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Romney Corruption Exposed. Ron Paul Vindicated

Please LISTEN to what the lawyers say in the audio and draw your own conclusions. :)

The Romney campaign is being accused by lawyers of ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ACTS: violence, rigging machines to switch to Romney votes, intimidating RP delegates. This is what is spoken in the audio.

Romney will have zero delegates and every delegate will be allowed to vote according to their conscience. End of corrupt system; we hope. .

Thank God Ron Paul did not give into this evil system and continue it by ENDORSING Romney. He held strong.



Everything may change.

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They're Grassroots Volunteers

Listen to the broadcast!


And it is up to the Ron Paul supporters in Iowa to throw out such a corrupt governor as Terry E. Branstad.

He made that statement on national t.v. I hope the lawyers for Ron Paul are aware of this and include this man in any criminal charges that are brought against the Iowa RNC.

Come on Iowa you deserve better than this man for governor. Take your power back. Support a man for governor with integrity who respects the constitution and our freedoms.

This will be done before August

by a FEDERAL JUDGE. Listen to the broadcast before conjecturing! Lawyers are jumping on this bandwagon internationally and offering their service for free just to end the corruption.

This will be tied up in the

This will be tied up in the court until 2050.... How do they think they will get a ruling before August... With so many involved everyone will have to have a day in court... With the Bush and Gore Florida Vote they had Negative counts for some polls... Candidate x got -300???? It took until way after Bush was in office for the courts to rule and by then is was to late to change anything... I'm glad they are trying Don't get me wrong it would be the best thing in the world if it does happen. Stall tactics are the norm for large corporations and organizations... Like Microsoft they fight in courts for 5 years before a ruling mean while the outfit they are up against goes bankrupt because the whole time Microsoft is in court they continue to run the monopoly (not to mention the court cost). In the end the court rules against Microsoft yet, they still win.

Listen to the broadcast.

Federal election law violations MUST BE EXPEDITED! Do you really think over 50 lawyers and several hundred paralegals would donate their time pro bono if they didn't think they would win?

Was you around for the Bush

Was you around for the Bush Gore challenge? If not look it up... I voted for Bush in the day and still felt Gore won by the evidence. Yet a Judge was not about to Rule against a setting president (a year in office). Again all the accused will have a day in court... One witness can take days... I hope you are right and that a liberty leaning judge takes the case. With unlimited funds a case can be tied up in the courts. They just keep filling this and that. I imagine this is why Ron Paul did not spend money on the courts. They more than likely knew it wouldn't remedy anything before the convention. Ron did ask for people with proof to challenge so who knows hopefully these folks can get it done before August. Skeptical but fingers crossed. They did not mention when the court date was do you have that info?

They spent weeks arguing

They spent weeks arguing about chads.... The little part of paper that the punch cuts out of ballots.... Experts.... the manufactures... Scientists...

Anyway if anyone has a case number or a date please post.


It will be done before August by a FEDERAL JUDGE.


If it's done by August, it'll be because the case was thrown out. No other reason possible. Quit with the pie in the sky. There is no one ring to rule them all. There is no magic sword. There is no exhaust vent just a bit smaller than a womp rat.

Please repeat after me: We are not in a science fiction or fantasy novel.

Eric Hoffer

Every Ron Paul

supporter needs to listen to this Radio show especially the part about Benton allowing the Romney campaign to violate Rule 11.

This is an outrage!

If you listen to this show and add it to everything we already knew you should have no doubt that the Ron Paul Campaign was complacent in fraud against Ron Paul.

This needs to be exposed. This is our future, this is about our votes. If they can do this to Ron Paul they can do this to any candidate we support.


It needs to be dealt with. Since Ron Paul has lawyers he will be advised and justice will be done.

The corruption around Romney has tentacles like a cancer spreading wherever there was a weak link.


Even SteveMartin can enjoy this development.

maybe the campaign knew of

maybe the campaign knew of this the whole time?

that's why they "gave up" so to speak and told us to get delegates. they said we didn't have enough to win *right now*.

rand comes out looking good to the party, thereby ensuring his career as a major liberty player in the senate. and ron comes out looking good to america, presidential, if you will

Please tell me

that you are not attempting to spin this and implying that the the RP campaign has been behind this all along.

It MUST be clear by now that the only thing RP's campaign was behind from the beginning was getting Romney elected.

By the way, this about more than Ron Paul. This is about every dam campaign past present and future. How do you intend to take over the GOP with constitutional candidates if you cannot get these candidates nominated, or elected?

agree Peggy R

some will try to spin this to make themselves look innocent and justified. No way.

What are you talking about?

youjustgotpauled This sounds like some kind of double talk.

Let's stick to facts and forget all the conjectures about who said what and who did what!

We need every Ron Paul

supporter behind this. We will end this corruption and will not place the presidency in the hands of another lawless tool for the nwo globalists.

PRESIDENT Ron Paul - Because WE the PEOPLE are the ones to decide, not the corrupted rnc/gop, and the rombama campaign team of crooks.

The election fraud has been exposed, the rnc/gop, and rombama have been exposed, the electronic vote flipping has been exposed.


From your lips

to God's ear.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Not from me!

This is going viral. It is from the Ron Paul campaign LAWYERS!!


They're saying it's volunteer pro-bono lawyers NOT affiliated with the campaign.

You realize if the Paul campaign officially did this, with their own lawyers, there would be press releases and a bunch to do? You don't go to court without also trying to influence public opinion, especially in cases like this.

Eric Hoffer

grassroots takeover