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Gary Johnson Is Liberty Movements Last Hope For The White House

Like Texas Representative Ron Paul, Johnson is trying to tap into some voters' rising anxiety over a soaring U.S. government deficit and concerns that Washington has too much of a role in Americans' lives.
He is likely to be on the ballot in all 50 states and has qualified to receive matching campaign funds from the U.S. government. Most significantly, he appears to be picking up enough support in the western United States to affect the battle between Obama and Romney

Johnson, 59, is the Libertarian Party's nominee for president and, by most measures, a fringe candidate. He wants to cut the U.S. government's budget by a whopping 43 percent and legalize marijuana, and he struggles to persuade pollsters to even include him in their surveys of voters. In a campaign in which the two main contenders and their allies could raise nearly $1 billion each, Johnson has raised a little more than $800,000 through the end of April.

But Johnson, who left the Republican Party in December after his presidential bid could not get traction there, has entered the summer campaign season carrying just enough weight to be a factor in the fall.


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How can people vote this down?

If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, and we are all working hard towards that goal, we'll have Gary Johnson on the ballot. Absent voting fraud, which is a big ask, Johnson could poll 10% plus and that would utterly gut the GOP Politburo. The last thing they want is a significant Libertarian constituency.

Don't compare Johnson with Ron Paul. Accept the fact that he is a credible candidate who could give us an opportunity to send a strong message to the statists and neocons. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Plano TX

You mean Mitt's last hope of dividing us.

But it's too late. Benton & Olson no longer call the shots.


Even The Campaign Are Saying Paul Cannot Win The Nomination

I am not relying on one person, i.e - Ron Paul. The Liberty Movement is far bigger than Ron Paul and it extends to every Libertarian out there.