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What "they" are doing is working for THEM!

I am a member of about 50 meetups nationwide for Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty. The talk? Fighting!! Specultion!! Fear!! Anger!! Frustration!! Sadness!! Abandonment!!

Youtube and the DailyPaul are about the same.

NONE of which gets us to our goal!

Whose goals are we achieving here?
The elite would like us to just go away!
What strategy do they have?
What has been used for years in interogation, war, sports, politics, love, etc?
Divide and Conquer!!

If they can create so easily so much division in our "movement", do we dare say we have a movement at all? How do we go to Tampa to support Dr. Paul with so much division, anger, and rage? They will just have us arrested. They will just get what they want. What they are doing is so obviously working. Why are we allowing it?

Let us all just STOP for one moment. Take a breath. Remember what our goal is and make a plan to achieve it. Who gives us our rights?
Is it a king? Is it a new world order group of billionaires? What are we doing this for? Why have we spent countless of hours on the phones? Why did we donate our last $20.12?

Let us not be divided, let us be stronger and united for the cause of freedom and liberty.

Let us not allow them to "work" on US! Stay calm, stay with the plan and the strategy.

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Suppose some at the dailypaul need a clearer definition of who

"they" are. It seems not enough information has come to all the Paul supporters regarding agenda 21, the Bilderburgs, and the NWO.

"They" are a much smaller group than WE THE PEOPLE, but "they" control the major media, etc. We should not be in division, but by finding common ground we come together with a larger majority.

What kind of comment is this about ants? That creates more frustration and irritation. This is not our goal and seriously I would question anyone who did not have that as a goal.

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

I hear that!

We need to come together for sure. Division is how they take us down.

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U


I saw that movie back in the 60's. BIG ANTS, right?

Could be!

Might be that group of people who created the Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations though to, but I guess if I was a betting person I would have to say, Ants, definetely Big Ants. The BIG RED stinging kind.

Amazing how progressive it can be....one line and they can

get us all spinning. Two lines and we are at each others throats. Three lines and we are jumping ship. How quickly can they tear us apart? We saw it, pretty quickly.

I agree we need to not assist them in achieving their goals for damn sure.

Go to Tampa, vote and rally for Dr. Paul.

For Liberty!! 4 the Constitution. We are given rights by our Creator not by some King or Dictator.


You all need to stop fighting and name calling. Get a grip!

Keepin' it real.