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NYC’s Food Gestapo Already a Cautionary Tale for the US

More disturbing news has just come out of New York City, which is quickly climbing to the top of my list of places I would never want to live. This is due both to its insanely high taxes and purely insane Mayor, one Michael Bloomberg, who has enacted a sort of Food Gestapo to control what people are allowed to eat.

The Mayor’s most recent flexing of his personal power over what food & beverage choices that the people who have opted to gift NYC with their presence and pay his bloated salary concerns the size of “sugary” drinks. Bloomberg’s plan would impose a 16-ounce limit on sugary drinks sold at movie theaters, restaurants, delis, street carts and sports arenas. This alone raised an alarm to those of us inclined to believe in personal freedom of choice in what we put into our bodies voluntarily and legally. The Mayor’s cronies have since been bandying about ideas to take their control over what can or cannot be eaten and in what quantity even farther.

The Bloomberg-picked (so naturally they would be impartial) NY Board of Health that rules on the Mayor’s dictatorial plans for controlling diet was so enamored with the ban on large drinks that it is now debating adding its own rules to additional food products, including popcorn and…milk. Yes, MILK products, due to their high calorie count.

As I’ve argued before, government involvement in health care is a slippery slope, and its involvement in our lives and diet is, and always will be, a bad idea.

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I live in NYC and it is like a police state...and you should

know that, as much as New Yorkers pride themselves on being so sophisticated and smart and so much better than you slobs in flyover country...they are some of the most gullible, stupid, one-dimensional folks you will ever find. Give them another bike lane or new restaurant and they are your slave for life.

Not many Liberty-minded, free-thinking types here. Except for me and a few others. It's like living in the belly of the beast. Glad I have the DP, and other sites to find like-minded folks.

Just wait

At what will come out of government running our health system. Every piece of food we eat will be analyzed.

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Smokey and the Bandit

Smokey & the Bandit III will be about running Big Gulps into NYC. I volunteer to be the Bandit.