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If we don't win the election it's not the end

I'm sure many of you were upset when Ron made the statement that he won't have enough delegates to win the nomination. Especially if you devoted time and resources into the campaign.

Well now I know how the supporters must have also felt in 2008, but they didn't quit, so for the sake of supporters from the past and supporters of the future, this liberty movement will continue no matter who is in the White House. President Obama, or President Romney will try their best to continue the status quo. But their biggest problem, the people who will soon be controlling the attention of the national stage, will be the liberty movement.

And any decision they make will be heavily scrutinized by us.

The liberty movement has played a role in the two biggest political movements in the last 4 years, OWS and the Tea Party.

How you may ask?

Well the liberty movement has convinced party line conservatives that the Republican establishment isn't truly for limited government. Although the Tea Party watered the liberty content down, it's still organized a large number of conservatives who would otherwise keep their mouth shut.

Now how did the liberty movement affect Occupy Wall Street, well because we started the movement against the federal reserve, and although Occupy Wall Street is more about liberals who hate what in their minds is "rich oppression", we have got liberals criticizing the federal reserve. Which for a group that loves Keynesian principles, it's a big feat to get them criticizing central banking.

And think of a smaller liberty movement, our movement will only grow from here, with or without the Pauls.

This movement is becoming international, I'm Canadian with aspirations of becoming a libertarian politician, however I do not see as much support for the liberty movement here, with the right people to move it along, it will become a movement.

So this is the future, the more they want to force government down our collective throat, the more our pro-individual gag reflexes start working. And the end result will be either them conforming to us, or them trying to create us as the enemy.

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OWS important? They haven't

OWS important? They haven't succeeded in changing ANYTHING, other than how their families feel about them. They used to be respected. Now their own parents wish they would die.

are you sure you aren't just being

sucked in by the divide and conquer media's representation?

I'm sure they have a few sleeze bags in the group, but it's so blatantly obvious that the media is trying to deamonize them, cops have even hauled homeless people to their camps. On top of that unions and socialists are trying to co-opt them, and they are the ones the media reports on further hurting occupies name.

Instead of calling them names maybe we could treat them like humans and talk to them... after all the number one motivating reason they are out their is the bank bailouts. You don't think it'd be hard to turn them on to the fed?

Right on!

Don't know why a similar post got kicked off to "Off Topic." This is exactly what we need to understand and get behind, when we take it to the NEXT LEVEL!!!

This is our movement now. We own it. And we must do justice to it, to give Ron's legacy the recognition it deserves and the liberty movement the jump-start it needs once the convention is over...

This isn't the end, this is our turn to take the lead.

To be run by WHOM?

Normal, stable, life-long suit-and-tie Republicans like me?

Or wild-hair, pony tail, tatooed, debate-society ex-Big-L libertarians?

Sorry, it will never work.