAUD http://www.electionfraudremedy.com/

Please listen to this audio. http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=1...

Looks Like RON PAUL Is Going To The GOP Convention In Tampa.

Seriously people

This is huge! Listen to the audio

Here's where we need to

Here's where we need to focus.

Bump for sanity (great post)

Information needs to scrutinized much more thoroughly before it is celebrated and repeated. Although a large percentage of information on the DailyPaul is impressively insightful, there are a few active DailyPaulers who have been pumping out chronic misinformation and causing unnecessary drama. There is both positive and negative sensationalism being propagated (often by the same people).

We must remain vigilant and rational so that the baseless propaganda doesn't dominate the truth.

With that said, I am still very optimistic and proud of the liberty movement. We must keep fighting the good fight!

Good Point

The Propaganda does swing both ways(both positive and negative). I am also proud of the liberty movement as a whole thus far. I think we have remained focused and have not let the agitators splinter our movement. There will always be casualties and the road may become bumpy. I truly believe at the core of this movement lies the belief that the pursuit and protection of freedom is a life long endeavor.

You're a good man, Mark.

You're a good man, Mark.

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

I have been unusually optimistic since "Super Tuesday"

No matter how much negative information comes out, I cannot bring myself to become discouraged; and, I am probably the biggest pessimist you could possibly meet.

we should not become discouraged

because it takes courage and a grin to fight these thugs.

Am I missing something?

How is the number of delegates set if many of the states haven't had their conventions yet?

Only a handful of conventions are left

(very small hands, by the way)

After this weekend, fewer than 100 delegates left to be decided in conventions.

Thank you

You've said what's on my mind in a much more positive way than i could say it.

"or we can look at facts and

"or we can look at facts and the current political environment and make sound judgements based on truth."

There is so much up in the air with how our delegates will be treated, there really is no truth to the numbers. Everyone has their version of it, we'll see who was right at the convention.. period.

I completely agree

I completely agree

Lately it's been hard to find anything worth

reading on the DP because every 3 out of 4 posts is either another Rand-basher or unhealthy optimism on delegates with no facts to back it up. If a person doesn't have any proof that Ron Paul is wrong in his estimation of 500 delegates going to Tampa, he/she doesn't need to be building up supporters for a huge let-down. Either Ron Paul is wrong on the delegate count or he is right. If he is right, he's out of the race for president.

If there is no proof that Ron

If there is no proof that Ron Paul is correct in his estimation of 500 delegates going to Tampa, he/she doesn't need to bring down the momentum.

Look, we simply don't now how some of the RNC rules will be interpreted. Personally, I rather focus on doing whatever we can to win than worry about what we don't know. If supporters feel a huge let-down in the end, welcome to the battle.

The odds are obviously against us, so what. We go in hard and see where the chips fall.