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Adam Kokesh: Dr. Ron Paul got the heads up ONLY 30min BEFORE Rand got on Hannity!

Be careful to jump to conclusions on Ron Paul

Adam starts talking about it around 9:40min mark.

Published on Jun 14, 2012 by AdamKokesh

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If true, OM F'ng GOD! There seriously needs some purging within ALL of Dr. Paul's organizations!

IF true, God dang it! I wanna go MuthaFrakking HULK on WHOMEVER had a part in sabotaging the campaign from within!

If someone within the organization betrayed Dr. Paul like this, IF you guys within the campaign or C4L or Rand's camp have ANY sense of decency, you'd make a concerted effort to confront whomever that is, ALL TOGETHER as a show of force, and PURGE them to PROTECT Dr. Paul!


Regardless, there needs to be a top down audit of all of Dr. Paul's organization to PURGE ALL non-r3VOL leeches, if indeed as Green posits, our email info has been released to Romney camp by some traitor or some Trojans who have infiltrated the campaign.

Now it's becoming clear. IF true, Dr. Paul has truly been betrayed, AGAIN by those whom he trust he put in charge.


And to ANYONE WHO DOUBTED the Doc and his honor itself upon hearing about Rand, go look up Hari Kiri. I'd highly recommend the vertical cuts as they are easier on the eyes, as it don't all immediately spill out first.

I am so F'ng LIVID now!!!

How MUCH crap is gonna be thrown our way from within???

Poor Doc. Could someone around him reassure him that we are ALL 100% behind him?

We LOVE you Doc!!! Please Hang in there!

I plead with those in the campaign GET YOUR SH*T together! And PURGE! PURGE! PURGE! NOW!!!

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Regarding emails we are getting from "Romney"s campaign

They are NOT from his campaign they are coming from the RNC headquarters in Washington. Next time you get one click on unsubscribe and see what happens.

I hope the Campaign got top dollar!

They were sold a pig in the poke. Because I don't think they will do the rmoney camp much good.

But if the GOP makes Paul the nominee, then we will beat the incumbent this fall.

The RNC is withholding important voter lists and records from the District and County parties. Did you know that?

Do you know what kind of bind this puts the local GOP parties in when their own leadership plays these games?

Do you see an opportunity for the Campaign to win favor with the local parties and the delegates they are sending to Tampa.

If you understood the situation better, you would know that we cannot win in November without the local GOP GOTV machine. If we throw them out or if they leave in anger, then November is lost to us.

If they want to win, we can help, here's a sample.

There are many thousands of small victories for as many individuals across the nation.

The Team is in place, Dr. Paul is satisfied. I support the team. Not blindly, but because I have been to Convention and local Party meetings, I have seen for myself and all I can say is:

Freedom is popular!

Party On!

Free includes debt-free!

TO: David144

I agree wtih your post totally, but what puzzles and even is worrying me now is~~why won't Dr. Paul communicate with us, via a posted video or SOMETHING...I'm also worried he's not committing to our RP Festival in Tampa. How can people make reservations if he doesn't show up. It would be a tremendous blow to all of us who have worked so hard for this to happen. I envisioned a wonderful "sending off" into retirement type of festival. Now, I'm truly befuddled...

Doc has always had a keen political instinct;

because of his genteel demeanor a lot of people don't think so.

but one doesn't get to be reelected TWELVE TIMES in Texas with the entire weight of the RINO GOP establishment coming down on you, with the Bush Crime Family running against you, survive, no THRIVE with each successive election with higher and higher vote count. Last one was what? like 80%!!!

like the newsletters smear campaign, from what's publicly observable, IMHO, he seems to allow all the angst and hoopla to go on and die off, in about a week or so.

I actually LOVE that 'he doesn't answer' or hold a press conference solely to 'explain' himself; as the mere act of holding those type of press conference already presumes, in the PR sense, that you are in fact answering for charges made against you, be it true or stemmed from baseless slander or libel.

and, IF, as I keep repeating IF what Adam asserts is true, I imagine he's devastated, and he'll need all our support to buoy his morale.

Whatever the Doc decides, short of the impossible likelihood of a WRONGney endorsement, I'm with our favorite septuagenarian Gray Champion.

weirdly, even IF in 'that' impossible improbability of 'that' endorsement, perhaps I respect him too much as a principled educator of liberty who more than anyone has awakened MILLIONS worldwide to the philosophy of Freedoms/Liberty/Self-ownership/Individual Sovereignty and History/Economics, to simply throw away all that he has done in the 40+ years & set him aside. Foolish? Perhaps. What can I say? It is just what it is.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I like the way you think,

AnCapMercenary. I'm appreciating your posts more and more. Just a big hug and thumbs up to you.

hugs back at ya!

the non creepy r3VOL platonic kind, of course ,o)

when you're a good person like Dr. Paul, I'd assume that seeing the best, only seeking the best in people comes naturally to you. so being betrayed, IF so, in this way, TWICE (newsletters) politically in a significant manner has to hurt, deeply. IF SO.

That said, I don't know which interview, could've been Jan Mickelson out of Des Moines, Iowa, but the host asked him about 'being had' on Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno, and he had such an enlightened view of it, I was floored!

tracked it down; it was with time magazine:

also on Curtis Sliwa's show.

The Doc said that sure, no one likes to be made fool of, but most of life depends on a fair amount of trust with people, and almost anybody can trick you eventually. but, if you refuse to accept trust with anybody, it's a miserable society!

Seriously. Who's THE man. So zen.

This is why it kills me watching these less than human vultures do this to him, at this juncture in his life. It's so unforgivable to do this especially against a man as honorable as Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul.

now I gotta take a breather, so I don't feel like going all Hulk...



okay done.



Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Yes, we need to hear from Ron Paul...and soon.

He has worked too hard and come too far to let this Rand travesty be his final chapter.


i'm getting pretty tired of this kind of behaviour looking for something to get pissed about, maybe they sold the million dollar list maybe not, the fact of the matter is, the million dollar list is worth millions of dollar to ron paul, i would say it's not worth more than a couple of thousand to the mitt romney campaign. Focus on the message of liberty, on the voting records of the people who say they wanna help (of ron, but specially of rand), and just keep the fight up!

Well said. Ron Paul is a big

Well said. Ron Paul is a big boy. He can handle this stuff.

I'm all for them selling the lists for the reason you said. It's easy money for Ron Paul, and it wont even help Romney.


We got a big fat letter from Romney's campaign just the other day. We had a big laugh, too, as we tossed it, unopened, in the garbage.

Good going, Mary1! Try this though...

If they enclose a SASE, write on the letter "Ron Paul 2012," then mail it back. They have to pay for the stamp. I did that and will continue to do that...every chance I get!

Personal vendetta

Lets see, we are supposed to belive Adams anonymous source over the proven father son relationship of nearly 50 years? Seriously Adam? You and your supposed source have no clue what the Paul family has and has not discussed.

Second, it is clear that you are now trying to change your argument from one about 'principle' and endorsements to one about Rands voting record. This of course is an effort to retain your own credibility in the face of being completely wrong. While I do not agree with Rands 1 bad vote on sanctions, I am also not utopian enough to understand people are human, imperfect, and can make mistakes. So while you continue to condemn the greatest champion of liberty we have in the senate, I will be working to help him change this country.

Divide and conquer Adam, good job!

these lists are often rented



mistake is believing Adam Kokesh.

The "timing" of when anybody got told about anything is not the issue.

The whole Rand matter, and the attacks on the staff for that matter, is that it is being made into an issue to try to hang somebody with, by some very ambitious opportunists.

Let's look at it logically.
There is no reason for this over-the-top reaction about Rand's announcement.
It had nothing to do with anything. Rand isn't running for anything, and it's immaterial if he endorses anybody. It didn't change anything. It didn't affect anything. It did nothing.
What WAS affected was a support base that had been psychologically programmed by previous innuendo against Ron Paul, his staff, and his family being "traitors" injected into this website and others, which led people to fly off the deep end about this announcement, and wreck the cohesiveness of the movement.
The announcement wasn't the treachery. The treachery was the reaction.

What's going on here is that it is being over-blown into something that crushes the entire Ron Paul support movement by overly-emotional reaction to the announcement, which was/is being advertised as "treachery" by some very crafty and unscrupulous people.
And you all fell for it.

And YOU in particular not only fell for it, but you are feeding it, and stoking it.

Let me sum up...

The pre-anointed (from 2008 when he stepped aside in favor of the older neocon, McCain) traitorous, elitist scumbag supported by all the Wall Street banksters and secret-society scum (like Bilderburg) gets endorsed BY THE SON of the man who is standing in the gap against the final destruction of our country, and according to you...


Marijuana isn't legal yet, dude. Maybe you shouldn't smoke while trying to make sense.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


You've already proven quite adequately that your goal here is to destroy Ron Paul and his campaign.

I don't need to embellish your efforts.
You've made it very clear all by yourself.

Calling you out...

Big T
Do you ever comment anything that actually helps Doctor Paul or the effort? I keep seeing you posting trash about people on all the threads. Are you the God of the liberty movement? The judge and jury of whom is a supporter?

Many of us will never forgive Rand for his endorsement. That is our right. We also won't over look the actions of the campaign.

There has always been one common goal... Put Ron Paul in the White House... Now this Movement idea of spending years taking over the party... and supporting Rand going stealth into the Republican party (or not so stealth), and anything else being used to justify these actions are not so much of a common goal. With the actions of the campaign, and Rand you can bet Ron Paul supporters are going in many directions.

Ron Paul's campaign by all accounts have imploded... No outside help needed.

Threads are up about delegates leaving home for the convention.. I don't see you posting a that a boy for them? I guess your idea of getting the doctor in the White House is to be the troll judge?

Maybe you should check my posting history

which is quite extensive, compared to your 4 weeks of trolling here with the majority of your posts being attacks against the Pauls.
So who's posting "trash"?
You're just a troll.

So, who should be calling who out? Maybe you should have called me out in 1976 when I supported what Ron Paul was doing at the Republicn convention then. Were you?

And for the record, I will never forgive you and your other emotional ilk on this site who tried to torpedo Ron Paul's campaign.
That's my "right".
I've actually gone easy on you. I could have ripped you a new one anytime I wanted, but I had mercy.

I support Ron Paul, and follow his directions because HE is the tried and proven strategist and freedom lover in this group.
NOT a bunch of hot-head know-nothings running around here like chickens with their heads cut off

You want to point at Rand's announcement, when in reality Rand's announcement did nothing except give you emo-weenies a chance to have your public hissy fit in front of the media, and throw the Ron Paul campaign under the bus.

Was the DP like this before

Was the DP like this before the campaigns great moves? Everyone running around calling everyone a troll? If not my point is made...

There have been several great troll waves

very similar to this one. I was here for all of them, and I have been one of the most active troll catchers in the history of the DP.
But this is the attack that did the damage because people believed the lies.

It was a real inside job this time.
The people were severely duped, and it made them uncontrollbly emotional, and the rationality disappeared, and the axe fell on Ron Paul.

Ron is the one injured from this fiasco. Not Rand.
Chances for recovery are about nil, because of the severity of this emotional reaction.

But I'm sticking with Ron, and to the end. I am not changing course, and will do as he instructed. I will NOT abandon him for some half-baked scheme with some other "leaders" or lawyers that does not have his blessing.

I have to agree... Ron's word

I have to agree... Ron's word is Ron's word... Until he says different we need to trust him.

I don't see the lawyers asking anyone to turn away from Ron. Maybe they can do something good. I am very skeptical of them. Why? Time Frame for such a huge case (naming so many). Second they don't come across as high caliber Lawyers and I'm sure that Romney will have the best intrenched, well connected in the business. Because of these gut feelings I would not donate to them. That being said I'm not against anyone supporting them. Maybe on the outside chance they can do just what they say. My meaningless 2 cents.

The campaign has not spoke out. When Benton was accused maybe he should have come out and said otherwise. If Romney's campaign is attacked or any other campaign, they respond. Shutting down in silence is not the norm.. Then again not much Ron does is..

Even though many here

may think I oppose some of these things like the lawyers, and the criticism of Rand, and maybe some other things, I really don't oppose them. The lawyers might do something good, Rand deserves to be disagreed with, and I didn't like the endorsement, but I lived with it and didn't turn into a combination of Mr Hyde and Jack the Ripper when it happened.

What I oppose is a lynch mob running amok without regard for what they are doing.
All it would have taken to keep the whole ship on an even keel, ready to move to the Convention, would have been some rational disagreements stated about Rand, and move on with Ron's program. There really was no need for the damaging outburst that did no good for anything or anybody, including those who did the outbursts.

Regarding the lawyers, the written comment on the thread was that they have "taken over the campaign", and that they have "formed a new executive committee".
Ron has not consented to this publicly, and possibly doesn't even know until now that people are trying to take over his campaign.

Regarding the campaign, I can understand that they don't come out to say anything. Look at the huge public worldwide embarrassment that has come off this website. Spend 10 minutes reading the DP and see how many people hate Ron Paul and his family, mistrust him, think he has taken their money under false pretenses, squandered the money, hired bad staff members, can't be trusted, his son is a traitor, his son in law is an enemy sell-out, etc...

I wouldn't blame him if he never wanted to see or hear from anybody here ever again.

Given the facts... Expecting

Given the facts... Expecting supporters who have poured everything into this election to accept Rand's endorsement and set in silence is a hard pill to swallow. I would suggest Ron would expect (in his words) blow back. Rand had mentioned death threats did they come from the DP? I would imagine that would be more of an controlled opposition than a supporter. No matter it is wrong.

I don't think it is so much hate as frustration. All that hope the power of Ron's message.

Rand's endorsement delivered on Hannity (no less) right after one of Ron's best speeches. It could not have been set up better to cause the reaction it received.

Until Ron speaks we can only guess at his thoughts on the last few weeks. I have seen word posted that he plans to put out a video this week. I have no doubt when he does get around to speaking he will amaze us all again.

Yes, perhaps it was a bitter pill to swallow.

And I had to swallow it too.

The difference is that I didn't destroy the movement by acting like a maniac from an insane asylum(although I did act pretty strongly to try to "slap some sense" into people, unsuccessfully).
But many here did. It was a mass-hysteria of hate.
And it was that behavior that damaged the liberty movement irretrievably in many onlookers' eyes, because the stories of "nut-jobs" were 100% proven-out in fact.

It's like saying, "I didn't like what Rand said, so I'm going to lose my mind and become a maniac, because 'it's my right' to destroy everything other people built because I want to have a hissy fit and can't control my emotional state."
And that's really what happened.
It wasn't Rand that did the damage. But the people responsible are in an emotional fit and cannot think rationally, and won't accept the responsibility for the damage they did, and are still trying to wipe it off on Rand.

My impression of the Daily

My impression of the Daily Paul (in a month) has not been that it is full of maniacs, Paul haters, and hysteria.

I have seen a bunch of very disappointed people looking for answers. Tossing out ideas and trying to figure out what just happened. People in total disbelief trying to rationalize what made no sense.

I have seen a few very mean and ugly people but, they are far from the majority. I would venture to say they may be "Trolls" Lord knows they can't be a Paul supporter... JOKE..

So what is new? It has been a

So what is new? It has been a given in the press for years that any Ron Paul supporter is a nut job... Any supporter of Ron should be used to that. Anyone who is not a supporter has known that we all have tin foil hats. Well Rand has reached far more of those lookers prime time on fox. Those onlookers see this movement supporting Romney.

What exactly has been destroyed that other people have built? The burning desire for liberty? That is what this movement is about isn't it? That can't be destroyed. Unless you cut it out of the heart.

Do you mean the campaign has been destroyed? It has pretty much been destroyed by Rand and the campaign itself. If anything slowed down turnouts nothing could have done more than hearing we can't win from inside the campaign and Ron's son. The press could have said anything we are used to it...


study how psy-ops work.
It's a pre-requisite for understanding what has happened here.

Thank you mighty one for

In my opinion the media destroyed Ron's chance of getting elected. If he would have received fair coverage from the start, if the masses could have seen the rallies they would have joined in the millions. Vote flipping sure didn't help... not that I can prove that just a gut feeling...

Nice try.

No one is buying it anymore. We know who the REAL DESTROYERS of this campaign have been.

HINT: It isn't coming from the supporters in the hinterlands at the grassroots level.

Thanks for playing.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Rand already did that

And is declaring war on the grassroots... This isn't Russia, people who dissent with talking points can and will still do that. That is liberty!