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"Ron, Rand, and Romney" by Jack Hunter

Once again Jack has read my mind and is publishing my thoughts to the world, only with much more eloquence than I could ever manage.

Ron, Rand, and Romney

Rand Paul is what I want the Republican Party to be. Rand Paul is what I believe the Republican Party is becoming. Over 2 million people voted for Ron Paul for president in this election. That’s double the amount from his 2008 campaign. Ron Paul’s limited government and constitutionalist ideas have not only gained traction, they’ve been injected back into conventional Republican debate. Dr. Paul’s forces have made substantial inroads into the Republican Parties of a dozen-plus states, and the liberty movement the establishment continues to fear, conservatives cheer.

This is not to say that all, or even most, conservatives cheer Ron Paul. It is to say that they cheer for many of his ideas, from auditing the Federal Reserve to $1 trillion in spending cuts. It is also to say that virtually all conservatives cheer his son Rand, who promotes the same ideas as his father, albeit in a different style and manner.

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You Rand bashers

seem to not know a thing about politics. Here's my observation: Those Paulistas I know that are active politically (running for office) where I live don't give a crap about Rand's endorsement. The ones to lazy to lift a figure to even walk a block to hand out campaign literature seem all to ready to complain about Rand. What gives?

To me the Rand endorsement means shit. When we dump Rand is when he stops fighting in the Senate for legalizing hemp, ending the fed, ending the NDAA and the Patriot act, illegal wars, and stops defending the Bill of Rights. Get that pecker heads!!

You Rand bashers are like high school girls and fashion--someone makes a big fuss about a pretty dress and the next week every girl is wearing the same dress. A seemingly non-thinking, need I say, collectivist response to one mans action.

Maybe you are using Rand's endorsement as way to check your lazy asses out for doing any work for liberty. My other observation: Maybe you hate all things GOP and establishment more that you love liberty? I’m trying to figure this out.

Rand is in a chess match with the GOP and is mastering the art of politics. And he will play the game better than his dad--and he has a far better chance at winning than dad. Prove it? Tuesday night I was at a GOP party with many NeoCons and heard Rand’s name mentioned three times for potus 2016. (I did hear Rubio’s also)

Remember an endorsement for some is just a political ploy. Rand is now the general leading the charge to advance the cause of liberty.

The Rand Paul Revolution stared yesterday!!!

i think a poster said it perfectly, below

crop of spam bots downvote without putting in the effort to comment. those who do reveal their true nature.

at least with benton, people put in the actual effort to describe their disdain.

divide and conquer

ALL OF YOU... (Rand/Hunter/Wead, et. al)

Can go straight to HELL!!! Your nothing but duplicitous self-serving backstabbers, who will lick the boots and bend over and take it, just so you can be the teacher's "pet."

Forgive me, if I choose NOT to be assaulted, mentally and physically for the next four years and beyond... for the sake of your having company in your sick fetish of power and false idol (and PARTISAN!!!) ideology) worship!

People are hurting, and your casting them aside so that YOU may be spared. That's ALL this is!!!

Jack Hunter

needs to do Liberty a favor and shut up already.....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

No Jack, you are wrong.

Rand has been compromised and we should have all expected this could happen. Compromising our principals is what helped create the current corrupt, violent, GOP. Lets not repeat that mistake. Ignore Rand and focus on the Liberty message. We wasted enough time getting him elected.

Getting back Our Republic or, republican party?

Define nomination, please.
Would this mean: the GOP "selected" candidate, nominated?
Should this mean: 1144 delegates won, nominated?

Conviction is the only way my vote sways, my friends. We're talking about the Commander In Chief. Requires a constitutional candidate. Period.

Lord have mercy!

ALL liberty candidates should be campaigned and voted for? Or should We require an "R" in the title of a name? That's so '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s, IMO.


The party cannot rise above the level of the electoral cesspool

The sound you hear is not flatulence (although you may be forgiven for mistaking it as such), but Boobus AmericANUS speaking...and it's saying "Romney".

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
--H. L. Mencken

Leges sine moribus vanae

I could never stand to listen

I could never stand to listen to Jack Hunter. He has this whiny tone to his voice that reminds me of my mother when she's complaining about something I've done (or haven't done). It's unbearable after 10 seconds or so.

What a turncoat!

I have to say, quite frankly, that I am truly disappointed in Jack Hunter. I would have hoped that through all his sophisticated presentations to our group of supporters that he might have been a tad more honest RIGHT FROM THE START. But, I guess that would have reflected a more humble policy towards us. Instead, we are graced with an inflated, pompous, and condescending attitude towards us.

Dear Jack:

I think Jack that you are certainly entitled to have your opinions, but I daresay, the idea that you would conceal your true thoughts is contemptable!

You said:

"It is also to say that virtually all conservatives cheer his son Rand, who promotes the same ideas as his father,"....

He does NOT promote the same ideological views as his father in foreign policy. That is CLEAR with his very telling sell-out vote for sanctions against Iran. Tell me, dear Jack, would you have done the same?

You said:

"Many Ron Paul supporters don’t consider themselves conservatives, much less Republicans, and simply didn’t see the point in endorsing the nominee and trying to still work within the party."

What planet have you been on! Dr. Ron Paul has worked as much as anyone can to "work within the party". You give no credit for how he was able to convince the majority in Congress to audit the Fed! But, I digress, working "within the party" is what got this country into the mess we're in. You are wrong, Jack. Rand Paul will be compromised. You are naive to think that the powerful elites would allow even the remotest possibility of allowing Rand Paul to become President some day, ESPECIALLY if they knew he was trying to destroy them in the process. Rand Paul, from where I sit, is definitely corruptible! Your words belie the lack of respect you actually feel towards Dr. Paul, as if to define one's character by one's consistent & principled values is some kind of abomination? How insulting.

You said:

"Yet, simply keeping the Paul movement in a place where everyone expects political miracles without any real strategy"....

Many of us were wondering where the lawsuits were against the MEDIA & the GOP. But, we had obstacles that lie deep within the campaign under the guise of "knowing better than Ron". Thus, we were thwarted at every bend in the road, but it wasn't because disillusioned Americans who support Dr. Paul were indifferent, stupid, or lacking in the perspicacity & intelligence to present tactical maneuvers that would have ended in success, and certainly more than what we now have in our present midst! Au contraire, we were "here" the whole time~~~struggling and sacrificing.

My question to you is this.

WHERE WERE YOU WITH "TACTICAL STRATEGIES" and ideas to push this movement forward? Indeed, where WERE you Jack and your superior, lofty ideas?!

Why I donated to the Ron Paul campaign

I gave what I could of the little money I have to help Ron Paul become President, not to give Jesse, Jack, and Rand a dry run for 2016. One of the reasons some of us are so frustrated is because we felt that many of the campaign's leaders (not Ron himself) decided that Ron's campaign was only a warm-up for a later effort. We've got a stream of conflicting messages from the campaign for the last two months as to what the intent of the campaign actually was/is. If Jack Hunter wants to defend a Romney endorsement, that's fine by me, but it burns my butt that he accepts a large salary as official blogger of the Ron Paul campaign while doing so. He should be fighting for and representing Ron Paul first, not his son. What I can't understand is that some of you want to blame the division we are seeing on those who don't support Rand. We did not move. It was Rand that chose to endorse the Wall Street funded status quo candidate. He delivered this division right on our doorstep. I will always respect Ron Paul and his efforts, but my confidence has been shattered in the likes of Rand or Jack.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams

your confidence should have been shattered months ago

or you would have been saved if you had been willing to see and admit the truth. it was clear rand was going to do this many months ago from the way he was campaigning for his father but not doing him any good but only helping romney, etc...

all the signs were there - but either you did not want to admit them or you blindly followed corrupt leaders/officials like tate & co, to whom you gave you and others gave their money to and not paul.


I think that Rand is what we

I think that Rand is what we don't want the party to become like and I disagree with Jack. We want the party to become like Ron. No compromising. This is what made Rand lose all credibility, and his career is finished as far as ever impacting the people like Ron Paul did. I'm sure I heard someone say the other day "Rand and Ron are different".

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Trying to think ahead

I have to agree with Jack. I have been trying to think forward from here and feel that it is incredibly important to have a powerful voice right in the thick of things. Senator Paul is the highest level leader that we have who espouses the Austrian School consistently. Like it or not, the establishment has real problems ignoring a senator.

As of right now, he is the strongest voice we have for this school of economics. Lets face it, the entire thing flows from Austrian school thought. Free markets beget freedom and vice-verse(?).

I needed time to cool down from last week. Hurt a little bit to see that we could only go so far this time. I jumped to conclusions. I cannot imagine throwing all of it away and trying to redo this in the Libertarian Party. Time to dig in an gain strength within the Republican Party. Hell there wouldn't need to be a Libertarian Party if the GOP wasn't stolen from true conservatives in the first place. There are huge numbers within the system now, can't ignore it anymore.

The Liberty Movement IS the elephant in the closet now. What are they going to do? Pretend it isn't there?

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

I agree!

The future is the Republican Party, the true Republican Party. I am a Libertarian at heart, but the Libertarian Party will never make it to the top as long as the Republican Party stays the same. Smart move we straighten out the Republican Party and move forward.

Of course, I hope this all happens before this country is taken over.


I agree and 2nded your motion


You know I am really impressed by the people (like you) who were initially stampeded into joining the lynch Rand mob but have enough intellectual integrity to realize that we would be throwing away a HUGE asset by ditching Rand. Thanks for having the guts share your thoughts.

P.S. Your comment only had a -2 vote (now -1). Wow, I'm impressed. The Anti-Rand bots must be slipping.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Thanks, I just ain't as hot

Thanks, I just ain't as hot headed as I once was. I cool down faster. I figure in the long run logic will be what wins.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

The "Southern Pretender" strikes again...

The snake oil just keeps coming! All of a sudden we are led to believe that a liberty candidate cannot win re-election if they don't sell out to the GOP establishment. It's common knowledge in politics that incumbents have a much easier time getting re-elected!

Ron Paul never sold out and got elected 10 times!!! Sorry Jack, were not buying it. If you read the full article, Jack states: "suggesting that Rand Paul's Senate future rests on the Paul movement in Kentucky is a novice view of political reality"

Talking down to us again Jack??? This article is full of weak arguements and contradictions! There isn't one ounce of intellectual substance in the entire piece.

Welcome to the Daily Paul "Freedom Now and Forever"...

I hope you and your Anti-Rand sock puppet clones have enjoyed your week here on the Daily Paul website.

And even though anyone with half a brain will ignore comments from an anonymous spambot like yourself I am sure you will continue to enjoy the privilege of down-voting comments from actual human patriots.

So knock yourself out.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Please hold yourself to a higher standard than this...

Your infantile attack on me and those who are critical of Rand proves that you are incapable of taking part in this intellectual revolution! Calling people parasites just because they engage in critical debate? Suggesting the DP should censor those who don't have premium memberships? Perhaps it is you who needs to grow up, catch a clue, and get over it!

You claim to be a Ron Paul alternate delegate, if that is true then I applaud your effort in Iowa. However, being a delegate does not excuse you from behaving in this manner. I hope this is not an indication of how you will represent Dr. Paul and our movement in Tampa this summer.

The battle cry is RON PAUL 2012...not Rand Paul 2016 A**hole!!!

Great point

about incumbents. The pretenders/defenders of Rand/Liberty are stretching reality into their own private unreality... That is a ship I would jump off.

Ron has endorsed the establishment too

When John Boehner was up for House Speaker, Ron Paul voted for him. The choice was between Boehner and Nancy Pelosi. Hardly a choice for liberty-minded people, but still, Dr. Paul chose Boehner without hesitation.

The same was true the last time Republicans controlled the House before Boehner’s tenure, when Dennis Hastert was House Speaker. Ron Paul voted for Hastert as House Speaker despite the fact that under Hastert’s watch Congress approved No Child Left Behind, Medicare Plan D, authorized President Bush’s war in Iraq and implemented the Patriot Act.

Let’s go back even further to when Ron Paul voted for Newt Gingrich as House Speaker in 1996. This was right after Dr. Paul was re-elected to Congress and Gingrich had supported Ron’s establishment opponent in the Texas GOP Primary. Conservative leaders like David Keene, Phyllis Schlafly and Milton Friedman all endorsed Ron Paul in that primary. But not Newt (I wish I had remembered this during my “Newt Gingrich is Not a Conservative” series on Paulitical Ticker).

In 1996, there was even a move by some House Republicans to deny Gingrich the speaker position. Conservative Republicans were ticked off, believing Gingrich had abandoned with Contract with America and Republican Revolution of 1994.

Ron Paul did not join their efforts. He voted for Newt Gingrich as House Speaker.


House speaker only has establishment types

Theres no third party running for speaker of the house. Theres only majority party player A or majority party player B.
Now did Ron Paul vote for those guys or endorse and campaign for them?

Is there a difference?

Voting is even worse than endorsing. Part of me thinks Rand won't even vote for Romney, despite his endorsement.

Face it, Ron Paul does play within the GOP somewhat too.

Ron Paul Revolution 2016

Ron Paul Revolution 2016

So let me see if I can understand what's happening here.

Rand Paul said he would endorse the eventual Republican nominee. Then, long before anyone is actually nominated, Rand endorses Romney while we are still fighting for Ron Paul. Now we have Jack Hunter, who is the official blogger for the Ron Paul campaign, talking about how this was the right move. Talk about a stab in the back. Just who does he think he's working for? Ron Paul's own staff is publicly turning against him, stating it is the right move to endorse his opponent!

"Ron Paul's own staff is

"Ron Paul's own staff is publicly turning against him, stating it is the right move to endorse his opponent!"

That is a great quote that simplifies it all. It is EXACTLY why it is so amazing that some people still try to excuse this traitorous act. There's a massive war on for your minds, and everyone is playing, but we hardly know who's even on who's team anymore! (Rand's endorsement and Jack's posts gave us BIG hints as to where they stand, and they stand alone as far as I'm concerned).

Downvoting JACK HUNTER? Really? You people are nuts.

Jack Hunter was hand picked by Ron Paul to be on his campaign, and you're downvoting a post about one of his articles?


That's so stupid and irrational that it's insane.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Notice Minarchist, your comment also earned...

negative votes from the Anti-Rand Sock puppets.

I think its time for Michael to suspend negative voting or at least negative voting by people with anything less than premium accounts until this crop of spambots withers away.

P.S. Yes I know I don't have a premium account. But I might if it meant getting rid of some of these parasites.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Calling people parasites,

Calling people parasites, spambots, etc. is not really getting your message across. Have you ever watched Ron Paul? His style is amazing, calmness, integrity, honesty, and he is always respectful to the other person even if they disagree with him. Try it friend....:)

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.