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Rand is Debra Medina all over again

So, I love how Alex Jones and Glenn Beck team up to stifle the liberty movement. Debra Medina was such a case. Beck and Jones both teamed up on her to destroy her. That was the 2010 deception.

Come 2012, Rand has always said he would endorse the 2012 nominee. That was a part of the deal to get the Senate seat. So what Rand is on a tight leech by the GOP. This was done on purpose. Anyway in comes Alex Jones viciously attacking the Pauls with known socialist Tarpley who then uses the platform to hammer down Austrian Economics as 'Bilderburg Economics'. Ridiculous yeah... Kokesh also uses this time to settle some outstanding feuds he has. Okay more gunpowder and bullets for the libertarian circular firing squad. I love it personally. Let us all destroy ourselves... but I am digressing.

So Beck being savvy has Rand on to denounce the haters on the internet. Yeah, this is a R(love)ution, but there are many here who peddle in hate. So, Beck who bills himself as the Alex Jones without the 9/11 truth comes in to shield Rand. This is only natural folks as Beck is trying to score points with Rand fans/'tea party' while destroying the conspiracy obsessed core support Rand enjoys (for now).

So, the haters get even more hateful. The denounce him, ext. Rand never said he would censor the net, but that is apparently the logical conclusion from Rand's denunciation even though Rand single handedly defeated SOPA/PIPA. What a farce. I personally would separate myself from that haters here on the DP, but I guess I am the irrational one for suggesting that.

The conclusion is this: Beck and Jones are teaming up to destroy our support for Rand. I do not like Beck, and I am starting to not like Jones.

Keep an open mind on this for this is your only warning. If Rand goes down, hundreds of days of work and millions of dollars would be for not. Take care.

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The whole thing was a work

The people who are at the center of this movement are being set up and attacked, and people here are participating in the destruction of the Ron Paul campaign, and even Ron Paul's family and staff.

It's a sad day.

AJ and his "The Pauls" meme

To my recollection, Alex Jones never called Ron or Rand
just "The Pauls" before Rand's endorsement of Romney.
He used either Ron Paul or Rand Paul.
As soon as all hell broke loose from Rand's endorsement
all of a sudden they were simply
"The Pauls" and portrayed by AJ almost as "one for Romney"
AJ repeated his new "The Pauls" over and over and over....
Infowars ran a disgusting photoshopped picture
of Ron and Rand Paul's heads stitched together
down the middle.
A Jones seemed to be doing everything he could to
chain RON Paul to the endorsement.
AJ said he talked Rand into politics.
(he said that about a week ago)
Then yesterday he said to Lew Rockwell
"We thought he was like Ron!...
that's how he was sold to us!"
well. Who was doing the selling?
it's a good thing people have all the recordings
I would imagine there are a lot of people with
that picture still down in their computer cache.
If you haven't cleaned out your computer's cache
and have been to infowars over the last week,
save all the infowars pages and files that are
in your computer's cache.
What is going on with the CISPA internet bill?
(the latest "version" of ACTA/SOPA/PIPA)

Debra Medina

Debra Medina would have made a wonderful Tx governor and I was priviledged to have met and hosted her for meetups and gatherings a few times. She is a delightful and knowledgable lady that is for certain. I have my own opinion of Jones/Beck, and will just leave it at that. Rand will either sink or swim in mans corrupt politics and in the end it will be his voting record that will reveal who he is.

or instead of beating this horse some more

You could check out this thread and get back in the game.


I could not agree with you more. Upvoted

for pragmatism. I, however, wished to give a warning so I can have a giant I told you so moment.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
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May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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