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New York GOP Discrimination Lawsuit?

The lawyers who are pursuing legal actions against the GOP may be taking up this issue. New York state has an interesting twist in their party affiliation requirements.

If you change affiliation to GOP from another party, the deadline to do this was October 2011 in order to vote for this April's primary. But if you move to a different county, or are registering to vote for the first time, the deadline to register GOP is 25 days in advance of the primary.

This sounds a bit discriminatory.

Did you change, or try to change your affiliation to GOP in NY? If you are interested in becoming a witness or plaintiff, please go to http://www.electionfraudremedy.com/ and submit your story.

I had been a lifelong GOP party member who switched affiliation 15 years ago because the GOP had changed to big government, war mongering, anti-liberty ways. I suspect there are plenty of other people who would love to join the party if the GOP could be brought back to supporting the constitution and small government.

A major impediment to making this happen is the long delay to shift party affiliation in NY when there is a candidate like Ron Paul who represents our views within the GOP. This may be too late to help with this election cycle, but joining this lawsuit could help clean up the NY GOP and make it easier to get fair election in the future.

Let's keep the Liberty movement going by cleaning up this particular bit of corruption. Talk to the lawyers.

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There s no such thing as

There s no such thing as "discrikmination agfainst those who move"

Not even those morons who don't understnad basic law that are trying that other lawsuit would be stupid enough to take this case. And they are broke!