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TICKETS for Paul Festival selling NOW!

Just bought 3 day tickets for my family for Paul Fest! Feeling a rush, and hope you will join me there!


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Check out the SNEAK PEEK lineup at PaulFEST!

What a starting lineup!!!

Did you buy your tickets yet?

(Go ahead, splurge and get the 3 day pass. I know you want to!)


I will attend PaulFest

and then attend the Ron Paul event on Sunday. PaulFest promises to be a great time, as well as very educational. I want very much to see/hear Tom Woods and Peter Schiff speak; when else would I ever have the opportunity to see either of them speak in person. I am hoping for even more educational breakout sessions, and I understand the PaulFest organizers have additional speakers/events planned that haven't even been announced, with the "best for last". After months of talking to neocon neighbors, I look forward to just being in the same crowd as those who, like me, want to restore LIBERTY to our nation. And I want to take some spectacular photos of our Veterans for Ron Paul, and if I can get even a few of them to tell me their stories, I plan to publish them where I can.

I was disappointed to learn that Dr. Paul cannot attend PaulFest because it is being financially backed by a PAC. I'm posting this comment now because I don't want anyone to be misled about this; I didn't know this fact of life about PACs, and maybe you didn't, either.

The weekend of August 24-26 will be a weekend we remember forever. I hope it will be a brilliant celebration of the principles that our forefathers fought for, and I know you share those same principles today or you wouldn't even be reading this. So let's make history. Bring your cameras and video recorders, because you're going to want every minute of footage from this event to share with your children and your grandchildren.


Ok, so I'm looking at which tickets I'm going to buy for my sister and me, but I'm really curious as to what the VIP tickets will entail. Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere what sort of special bennies one might have with a VIP pass. Can anyone shed any light?? Also, am I right to assume that the tickets are sold per person? Thanks, fellow paulestinians!

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Tickets are

definitely sold per person. However, I don't have info on VIP passes. I expect info will be published next week regarding the perks for VIP passes; perhaps an organizer will comment here?

PaulFest and Get Your Tkts Now!

Have you bought your tickets yet? See link, above! The Program still isn't available (I guess they are waiting on info; perhaps early next week), but if you need time to prepare your plans, you might want to go ahead and make your travel/accommodations arrangements before the rush.

Also, my husband and I know the area (we've lived here in Tampa for 17 years), so if you want advice or help finding accommodations, please PM me!

Get tkts for PaulFest now!

Just a reminder for those who may not have seen that tickets to the Paul Festival are ON SALE NOW! Go to the link above to buy advance tickets (much cheaper, and will help the group get the festival together to have money earlier).

I took Dr. Paul's comments last night to mean that he will be at Paul Festival in Tampa on Sunday afternoon and evening for the party. I don't see confirmation of that on the Paul Festival site (www.paulfestival.org), but it looks like they are still assembling the link for the Program at this time so keep your eyes on it!

I'm sure the organizers will start marketing this heavily soon, but for those of you who want to get those tickets asap and make your plans, there you go...


That's what I am hoping for as well. I just sent an email to the campaign to try and encourage the same.

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Does the price include and

RV campsite with hookups?


No it does not.

No it does not.

Doesn't look like it


Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

Bump for

a PaulFest /Paul Rally combo!!

See: PaulFestival.com
and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOHlN5JWsw8&feature=player_em...

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

Is there even an agenda for

Is there even an agenda for this event out yet? Any word on who the acts will be?

Keep checking the site,

www.paulfestival.org, for info. Looks like they're updating it now. I don't see any organizers' postings here yet, so I expect they will make their own announcement when the program is ready. This thread is for those like me who have been holding their breath on the edge of their seats waiting for tickets!

From the site: 3 Days of Liberty Unleashed:
Liberty Candidates, Speakers, musicians and entertainment, all things liberty. Peter Schiff, Jordan Page, Tom Woods, Burns & Poe, and many more.

See posts on TDP from Paul Festival folks over the last month or so; there have been many posts about speakers and entertainers who have signed on. My guess is that they will be filling out the program daily as we march towards Tampa.

Meanwhile, early bird tickets get a substantial discount (prices go up 7/1). Since we didn't know which days to purchase, I bought all 3 for my family for the discount and will probably attend those events we are most interested in when the final program is announced.

Hope to see you there, Liberty_Mike!

Buy TKTS by 6/30,

or the price goes up...

Keep Us Posted On Number Of People That Will Show

Maye we can agree to march on Tampa and make news and history. Go get beat up by the police and stuff, while chanting president Paul. I would show up for that!!!!!!

I mean I love you guys and music, but I don't want to show up and listn to a bunch of hippies singing political stuff.

If Paul Doesn't Show, Who or what is on the agenda?

Also please use the ticket link to donate to the festival to help cover costs.

It looks like

the final program isn't out yet. See the www.paulfestival.org site for up-to-date info, and expect additions as we get closer to the date. Hey, it's a grassroots effort, and they've been heroically working against roadblocks for months, now. Give them the benefit of the doubt!

What do I get with my tickets...

There's no explanation of what I'm getting with my tickets. No speakers, No bands, no nothing. I can buy 3 VIP tickets for $199....ok what does that get me?

More info is being updated

More info is being updated daily but here are some confirmed info thus far : Liberty Candidates, Speakers, musicians and entertainment, all things liberty. Peter Schiff, Jordan Page, Tom Woods, Burns & Poe, and many more.

This is the being organized by many of the same people that briught you the revolution march with Ron Paul in 2008


What do the VIP passes include, and are the prices per person?

Can't find this info anywhere on the ticket site or paul festival's site

Waiting for info to post that soon,

LibertyLady. I'm told they will have details on the site soon.

TKTS for PaulFest: 12 & under FREE!

Forgot to mention that age 12 & under will get in FREE.

Yay for FAMILIES!!!


Do you think it will be safe for children 12 & under?

What will be there to entertain that age group?

Hi, one of the committees

is for children's activities. Unfortunately, it looks like the website is currently being updated and I don't see the usual link for the program which describes it.

I apparently jumped the gun by announcing early ticketing as soon as I saw that it was available. My guess is that they are still frantically assembling the programming, lol.

As for safety, can anyone say whether ANY public gathering is 100% safe these days? My own 12 year old will be there, and I trust my fellow patriots to continue following the rules at the Fest as they have ALL ALONG throughout this r3volution.

Promises to be better than

Promises to be better than the Rally in MN, because they are providing cheap transportation!! I am psyched!

I think he will

Ron Paul loves the energy of all his supporters and their love for Liberty. I think the ONLY way he would not attend is if his handlers try to hide it from him. Wead would tell him. The more I hear Wead talk, the more I like him.

Will Dr. Paul attend?

Doesn't anyone know?

With a name like paulfest?

With a name like paulfest? probably not, wink wink.

I hope

he will. But he has not announced his intentions, so I don't know.

But can you see him missing this, just a few miles from the convention, right before the convention? I am putting my money on, He will be there. This is our chance to show him our love, and promote liberty all at the same time.