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Can we stop with the Rand bashing and blacklist the trolls who continue?

Note: this is not for people who respectfully disagree but for those who continue to parrot the same complaints & vile comments about Rand over and over.

I would prefer there be no long comments about the thread or arguing; just the names of posters who continue to divide us. This is a simple method to filter out the anti-rand trolls. Yes, even if you want Ron Paul to be president, yet you smear his son, you are a troll. Why? It doesn't take a genius to figure it out but here you go: Rand Paul is Ron Paul's SON. Do you have any idea how divisive you're making us or how stupid you're making us look to the opposition!? Do we have to agree with Rand Paul on his endorsement or anything else - nope. But I think we can all agree that posting negative comments and threads about the SON of Ron Paul on one of the MOST VISITED libertarian websites is not helping our movement at all. I've said this before on other comments but everyone here knows that the Paul family visits the DP right? How do you think Ron Paul feels about the comments trashing his son, you think he agrees with you? Do you think bashing Rand will earn you Dr. Paul’s respect and energize the movement!? So anyway, if you’re anti-rand but are willing to give up bashing him on the DP I thank you, and if you’re pro-rand please police the comments and call out those with negative posts. Remind them that bashing Rand on the DP helps no one. If they continue, put their username on this thread along with some of their posts. The only people laughing are the Romney trolls and the neo-nerds. That is all, thank you.

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Whoops, he was

certified by the organization HE created as a ophthalmologist. Hmmmm. I'm not sure where I got dentist. This is more interesting. Anyway, Rand supporting sanctions, etc, is going to get people killed. Time to ignore him and stay focused on the Liberty message.

Rand throws us all under the

Rand throws us all under the bus, and now anyone who say's anything is told "shut up, we want to take away your free speech" and basically dictate what we are allowed to say. Sorry, but we aren't going away, and black listing those who use their freedom of speech only makes people protest more. Being part of the Ron Paul movement, you should be aware of these principles.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Nobody has told you anything.

Nobody has told you anything. You can say what you want and vote for who you want. Rand made a choice. You make your own. We have all gathered here in support of Ron Paul, but ultimately, we are all free to make our own decisions, as it should be. You want to vote for somebody else besides Mittens or Obomba, do it. Rand never told you not to. Neither did Ron. Stand up. Do what YOU gotta do. Nobody told me to shut up. YOU, BUCK UP, and make the choice. Vote for Romney. Vote for Obama. Vote Gary Johnson. Write in Ron Paul. Exercise the freedom for which you fight and forget about Rand Paul.

I don't want you to go

I don't want you to go anywhere, I want you to shut up and think about WHY Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney. For some reason, you anti-randers assume it's something dubious when it could be something entirely different. Could I be wrong - sure! But isn't it better to give Rand Paul the benefit of the doubt instead of calling him a traitor or a backstabber when you have about as much information as I do!? For all you know, the endorsement may have been the only way Rand could introduce amendments to bills. Do you think he’s going to tell you or anyone else why he endorsed Mitt if the ability to do his job (or perhaps even his life) might be on the line!?

If you don't like what's on,

If you don't like what's on, change the channel!

You don't HAVE to read a Rand bashing thread.

It's like people complaining about that guy with the trashy show that they don't like, but then they keep watching it, then get angry at themselves and then blame others, etc, etc.

Who ever said the Marketplace of Ideas was a clean, organized, sanitary place?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

Every Time They Bash Rand I Am Going To Skin Alex Jones Alive.

Alex Jones is the bilderberg banksters cartel's cheap media whore and a CIA broadcaster of already well known conspiracy propaganda. He is also a dedicated self-promoter and a perverter of the truth.



Alex Jones realized his mistake and has now come to the conclusion that he will support Rand or at least give him the benefit of the doubt.

Alex Jones seems to me to be quite emotional. He is a real patriot fighting every day to get the truth out and I admire him for that. Does he go over the top sometimes - yes I think so, and that is ok too, he has feelings for this country and he is fighter who is not going to just give up.

I was hoping he would come to his senses after cooling off for a while about the Rand Paul thing, an I am glad he did. Like so many others I think he just got overwhelmed by his emotions and wasn't able to think clearly after the announcement, but we all make mistakes and he has now come out and corrected it which shows real character. Well done Alex Jones.

I'm happy Alex did that. Like

I'm happy Alex did that. Like I said, everyone had an emotional response to Rand's endoresment. Bigger people should get over themselves and start thinking.

Well said

I'm pro Rand, but there are

I'm pro Rand, but there are enough topics on this site to occupy one's time without having to pay any attention to anything you may not like. What the hell do you propose to do with this LIST? Ban from the site? Get their addresses and send out a hit squad? Right now, I'm looking to my right and I see 17 topics out of 20 that, based on the headline, seem to have nothing to do with Rand Paul. Why not try checking them all out and maybe by the time you're done, it'll be 18 of 20?

It has nothing to with my

It has nothing to with my personal feelings, the black list deals with posts that are harmful to the movement. You do realize more than just DPers and liberty people visit the DP, right? And please show me where I said we should ban people. Everyone on here keeps on saying I'm pro-banning, why? The blacklist would basically just call out the anti-randers who continue to cause grief. After over a week of teeth nashing from anti-randers, enough is enough.

it has all to do with your personal feelings

and a need to control.

You want to stop posts you disagree with. It couldn't get more personal than that. You even put forward the fallacy that somehow passionate debate is bad for the movement to justify your proposed round up of dissenters. Like most people that propose blacklists, you demonize anyone who doesn't follow the party line as dangerous to all.

Let's make a deal.

We'll stop criticizing Rand when he's no longer cited in the press as the future leader of the liberty movement that endorses Romney. Deal?


Thank you

I try to share warmth and love with all.

Ad Nauseum

At this point, I prefer trolls to the people who won't stop talking about trolls.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.

Why don't you just report the

Why don't you just report the trolls to Homeland Security?


That's right...

Don't forget: "See something, say something!"

You stole my comment! :) How

You stole my comment! :)

How bout we start a thread asking to ban kool-aid drinking Rand lovers like this guy

Or how bout you stop being so scared of disagreement and just roll with it. Some of us t



If I'm a kool-aid drinking

If I'm a kool-aid drinking Rand lover, then you would be the opposite: a kool-aid drinking Rand hater, no? Also, if Rand's endorsement hurt the campaign and the movmentment, calling the son of Ron Paul a traitor on the most viewed libertarian website hurts as well. So basically, you and Rand are by default in the same boat, just on seperate ends of the ship. And while I could argue that Rand's endoresment was strategic (prove to me otherwise, who's the money behind him?), you anti-randers seem intent on making Ron Paul choose sides. You help NO ONE :)

I think every point of this issue...

...has been completely covered and everyone vented...and vented...and vented. Some vented in a "below the belt" style and don't realize how much it hurts Ron(being that he went above and beyond for us...yes us!). Some also vented maturely and with respect to Ron(which is the way Ron himself would approach it).

I also believe that the establishment is having a great time with all of this, because their greatest wish would be to tear us all apart! And with all this stuff continuing it sometimes looks like we are slowly parting.

It's rather obvious that people see this differently and one should respect each others opinions about it, but saying really horrible things just doesn't solve anything. If we want the liberty movement to stay alive, we need to put this behind us and continue the race. If we are too busy clobbering each other, the establishment laughs and clobbers us!

Their leader, Alex Jones,

changed his mind and said Rand Paul is a "friend" and "not an enemy" and said to be nice to him. So the anti-Rand trolling should be much less of a problem from here on out.


yeah, i listeded to alex

yeah, i listeded to alex jones, and he is my leader, so i think i'll stop. Of course i wonder what it was like in the roman senate, when someone vented a really clever diatribe on this or that, did everyone really clap because it was something really good that they haven't heard in a long time, being over-bloated decadents, it's good to hear something nice, or someting nicely vile, and Rand Paul betraying the moment is sickly-sweet. But i will lay off now, the Senate comes at a price, apparently.



Rand didn't really mess up- he was never like his father and many, many people on DP supported and support him...just like they supported the phoney Tea Party "movement".

Rand doesn't hold the same values as many of us do. Any bashing that's done is because a lot of the new people on DP like him yet they don't really have a clear understanding of what freedom is and means. The exhortations are merely reminders to those that love the statist Rand that he's not one of us and we shouldn't support him.

Here's the problem

Most of those upset at Rand have been here on the DP forever, I am even pretty sure it is possble it could include a Mod or two. You might be part of the minority on this.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Not necessarily true

I think many of the "old" people here understand that Rand Paul is just playing politics and the movement needs people in powerful places who can educate the brainwashed people through the establishment and their media.

It is more about personality types. Some like to be part of a small group who is right and everybody else is wrong and they bash Rand Paul for not following their idealistic and perfectionist thinking. Others are pragmatic and want results and accept that sometimes "the perfect is the greatest enemy of the good".

Having gone through all the conspiracy stuff myself over the past 5 years or so I can totally understand how they feel. When you realize that the entire world is run and owned by a small elite then the normal reaction is to get very angry and I have also been angry at everybody who didn't understand that it is worse than the worst conspiracy stuff out there. But then I realized that I will achieve nothing if I can't work with people with a completely different understanding - Ron Paul taught me that.

I think if we just talk down Alex Jones people same as Glenn...

I think if we just talk down Alex Jones people same as Glenn Beck they will go away.


I'd love it if Rand Paul was blacklisted from this site entirely

He would certainly qualify as a troll in my eyes. Now he is throwing out bills left and right to try and prove to us that he still a part of the liberty movement.

Won't work on me. He makes me sick.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

No change ...

... he has been writing bills "left and right" since he entered the Senate. He doesn't need to prove that he is a LEADER in the liberty movement. He has been doing this for years.

But don't let that stop you, you've got a hook in to bellyache about something.

Yes because bills aren't

Yes because bills aren't important? I thought that's why we love Ron, based on the merits of how he voted...