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"Paulbot" commenters under attack at Washington Times! show them the real rLOVEution!

This is a very disparaging article by the Washington Times.

"Read many of the comments and then the hate mail that fills my inbox. I publish it once or twice a month. It is filled with profanity, sexual vulgarity, anti-Semitism, and other horrible sentiments that are anything but peaceful. Peaceful supporters commenting on message boards are the minority."
- Quote from the Times

Please comment, enlighten, engage,and wake people up!
And please, lets all be articulate and POLITE
Unfortunately, some have already taken the bait, and proving the writer correct.

Lets educate!


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This is not the time to concern ourselves with rhetoric.

It is time to make it count, where it counts. If you really want to educate the people making a difference, start with the delegates in your own state:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


They're still fighting a guy who supposedly doesn't have a 5th state.

the guy just wants "hits" on his articles

unfortunately, I clicked on the link before I realized who it was. Can we stop posting his stuff on here???

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I've had comment run-ins with

I've had comment run-ins with this author before. He's just a rabid Ron Paul basher who really doesn't make any decent arguments. He just writes garbage.

"As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it." - Albert Einstein
"Now, more than ever, the choice between Obama and Romney will be which one do you want to ruin your country?" ~ Wead

Yeah, I understand the guy's

Yeah, I understand the guy's a troll

But this is at the top of the google news feed for "Ron Paul", so it's obviously getting a lot of hits from John Q Public, and needs to be refuted.


When the going gets tough, the establishment play the race card.

Anyone with a modicum of

Anyone with a modicum of critical thought will recognize this article is nothing but drivel. But if I could submit a comment (which for some reason I can't) I would respond something along these lines:

What irony. Casting hateful generalizations and aspersions upon an entire group, accusing the entire group of being hateful and anti-Semitic. Please. You couldn't find a better definition of prejudice and bigotry if you looked those words up in the dictionary.

I also am amused with your quandary, i.e., "what should society do with all those Ron Paul supporters? Something must be done with them!"

Allow me to cut to the chase and articulate the tenor of your questions. What to do the Ron Paul supporters? How about throw them all in FEMA concentration camps? How about eradicate them with drones? Something must be done!

I'm sorry, if you are not a paid troll or provocateur for Statist interests, you are a low-grade moron. And my apologies in advance for being "hateful" or hurting your feelings with the truth if you are not the former.

Not all of them at these 'lamestream media' sites are bad.


Sadly, the 'un-journalistic' scum is often the more heavily 'viewed' and favored among them though...

Probably because he knows Ron

Probably because he knows Ron Paul's Cyber Presence is significant and many of us dislike letting their nonsense go unanswered.

That's definitely a MAJOR

That's definitely a MAJOR part of it, but you don't see many 'mainstream' journalists who are 'pro-paul' post mouthy, aggressive articles against the police state last for very long, even if they have many views. There's definitely some level of 'back up' one gets from being aligned with the MSM view.

If you cannot see that he is just a blogger there

and a nobody that isn't worth the post and one of the worst Ron Paul trolls that writes his crappy little blurbs you haven't been paying attention as we are well aware of this tool.

On second thought you just joined within the last 24 hours and this is your first post? I say delete it. Otherwise I hope it gets put into off topic.

Eric Golub isn't worth giving anytime to,maybe 2 years ago because he's been writing his garbage for quite a while.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul


redirecting traffic to troll media sites.

Who even reads that lieing rag

one way propaganda tool of the Rothschild bank gangsters any more? They are worthless and not worth the bother, the guy who posts this stuff is trying to reform MSM hahahah what is his point, to distract.


Save your fingers...

This "Tygrrr" guy is a paid troll, trolling for page clicks for his pathetic mumblings.

Who cares? Why people still

Who cares? Why people still treat what the Lamestream media says as gospel is beyond me. How is their claim verifiable or not exaggerated. Glenn Beck used the old email excuse to attack Debra Medina.

Hey NYT, I got an email from one of your employees claiming that you have a full time team seeing that Ron Paul is either attacked or not mentioned in your paper /sarcasm


...to be par for the author of this column.

He may be auditioning for a gig with the state media were his ability to marginalize ideas and people will finally be properly rewarded...

I am sure he dreams of being the one to give chrisy mathooohs chills running down his leg...


Liberty = Responsibility