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Daily Paul redesign concept

Hi everyone,

I've put together a quick concept of what I think the Daily Paul website could look like if it had an updated look.

I'm hoping the moderators take a look

I've also redesigned the header (in code, no image so it loads quicker and looks crisper).

anyway let me know what you think can be done to improve it



I've had to add a comment here people a lot of people JUST DON'T GET IT. It's not an entirly new redesign. It's an incremental one. I didn't want to completely break the look an familiarity of the original site that viewers have become used to. Having the banner in code rather than a jpeg means it will look cleaner, load quicker and so on. Plus I didn't have the original font so I substituted with another and the people that run this site can always add their own.

The background is made different to separate it from the content. This makes things more visually to the eye.

I left out all the other content like ads, writing and so on so that we focus on the things outside of that.

I'm open to suggestions, not trolling.

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Pretty vanilla.


Any suggestions? I'm open to ideas...


reminds me of facebook

for some reason :)

It looks MUCH better!

The one up now looks like a prepper's website or something. Nothing against preppers. The being used looks unprofessional.


Thanks :)

I've noticed this got down voted - I have no idea as to why.....?

Why would anyone down vote a suggestion to improve? Why would anyone be angry about that??