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Anyone else extremely eager for a Ron Paul interview or statement?

For weeks now Ron Paul has been pretty silent outside a handful of speeches. I feel like much of confusion and speculation in the wake of Rand's endorsement seems to be fueled by the fact that people don't know where Ron Paul himself stands on these issues. I fear that until we hear from the DR Paul himself, this endless wave of confusion and speculation will continue. I know that we'll hear something from him eventually, but hope that the good doctor graces us with that Texas straight talk we've grown used to sooner
than later.

Edit: Since making this post Dr Paul has released a video with how he personally feels about the status of the campaign. I'm sure many other people were eager to hear what his take was but I personally feel a little embarrassed about impatient and anxious I was getting. Thank you Ron Paul for being the great patriot that you are.

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He's supposed to give a speech

In Iowa at the convention. And the issues were addressed in his speech at the Texas convention. Though not in the tabloid manner some seem to think they're entitled to.

after that you might want to read this thread too.


Can you think of any reason

that he would want to address the "Daily Anti-Paul" after the way he and his family members and his campaign associates have been virulently and mercilessly attacked here for at least a week?

No kidding!

It's sickening. This site has gone south. Sad, really.

Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck

Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck have said worse things about Ron Paul than anything I've read on the DP.

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war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

You must be on a different site.

The comments about Ron Paul's son, have been sickening and ignorant. Many trolls and many "fair weather" supporters running their yaps. And, are they delegates? Did they run for delegate? Did they register as Republicans to vote in their primaries and caucus'? My guess is no. Just loud mouth jerks and trolls and no moderating.

I'm very eager to hear him speak about the issue

I'd like to hear what he says as soon as possible.

He'll speak

when it's time! In the meantime, let's keep on rolling the ball forward!

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We need to focus on how we can spread the message!

make signs.pass out flyers! get out there!

I'd Rather Hear This

I'm extremely eager to hear him take the oath of office.

The good doctor is not my

The good doctor is not my nanny, nor yours. Do you know what liberty is? Move on and stop waiting for Dr. Paul to clear up your confusion. You know what to do! Go out there and spread the message of liberty. The rest of the pieces will fall into place.

Not asking for direction, just clarity.

I'm not asking Ron Paul to make a statement so I can feel good about myself or for any kind of motivation. But you can't deny that Dr Paul making a statement would quickly clear the confusion on the status of the campaign instead of making this issue linger.

Patience young Jedi...

Master Paul will speak when the time is right.

Hope That Goes For Old Jedis As Well

...totally confused and reluctant to open my mouth about anything lately.



All I can muster is a weak emotional response to the Romney endorsement. I think we all need time to think this through, clearly. And this is likely true with Ron Paul as well...thus the eery silence.