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Look at what the RNC did in 2008

Republican Delegates Can Ignore Any “Committment” to Vote for Mitt Romney, and Can Instead Vote for Ron Paul If They Want

ALL Republican Delegates Can Vote Their Conscience

We noted last week that it’s still possible for Ron Paul to score an upset win over Mitt Romney.


I hope this will help the campaign!I found this link yesterday and wanted to post it!

President Ron Paul!!!!

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Still citing this crapola?

Mitt Romney won in Utah with over 90% of the vote. The delegates were bound to McCain though ecause Romney had already dropped out. This is a very different situation than wanting to vote for a candidate who didn't come close to winning.

They cannot force you to vote for Mitt Romney, but they CAN kick you out and remove your delegate status if you vote for someone else. PLEASE people, just abstain. It's every bit as much of a win. And without all the risk.

I wonder how many Santorum or Gingrich delegates

might abstain on the first ballot in hopes of forcing a brokered convention - this would be their only shot. I have no guess as to how many RP delegates there are but if there are a few hundred Santy/Gingrich delegates abstaining, maybe we have a chance to make it to round 2?

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do we have 5 states?


we probably have double digit states if you take away all the dang fraud!

If we took away fraud...

...RP would have won in '08
...RP would have been the nominee since New Hampshire this election
...there would be no-one to sue

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