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High Level Insider: DHS Preparing to Start A Civil War!

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I have to imagine there's a

I have to imagine there's a good proportion of grunts in DHS/Military who wouldn't go along with the fascist agenda. Valkyrie anyone?


I wonder what they are going

I wonder what they are going to be paying the DHS agents with when the dollar collapses. Perhaps food, shelter and protection for their families. It has to be a very quick thing before the collapse. Can you imagine when the DHS agents fighting against fellow citizens go back home after all the dust settles? Boy, it will be a weird feeling for these folks. Perhaps the suicide rate in DHS will increase dramatically.

I don't believe everything that Alex Jones is saying though. Much of what he says sounds like provocations. Same as Glenn Beck. This video is bordering with provocation too.

And regarding the 450,000,000 bullets in 45 caliber, it is likely that an interest group owns stock from the company that executes the order. The Administration owes them a favor and makes the order. The order comes in, the stock goes up, the group sells and cashes out, the order can now be canceled. It makes some sense.

Of course they are.

What they don't expect is that they are going to LOSE.

Alex Jones should know since HE IS a government provocateur

He lost me when he started stroking Jones saying that Jones is 100% right, all the time.

I thought Jones was going to get-off right then and there.


Freedom or FEMA Camps

you decide, not them
The Battle of Tampa 2012 -- will be televised!

the world is watching!!!


for preparedness