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It's Time To Help The Delegates

Counting them has been kind of fun, but I think we can now make better use of our time by making sure they actually get to Tampa. Help them raise money, find transportation, lodging, etc. Make sure they know about Rides For Ron Paul http://www.ridesforronpaul.com/

After they are all taken care of with logistics, we can start making sure they are prepared with strategy (whatever that turns out to be).

I will be doing what I can for Minnesota delegates.

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Ya..some of us (me) really

Ya..some of us (me) really need some money or I am going to be very uncomfortable there. Our coordinater is trying to raise funds for a 4 person room, which I hope happens for SURE, but I am going to have to eat and stuff..

Follow Up

Please tell me and everyone how things are working out for you. Your story may be the story of ALL delegates, and I for one am concerened.

What do you think of this? www.theonlinemarket.org

You just want everything don't you? ;)

Glad to hear you are going as a delegate!

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