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Lawyers for Ron Paul make HUGE announcement! We are Uniting to Change the World with President Paul!

No joke!!!
The lawyers for Ron Paul have announced theybare taking over the Ron Paul campaign and they will challenge every single voter fraud claim this Whole election.
Romney rigged this election, & they claim they have proof.
the delegates will all be UNBOUND!
We are NOT letting this Tyrannical takeover Happen!!
This announcement happened at 10 pm Thursday.
The lawyers are offering support to EVERY DELEGATE TO ENSURE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCE! no matter what candidate they support, we will help them vote for their true choice.

This audio clip is the most important clip of this WHOLE Campaign.


If you quit on the movement, you owe Ron Paul an apology....
And get your ASS BACK IN GEAR!!!

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I noticed the heavy harasament on the other string. It was like that probably because that was the initial posting of the original article and what was said live as the program commenced last night.

The OP is not around so do you plan on pasting that same question here also over and over again? It would be great if you did, because it will keep this string alive and well through the night.

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I see...

"heavy harassment" = trying to politely correct a seriously misleading statement that has no doubt already convinced a boatload of DP members that Ron Paul is no longer in charge of his campaign.

No biggie, right? But since you're a responsible individual who is loath to spread such a falsehood, I'm sure that now you, too, will be correcting that statement wherever you see it. So, there's no need for me to continue all by myself trying to clean up the mess that you allowed to stay on this and other threads for a good part of the day.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

ding ding

what have we got for him Johnny?

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That's it?

All you've got is a lame response?

You should change your handle because being satisfied with leaving an obviously false and seriously misleading statement about the Ron Paul Campaign is a disservice to other DP members and doesn't Honor God.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Did you listen to the mp3?

The lawyers say this is a "mutany". They used that word to say that Doug Wead and the campaign are working with Romney on planks for the convention. Doug Wead and the campaign have admitted defeat.

So this is called a mutany because the fact is, real people who followed the rules and obeyed the laws, have actually been HURT and are being HURT.

The lawyers say, when you allow bullies to operate, they don't go away, they get stronger so this is a threat to ALL delegates.

The attorneys are representing delegates who should be going to the convention, but are not going to the convention because Romney and the RNC have told them, "YOU support Ron Paul so YOU are not going!"

The attorneys explain why this is illegal, and admit several times, THIS IS A LAWSUIT BY DELEGATES FOR DELEGATES.

The way I see it, what do these delegates have to lose? They played by the rules, but they are not going to Tampa. They won, they should be going, but they are not going because Romney and the RNC said so.

That isn't right, and doing nothing is also not right, and that's why I am supporting the lawyers for Ron Paul and their suit of, by, and for ALL delegates.

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I have read the complaint

filed by attorney Gilbert. I have not listened to the mp3. Regardless of what anyone said in that mp3, no one should be stating that Lawyers for Ron Paul has taken over the Ron Paul Campaign.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Their reasons are good

When I met Ron Paul he said, "Thank you for inviting me to YOUR rEVOLution".

He's welcome.

Game, set, match.

Game, set, match.


Are you absitively posolutely

Are you absitively posolutely sure?

The 2nd most UP-VOTED String of the day

and for a REASON!

Bump. This is right on.

Bump. This is right on.


I need your help bumping this thread buddy. I also need you to respond to my post below my good friend.

Here, so you dont have to scroll all the way down just click this:

Come-on, I really am in the mood now. All fired up without coffee, I have not felt this young and on fire in YEARS.

Oh, it is Friday. Did you have to go cash your Triggy or Jesse check buddy? Come back PLEASE, oh please please please.

You doing Dinner? Make sure it is not Blue Fin Pacific Tuna

be a good little Universal Church member buddy. Make sure you don't have some nice healthy Blue Fin Tuna for your Friday night Dinner . I need you to stay so I can deprogram you, and shatter the false paradym that you so willingly are living in.

I think it's paradigm

Am I right?



dunno why I always think it is a "y".

Any suggestions?

I observed the polls in my district, where the entire count of Republicans added up to 48. This does not count absentee ballots.
June 6th, the registrar's office said all prescincts had reported 100%. Ron Paul was at 14.6% in my county. (State wide Ron Paul was 10%)
Yesterday 06/14, my local paper said that 1,277 ballots had not been counted.

I called my registar's office, and was given voice mail. I asked questions and left contact info. I have heard nothing.

I emailed today:

To: Katrina Bartolomie, Assistant Registrar of Voters

1. How many people voted in Mendocino County district 4, polling station, mail-in, and total?

2. The Fort Btagg Advocate, 15 June 2012, claims that 1,277 ballots have not been counted. Is this correct?

3. The web page reported June 6th, all prescincts were reported, is that correct?

4. Why were RICK SANTORUM and NEWT GINGRICH on the ballot after they had nominated MITT ROMNEY?

5. What is the break down of votes for Republican presidential candidates in Mendocino County District four?

Thank you for your service.

Qualified Republican Central Committee, pending member, Mendocino County District 4.
Ron Paul CA Distict 2 Delegate
Registered Poll Observer Distict 4, 05 June 2012, polling stations: Botanical Gardens, VFW 000003, 000004, and Saint Michael's.

I've heard that absentee ballots make 60%, but I only counted 48 Republicans actually going to the polls at four polling stations. I personally know 29 people who claim they voted for Ron Paul in my district.

Is anyone else in CA filing a suit with the lawyers?
Does anyone have a suggestion how I should write one, or if I should?
I'm still waiting for the county official to call, or return email, with answers.
Does anyobne have better questions, or questions I should be asking?
Thank you for your help.

Those are some great questions, Granger.

I like your style:-)


Still no reply, but Ron paul is now listed as getting in the county 754 votes, 15.76%

Hmmmmm? That measn that just today he went from 14.6% this morning tio 15.76% this afternoon.

Thank you for the kind words, kmiller, I enjoy your posts, so it is double sweet for me.

Judge Napolitano

....please comment on this lawsuit stuff. Then I will know.


hmmm. Maybe when the so-called 'friends of the court' start

coming out pro or con, we'll better know. The fact that thousands of legal-eagles, paralegals, and legal secretaries, keep coming from all over- pro bono - is very encouraging.

The complaint was only filed Jun 11. It's may be a wee bit early for outside opinions. Let's keep our chins up.

I hoping for many updates from the Lawyers For RP on:

From the Trenches World Report. com

plus several other sites are planned.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

We Need To Hear From Judge Napolitano

......if he is advising and guiding these groups of lawyers I would be so clear. If he is not...why not?


That would be great

But could you imagine the media hoopla if Paul wanted to give him an appointment?

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

And Can You Imagine

...the people who would come on board knowing that this movement is also about a return to justice. Personally I want the Judge on the Supreme Court. It would restore dignity and reason to that black robed group of sell-outs.


You convinced me

How in the heck do you contact someone like that?
Bombard his facebook 24/7?

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

that is

a good start.

I haven't heard any reference

I haven't heard any reference to Napolitano. It would be nice if he could chime in, but like anything else in the liberty movement, it's up to us to make something happen.

I Would Have Thought Many

...would have brought up his name and wondered if he was a silent adviser.

Yes it is up to us; however, I would think *many* would not want us to go astray as we search for the truth. It's been like going thru a maze looking for the way out, but often following a crowd in the wrong direction. sigh.

I'm wondering if I am out of touch. Must be my age. Only in the last two weeks have I felt too old for the DP.