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I'm going to vote for Romney and here's why

Before you dismiss this, keep reading.....I make a good point.

1. Let's face reality, Ron Paul is not getting the nomination and Gary Johnson isn't going to win.

2. This election cycle we had the leverage to say "Hey, see Obama was no different than Bush and Bush was no different than Obama" and we won a lot of people over. The movement improved vastly.

3. If we vote third party we WILL guaruntee an Obama win and next election cycle we're going to hear, "No I'm not joining your movement, it was your movement that got us 4 more years of Obama". We will be blamed and more separated from the establishment and the sheeple will ride on over the cliff.

So I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils....I'm tired of voting a protest vote that improves nothing. This time I'm going to do what I like to call the "Dumb @$$, I told you so" vote.

I'm going to vote for Romney and I hope like hell he wins. And when he does, we all know we will be worse off than we are now, which is inevitable anyway.

Then we in the liberty movement can say "Hey morons, you got your man. You got Nobama. What did it do for you? Nothing! Wake up!"

If Obama wins, we will not have this leverage in 2016. We will end up defending a "spoiler" reputation to the brain dead neocons instead of winning them over.

This should be our strategy. Not a protest vote. A "Dumb@$$ I told you so" vote.

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Let's not forget - its just one office

The presidency is just one office, it's not the whole government, financial sector, MIC and misguided population.

It is the time when normal citizens think about politics for a few months so it is a good opportunity for a message like ours.

For this, I'm not going to get myself in a twist over November's vote which gets converted into what the majority of your state votes for anyways due to the electoral college.

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don't think

you are taking into consideration what the economy is going to be if obama gets in and the economy crashes or romney gets in and the economy crashes.people are going to blame whoever is in the white house. that will be a good time for an austrian economist to step in and explain what has to be done to improve matters.


How much paint did you huff before posting this?

I ask in the interest of science.

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I feel the same way

Up vote +

Were all entitled to our opinion, thats what our liberty movement is all about after all. Adam Kokesh and those who deride others and put them down for not having the same opinions as their own are the actual antithesis of what we stand for.

And yes, he makes a good point. Our movement would likely catch quite a lot of flack in the case of another obama presidency.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

Hannity loves your kind of

Hannity loves your kind of "kick me in the ass" logic.

Oh I'm sorry, you must be lost.

This is the Daily Paul, not MittRomneyCentral.

1. Let's face reality, Ron Paul is not getting the nomination

1- Stop right there. Are you basing your opinion on the MSM mantra that RP is unelectable?

2- Based on the delegate counts, it is mathematically impossible for RP to get the nomination.

3- Nothing can change in the 10 weeks until Tampa that could change one or two above.

I think I will wait for Tampa before I waste time on hypotheticals. Thanks.

As for the rest of it. Suit yourself. Just a rehash of the fear the incumbent reason to vote a certain way. Yawn.

Free includes debt-free!

Ron Paul-

gets the nomination.

Uhh, you lost me at #1

...Johnson can't win... (so I'll vote for the lesser of two evils).

You are doing exactly what the establishment wants you to do. You can spin it any way you want, but that is the reality.

Vote for the person that best represents your principles, or you've wasted your vote.

Yeah it's pretty obvious I

Yeah it's pretty obvious I lost you at number one because it's obvious you didn't read what I said....

Oh, I read it all and it makes no sense.

Did you read what I wrote?

Waste your vote if you want - and pretend it means whatever will make you happy.

It's not my choice but

I see the logic in your post. My viewpoint is that they are going to blame us no matter what happens and even if Romney wins and screws up royally, most people won't make the connection that it was because Romney was a flawed candidate. I think they will blame everything on the Democrats and Obama for Romney's failure as president, rather than realizing that they should have supported the movement. If Romney wins, it will be eight whole years before we can run again.. and if Obama wins, it will only be four. I think there are advantages and disadvantage for us for either team winning. I definitely won't be voting Romney as he scares me with how hawkish he is. I think another war is the last thing we need.

Don't kid yourself, we're

Don't kid yourself, we're going to get more war either way whether it's Mittens or Obama....

But why would we not get another chance for 8 years? Who says our movement has to be within the republican establishment primaries?

Well Romney promised war

and Obama suggested it wouldn't be off the table. I do agree it is a possibility with both.

This time around we were able

This time around we were able to use Obama's presidency against him to get Blue Republicans. Next time we are going to need those brain washed neocons along with the blue republicans. The Blue republicans will be there. They've already woke up and a Romney or Obama 4 years isn't going to change that. But WE MUST USE THE SAME STRATEGY to get the neocons in the same manner. Another four years of Obama will not do it. They would just vote the NOBAMA vote all over again. If Romney is elected and fails as much as Obama and he will, where are those neocon's going to go?

I think it's time that Ron Paul supporters wake up as well and realize, Ron is old and he's going to retire. Rand has lost all credibility. Gary Johnson can't get the votes. We need to wake and begin another strategy.

I'm not saying "get behind Romney or endorse him". I don't like him anymore than Obama and that is ZERO. But it's time to let the child pull the dog's tail so we can say "I told you so, now get away from the damn dog."

If Romney wins we get Romney

If Romney wins we get Romney for 8 and Rubio or Mitch Daniels for 8 more or some Democrat for 8. If Romney loses, we get Rand or someone better in 2016. Obama and Romney are the same.

You're still not getting

You're still not getting it.

STOP TRYING TO CONVERT THE DAMN REPUBLICANS! I am a republican, but it isn't working....they will continue to vote NOBAMA, which they will do in 2016 if Obama wins in 2012. You're going to get another neocon in 2016 with that scenario Do you not understand this? And they're not going to vote for Rand unless he plays to their war mongering. The only way to get them to come to the side of liberty is to let them FAIL! Give them their guy, let them fail! Just like the banking industry should have left to fail. By voting third party and electing Obama, all we're doing is propping up the NOBAMA movement.

Let them fail and maybe we can get Blue Republicans and Pissed off neocons in 2016 to make a big third party run. It isn't happening this year, and it won't happen in 2016 if we elect Obama again.

My thoughts exactly...

I vote third party...unless Romney rises in the polls at election time...then I pull the blue lever for the first time in my life.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Your post makes good sense.

I'm not sure who I'm voting for at this point considering Ron Paul won't be on the ballot.

Thank you. I think most are

Thank you. I think most are reading half of my post and waving it off.

I don't think you guys are

I don't think you guys are comprehending what I'm saying.

It's kind of like a kid who keeps pulling a dogs tail. They're not going to learn the dog will bite no matter how many times you try to convince them until they get bitten.

If we can't get them to stop pulling the dogs tail the best thing we can do is get Romney elected and prove nothing will change. Let the dog bite them.

I'm old to enough to remember

I'm old to enough to remember that people recommended your "strategy" back in the 1970s and 1980s. It only got us heartache and statism. If you want to degrade yourself by supporting a warmonger, feel free to do so....but please spare us your rationalizations.

I'd rather vote for Roseanne

At least she isn't a liar.


2008 Was my dumb @$$ vote. Won't be doing that again in this lifetime. I bought that crab for the last time.. sorry voting u dwn

I voted for Chuck Baldwin and

I voted for Chuck Baldwin and where did that get me? The strategy isn't working. And this time it's going to break the movement if Obama wins. Time for a new strategy. Especially now that Rand is a snake.