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Romney Corruption Exposed. Ron Paul Vindicated

Please LISTEN to what the lawyers say in the audio and draw your own conclusions. :)

The Romney campaign is being accused by lawyers of ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ACTS: violence, rigging machines to switch to Romney votes, intimidating RP delegates. This is what is spoken in the audio.

Romney will have zero delegates and every delegate will be allowed to vote according to their conscience. End of corrupt system; we hope. .

Thank God Ron Paul did not give into this evil system and continue it by ENDORSING Romney. He held strong.



Everything may change.

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Still Voting For 'Mitt Romney'?

this is a 5 month old video, well done, & still very relevant -
Still Voting For 'Mitt Romney'?

Let's not take things out of context


all it means is that since Paul is not doing much campaigning and flying around and conserving Money, the grassroots efforts will now take the reigns of the campaign to steer it down to tampa. let Ron Paul focus his energies and finances on getting ready for tampa. We'll do the rest.

I sincerely believe that this is the true message being conveyed. That WE the people are the Revolution and we need to display our own ability to be leaders and decision-makers for the better of the campaign during this time.

Noone is "taking over" ANYTHING! Just holding the reigns to keep the horse guided until we get to tampa. let's not nitpick. The Paul campaign may not have the finances to spend on lawsuits etc. As far as I know the lawsuit has given many hope! and we probably should all be keeping our fingers crossed and hope for the best because a win would be an absolute game changer!

I personally hope that it all works out for the better. I will attempt to get feedback from the campaign on what they think about the direction. once i do, i'll let you know. It goes without saying that i support the efforts of the official camp above all else. and what they say regarding the matter.. goes.. as far as im concerned.

However considering they havent issued any statement of disapproval i gather the notion that their position is one of "go for it and good luck".

One question.

Who is a lawyer exactly? I'm listening for the 2nd time now. "Lawyers for Ron Paul" is an organization of lawyers then correct? So are all these people talking lawyers?

Have we heard from any of the lawyers for Ron Paul either in print, audio or video?

Okay... one question that leads to many other questions ;-)

Reply to GoodSamaritan

The sentence you object to so strongly has been removed from the post, although many heard it spoken by lawyers.

You may yet find it is true in time. Good luck with proving it false. I am most interested in seeing the results of YOUR research, that proves what the lawyers said is false..

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My research was easy...

just look for a statement from the Ron Paul campaign. It doesn't exist.


Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Ron Paul Revolution Meets Talkshoe

Oh My.

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Proof please

You said, "Lawyers have taken over the Ron Paul campaign! They will be running this campaign from now on."

As I said in another thread where I found a similar statement, I visited the official campaign site today and did not find any mention of this lawsuit. Do you have any proof that Lawyers for Ron Paul has taken over the official campaign?

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Did you listen to the radio progarm? It came up twice.

No, it's not official. It is not with permission. The "campaign" did not pursue this. Jessee Benton signed off on Rule 11- traitor! Doug Wead said we could do nothing. We're the campaign. We are all Ron Paul. It is up to us to take action, stand up for justice no matter how unpleasant. It is up to us to take back our country. Great radio program! If it doesn't download - I had to power down and back up.

The sentence you so strongly object to

has been changed.

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I wouldn't object if it were true

Since it's not, thanks for correcting your sentence.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father


and this video may have something

It is also spoken by a lawyer on this broadcast

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Still waiting for an answer

"may have something" and "spoken by a lawyer" does not constitute proof. Again, you made a statement *as fact* that Lawyers for Ron Paul has taken over the official campaign. Please provide your proof. In other words, please point to the statement by a representative of the Ron Paul Campaign that they have ceded control to Lawyers for Ron Paul.

If you cannot do that, kindly change the misleading sentence below the title.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights Lawsuit FAQ MORE INFO

Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights Lawsuit FAQ MORE INFO

Lawsuits are being filed in Federal Court by Lawyers For Ron Paul on behalf of American voters

Scroll down on the page to see Ron Paul's civil suit.


Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights
(Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ

This video explains a basic overview of the Civil Rights (Voting Rights/Election Fraud) Lawsuit being filed in Federal Court by Lawyers For Ron Paul on behalf of American voters. Download Civil Rights FAQ-PDF (opens in new window)

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You've copied and pasted

this several times already. How about answering my question?

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

The lawyers say it in the audio


No more deals can be made by Olson & Benton. It's all grassroots now.
That's all I know. It is what lawyers are saying. Do your own research to prove it wrong.

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Oh, well then it MUST be true

if someone unaffiliated with the campaign says so.

I've already done the research - there is no such statement from the official Ron Paul Campaign. You are misleading people into thinking that Lawyers for Ron Paul now has control of the official campaign. That's very troll of you.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

you want Benton

to tell you?

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So you know

for a fact that Lawyers for Ron Paul has taken over the official campaign? Please do share with the rest of us where you got that information.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

You should listen to the interview

It is really very good and informative. The lawyer featured explains that the grassroots is actually taking control and fighting this corruption. It was really a not meant to be taken literally. I wondered what they meant by that headline as well, but once I finally got a chance to listen to the interview, I was completely convinced that this is something I will support. The lawyers explain that they are not part of the official campaign, but they represent the grassroots, who ARE taking over their Campaign. We are all Ron Paul:-)

Yes it is! Excellent and great news. "Good samaritan"

should listen to this. If you are a patriot, you feel happy. Try a little kindness. I feel a paradigm shift. Ron Paul came out and seems very pleased. Things are on a new track. The judicial system is the way to address this. I hope he has taken all decision making away from Benton, Olsen, Wead and others within his gate. Fear the enemy within your own gates more than the ones on the outside.

One more false hope

Nothing is happening....

Romney is not going to be touched.

Then why do you care?

You know what they say....... If you are not part of the solution, then STFU!

Good point.

Why even be here?


Ok. I've got $500 I'll lay on this. The only way this will be decided by the end of August is if the case is thrown out.

Cases take TIME. You have a right to a fair trial. That includes enough time to assemble a proper defense and about 9328928912 hurdles you can send the case through. As a telling point, the Paul campaign has said zilch about this. That means they're not involved whatsoever. A high profile case like this would require an excellent PR campaign as well to get things moving.

Any takers? I'll put the cash in escrow if someone wants to take me on this. If the case continues past August, I win. If it is thrown out before the end of August, I win. If it is decided by the end of August in our favor, I'll pay up.

Eric Hoffer

I believe You could be WRONG EricHoffer

"the Paul campaign has said zilch about this. That means they're not involved whatsoever."

Ron Paul has said zilch about Rand supporting Romney but, that doesn't mean, Ron Paul isn't still running for POTUS.

Just because, Ron Paul hasn't said anything about the lawyers or lawsuit(s) doesn't mean Ron Paul doesn't agree with it or could possibly be involved with it.

The Lawyers for Ron Paul and/or Lawsuits are getting massive attention and so far as I can tell, it’s letting the RNC/GOP know right quick that, “We the People” – Delegates are fed-up and not going to take it anymore and that in itself is making a huge difference and will continue to make a Huge impact on the current Vote Fraud and what happens at the convention.
Just because Lawsuits take time, that doesn’t mean they don’t put people on notice and have an affect long before any court dates.


Ok, you failed to understand the point.

If this were a legit legal case that anyone worth their salt wanted to succeed, it would be accompanied by a PR campaign. That's how this works. To be a threat, it must be public, loud, and make people feel like their on our side. A quiet case that drags out and has no fireworks does nothing. The silence of the Paul campaign in this matter would be deafening.

"The Lawyers for Ron Paul and/or Lawsuits are getting massive attention" LOL no they aren't. Unless you have some skewed definition of "massive" this statement is just absurd.

Delegates have nothing to do with this court case. Delegates WILL make a difference, but this case is a joke. Not trying to be a jerk here, but it's the truth.

Edit: Does that mean you'll be taking my bet?

Eric Hoffer

LOL I've offered the same bet

So far...no takers...I heard some crickets, though.

I might also add that you

I might also add that you don't get to PICK your judge. Yet another pretty standard piece of knowledge than ANY rel lawyer knows,

Notice we get downvoted. Because children here think that burying facts changes facts.

Oh well..a fool and his money are soon parted.

No one said they picked the Judge!

They lawyers stated the Judges name who has been assigned the case! You will really need to get your facts together in order to be a more effective troll.

FINALLY at least someone has

FINALLY at least someone has some common sense and decides to USE it.

By law, the defense has at least 90 days to prepare. They can WAIVE those 90 days if they want and get a trial faster. But that is usually only done when the defendant is sitting in jail awaiting trial.

So...they wait 90 days...90 days after the lawsuit is ACTUALLY filed...and now we are a month PAST the convention and just 5 weeks before the election...before the trial can even possibly START.

I honestly don't think these people are lawyers. Or at least have never actually had a case. They simply wat money and are preying on the gullibility, desperation and naiveity of Ron Paul supporters. Wouldn't be the first time it was done, and wouldn't be the first time it was successful.

And what would come of this anyway? Ron Paul knows far more about how many supporters he will have and he says 500. (And since he is getting less at recent state conventions than he expected, even THAT is probably a little high.) Yet morons here want to believe that Ron Paul was off of 250% and that he actually has 2 1/2 times as many!

Which brings up your other point. No one else wants to notice how deafening the silence coming from the official campaign is on this. Not becuase they want to stay on the sidelines..but because they are AGAINST this. Becuase it is just plain stupid. And it will inevitably hurt the movement long term.