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*Breaking* MA Delegates Rejected By Allocation Committee*

17 Liberty Delegates/Alternates have been not certified.

We are disappointed that the Allocation Committee would ignore the Republican voters of the Massachusetts Congressional Districts by refusing to even communicate with the delegates after numerous attempts to reach out to the allocation committee to discuss problems/issues with legality of the affidavit. The continued arrogant attitudes and clear manipulation of the rules by members of MassGOP leadership are a perfect example of why almost 90% Massachusetts residents refuse to be a Registered Republican and active in the Massachusetts Republican Party. Some elected delegates candidates had less than 40 hours to review, sign, notarize, and return an unprecented affidavit with an arbitrary deadline to MassGOP headquarters. Ultimately, many elected Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty slate delegate candidates that were just de-certified by the Allocation Committee had turned in the original, MassGOP affidavit before they met to make a decisions.
I am more disappointed that still, after last week’s endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney by Senator Rand Paul, a leader of the Republican Liberty movement, that the campaign staff of the Romney campaign would take the numerous olive branches offered by the ‘Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty Slate’, and continue to snap those olive branches in two, ignoring attempts for outreach and compromise, and just simply disenfranchising the voters and activists that could help Mitt Romney win in November’s General Election.
The mishandling of issues regarding the Provisional Ballots, 5th District Challenge, and Affidavits will only harden the resolve of the Liberty Caucus supporters, to work with the grassroots activists to re-build the Republican Party in Massachusetts, and help promote Liberty issues such as Auditing the Federal Reserve, and requiring Congressional Declaration of War to fund a war. Most likely, multiple challenges will be filed to the RNC rules committee, as the MassGOP leadership decides to waste its time and resources fighting with loyal, hardworking, grassroots activists rather than defeating Democrats.

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Sadness bump

Dont worry FBI exposer and GoodSamritan

say everything is ok. Just go along to get along. No Attornies for Ron Paul are needed.

I thought this was decided in

I thought this was decided in their favor last week. What happened?
Has this been sent to the Lawyers for Ron Paul?

To the poster whom I told was wrong on another thread, my apologies.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

twitted this to CNN and MSNBC

... something real to report.

Ron Paul ... forever.

That's because

the GOP Establishment ARE Democrats.

Fine, rmoney won't endorse our Delegates.

He will never ever get my vote. Mitt is not a loyal Republican.

Free includes debt-free!

Amazing that this is not being reported anywhere but here

shocking that it is overtaken by a similar headline meant to bump it off the top


I hope the Lawyers for Ron Paul file criminal complaints with...

the Department of Justice and the Massachusetts Attorney General's office. They might even have the authority to en panel their own grand jury and have the grand jury indict them.

well good more leverage for

well good more leverage for the lawyers for Ron Paul to use. Make sure they get all the specifics on this, I'm ready for a money bomb to help them win, sick and tired of the thugs and bullies winning.

Should RPers chip-in for a lawyer before Tampa?

This has to be stopped people. Give some names of people on this committee please. List them names.

Has anyone contacted the state attorney general. Also there is a lawyers for RP effort that might help.

I am very upset with this. To hell with the GOP.

Too funny! These people will

Too funny! These people will work tirelessly to destroy everything Dr. Paul fought for over 30 years. Liberty frightens them. They want government answers as much as any liberal. They just don't want liberal control is all...

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

I NEVER have understood why

I NEVER have understood why this goes on! They should be so happy more people joined the Party. It all makes no sense..

Because you think the Parties are R & D.

There never have ever been any other parties in this country than the party of Tyranny and the party of Liberty.

This country was obviously founded by the Liberty party, but it usually only takes 20-50 years for the american populace to get lazy and fully replaced by the Tyranny party... Then we pop up every few generations to take our country back... Mostly.

Paul has led our generations' liberty party, and the tyranny party knows that every single delegate that will vote for him is a vote for their mortal enemy... Clearly, the GOP does NOT EVER see a Paulite as someone that can join and help their party. They'd be just fine with Obomba instead of accepting your help.


Why is anyone surprised?

Why is anyone surprised? This was one of the purposes of the affidavit, they knew that a lot of RP delegates would not sign and return. Did no one seriosuly see this coming?

The delegates should challange the

other slate from the MA GOP at Tampa.

Disqualify Instead

Is there a way that the new 17 can be disqualified without sending 2 delegations. So MA is negative 17

Maybe Rand can help

Actually now that I think about it, its in his best interest to make sure those delegates stay out.

Oh well..

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Do we have another election to replace them?

Do we have another election to replace the 17 or do they just go with alternate and runner-ups?

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they will be *appointed* by the Romney campaign with whosoever they wish.

The 17 delegates and all who voted for them

who are being being disenfranchised by the state GOP should file suit immediately forcing the committee to demonstrate that any rules have been violated.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

I KNOW right! How DARE they

I KNOW right! How DARE they they try to disenfranchise the 17 people who are trying to disenfranchise the millions of people who voted for Romney!

WatchTheVote2012 &Lawyers For Ron Paul

There Is already a lawsuit filed, I believe some of those who were sent that affidavit to sign are already a part of it.. If they are already not a part of the suit they are invited to join us. www.electionfraudremedy.com

Are Ron Paul lawyers going to

fight this one?

Another GOP crime...


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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Considering Ron Paul got less

Considering Ron Paul got less than 11%, I don't know where you are getting your 20%

that´s simple

Independents. I would think Ron Paul supporters are like ~20% of potential republican voters in 2012 presidential election (it doesn't mean they are all registered republican voters). If Romney doesn't persuade most of them to vote for him, he can't win the election.

I believe yes

There's enough grassroots nationwide now to start new party. I believe that if all Ron Paul supporters unite they can immediately form a national party against debt slavery, policing the world etc.
Remember the Republican party of 1854 - it was found by activists "...to restore the Union to its true mission of champion and promulgator of Liberty rather than propagandist of slavery." (Horace Greeley)

many more Democrates and Independents...

..would support Ron Paul 3d party - not all were brave enough to re-register to GOP to support Ron Paul. I did! With about as much gusto as was shown by Rand on Hannity for Mitt - yes the deeds are parallel.

But then I was able to vote for Ron Paul in California. I once voted Libertarian Party - but today in all truth I am for no party, unless it is a Ron Paul Party.

Is it still possible to do in Tampa?

Ron Paul ... forever.