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I have been asked to post this... So here it is

There is a reason Ron Paul had GJ at the Rally for the Republic. And Adam Kokesh, and even Tucker (dirtbag) Carlson. Ron doesn't sacrifice, ostracize, or punish those who disagree with him. We apparently cannot. I once did a blog article about this, and I echo the same concern of how we can turn a humble man into an idol or deity, which he never would approve of, and then attack others for acts of "sedition and heresy" for disagreeing with a position, not the man, just a position that he espouses or vote, et. al.

Ron is a better person than us. And he shows it time and time again. But instead of showing tolerance, we show intolerance. Which only amplifies our weakness that is used to discredit us, and discredit us in the presence of others. I have family members that will not discuss politics, or anything in the news remotely political, because I see them as injustice and think that something should be done to attend to the issue. But most people will just see you as an extremist and cut you off. We have to be better than that. Ron is. And I would hate the best asset of our movement, that underlying, compassion, reason and soul, to die with this campaign and ultimately him.

I am sick by some of the things Rand, and Jack and Austin said, because they are defending the man (in their mind) by resorting to tactics he finds abhorrent and is physically incapable of doing himself. Ron trust us to have possession of our own minds. Others seemingly want dominion over that, as a showing of some notion of "loyalty to the cause", and some of these people I am not even sure what their underlying cause is. I can't believe I spent hours having to deal with a guy who viciously attacked me because I didn't see the value of the "Rules for Radicals" playbook to advance Rand Paul in the Republican Party. That really takes me back and makes me question just what in the hell I am signing up for... I didn't vote for Ron Paul to defeat Obama, by becoming him!

But again this is all white noise. Ron Paul is what matters, and the movement must not die with this final election. We need to decide in our own way how to continue that legacy, but we must be vigilant to anyone who picks up that banner under false pretenses and seek to use it towards their own ends. The ends DO NOT justify the means, not to ME, and certainly not to Ron. Anybody who has paid any attention to his magnificent example should already know that by now. And if I am protective of that legacy and have to take heat for it, I do so reluctantly, but with resolve.

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Great post.



I try to change people every day. Do You?

final election

maybe as we may lose the republic this round or Ron may not run in 2016 if he doesn't win in 2012

i say Ron paul 2012

Ron Paul 2016

Rand Paul 2020