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Can we stop with the Rand bashing and blacklist the trolls who continue?

Note: this is not for people who respectfully disagree but for those who continue to parrot the same complaints & vile comments about Rand over and over.

I would prefer there be no long comments about the thread or arguing; just the names of posters who continue to divide us. This is a simple method to filter out the anti-rand trolls. Yes, even if you want Ron Paul to be president, yet you smear his son, you are a troll. Why? It doesn't take a genius to figure it out but here you go: Rand Paul is Ron Paul's SON. Do you have any idea how divisive you're making us or how stupid you're making us look to the opposition!? Do we have to agree with Rand Paul on his endorsement or anything else - nope. But I think we can all agree that posting negative comments and threads about the SON of Ron Paul on one of the MOST VISITED libertarian websites is not helping our movement at all. I've said this before on other comments but everyone here knows that the Paul family visits the DP right? How do you think Ron Paul feels about the comments trashing his son, you think he agrees with you? Do you think bashing Rand will earn you Dr. Paul’s respect and energize the movement!? So anyway, if you’re anti-rand but are willing to give up bashing him on the DP I thank you, and if you’re pro-rand please police the comments and call out those with negative posts. Remind them that bashing Rand on the DP helps no one. If they continue, put their username on this thread along with some of their posts. The only people laughing are the Romney trolls and the neo-nerds. That is all, thank you.

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In the name of Liberty!

Let's label a class of people as "trolls" whose opinion is inconvenient and silence them in here. Yes, that aligns with the message of freedom and liberty.

It just shows how quickly and easily people slip into authoritarian roles. Sad, and scary.

Or better yet ...

... identify trolls as trolls. They have been crawling all over this site since the beginning.

So your basically saying the

So your basically saying the campaign, the supporters, and the movement should self implode?


I was being sarcastic. Behaving like tyrants would be the implosion of the movement. I was using sarcasm to demonstrate the naked foolishness of espousing banning tactics to get rid of those who express inconvenient opinions. That is precisely what your original post championed. So I would opine that your post is championing the implosion of this movement with its ban and censor message.

The best way is to vote them down

Vote down the Rand Paul articles without adding a comment.

Also I might add I've been seeing many posts with negative headlines, only to reverse the thought in the main body of the article. This is a troll's way of getting up votes on a negative headline, which effectively sends a negative tone to many who don't click on every article. It's designed to bring down the moral of Paul supporters.

Vote them down and move on.

Either way something needs to

Either way something needs to be said. While debate is healthy, why can't we agree that attacking Ron Paul's seed is certainly a wedge that will divide the movement? What good does attacking Rand do now? If someone tries to praise Rand for any good there will always be a complainer or crybaby. It's like the anti-rand people are purposefully destroying the movement yet they mock Rand for doing the exact same thing.

Rand is a bad seed.

And the only people destroying the movement are the compromisers.

Lol no he's not a bad seed.

Lol no he's not a bad seed. How do you know, do you know him personally? The man has been doing what he could by himself in the Senate. What you think DeMint and Lee are better than Rand Paul? Come on zforce tell me, is the Senate better off with Rand or not? If you say it's not then you obviously have not been paying attention to his legislation or what he's been trying to do. You're probably one of the cry babies "oh Rand supports Drones" or "rand wants to replace TSA with private security". Well zforce step up to the plate, why aren't you in the Senate helping Rand do these things?

All politicians

are bad seeds.

lets be

honest! what act or action created this divide? It was Rands Action and Acts that perpetuated all the Issues here!
Now as a Libertarian one agrees to disagree (Each is an Individual)
Rand had and has the Right to do as He pleases His choice should not divide us in our quest, but He did not do anything to help Unite us. what you will see is his politicing on the Libertatian causes but nothing will come of it but he will still vote for many of Rommneys ideas when push comes to shove! He has already clearly demonstrated these traits!
I would say if you want to censor someone it would be wise to just not allow Rands name to be mentioned on The daily Paul this site was for Ron not Rand in the first place!

myself I disagree with any type of censorshp. The Blame is all on Rand! Sorry I wish it wouldn't have happened but it is what it is.


Adam Kokesh probably has the

Adam Kokesh probably has the best take on Rand Paul. Rand Paul is a statist. Adam says that some statists really believe that they have good intentions, some of them do.



Adam Kokesh doesn't have a good "take" on anything.
He's a mole that's trying to destroy this movement.

Heat Force! Luv ya but...

C'mon dude. Rand is the biggest pandering zio-con. Pandering to the other politicians, that is. He has done nothing but bash us supporters since his endorsement of the devil's spawn. He is bad seed. It's all okay. He has been a disaster since he started running. It hurts to face but that is what we are doing here, facing facts.

Ron Paul and freedom reign on.

Bashing his supporters, are

Bashing his supporters, are you seeing what his so called "supporters" have been saying about him? I originally thought the DP was dealing with an influx of Romney trolls, but seeing that almost all of you are true-blue Paulians is so disheartening. Yes, I'm upset with Rand's endorsement, but for a movement who's crux is realizing that things are never as they seem, none of you have ever considered why Rand did it. Do you see the big money behind Rand? Did you ever consider that Rand's doing all he can in the Senate? His biggest allies are Tea Party neo-cons; DeMint and Lee. What's he suppose to do with friends like that? Yet he's blamed when he tries to make bad legislation more accountable; like with protecting our privacy with Drones flying overhead or trying to overhaul the TSA by putting it in the hands of private industry, which by the way is 10X more accountable than the government goons. Who cares if Rand Paul has been a supporter of his father since long before you or I, right? I feel sorry for the man, do you think he wanted to endorse Romney!? If so then why didn't he do it from the beginning? The neo-cons are hitting Rand, the socialists are hitting Rand, and now us too apparently.

If you want the trolls

to go away, stop feeding them.
After you blacklist them, who is next? People that post about Gary Johnson, people who share newspaper articles that are hit pieces???
When you start banning or blacklisting, you no longer believe in freedom for everyone's opinions, only your own.If you don't like a thread don't read it or comment and it will fade away.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Banning is stupid

It just makes us another echo chamber, like the ridiculous Obama and Romney websites.

Let the trolls come. Romney trolls. RNC trolls. Obama trolls. You can't sharpen your skills against jello...it takes a hard surface, like the brain of a troll, to put a fine edge on your debating skills.

Besides, one guy's troll is another guy's creative thinker. Heck, I've been called a troll because I didn't toe the party line on some point of policy.

Don't ever let the Daily Paul become the home of conformity. That will ruin it more completely than any swarm of trolls.

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Like with any other thread,...

this one ends when all of the bumping stops. If threads are posted within Daily Paul guidelines, they run their course.

Yes, and no.


I am no troll sir. I will not

I am no troll sir. I will not sit quietly while Rand stupidly says that "he [Romney]is right there with us." What a stupid statement to make. He needs to take it back.

Fine I'm not stopping you.

Fine I'm not stopping you. However, I will remind you that your negative comments about Rand does not make things better for anyone.

The right to question.

We all don't like trolls but people not able to criticize Rand negatively and to "trust his strategy" is ridiculous. I see your urge to want to stop all the negative distraction. At the same time people should loudly question why Rand would endorse such an unconstitutional nominee for president no matter what reasons he claims, it's just wrong to me other supporters and the cause his father has fought so hard to build up.

blacklisting and repressing speech wont help either

next youll be advocating drone strikes!
leaders of the liberty movememt
lew rockwell, gerald celente, tom woods and alex jones have come out against rands endorsement
the issues of tactics and prinicple need to be discussed

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Yeah I'll never advocate

Yeah I'll never advocate drone strikes. And yes discuss all you want. I was mainly targeting the DPers who feel they need to post especially harsh statements about Rand. Those posters help just about as much as Rand's endorsement, how about that? So they need to be called out for what they are - dividers.

Meaning Positive comments are

Meaning Positive comments are just as inflaming as negative depending on which side of the fence the Ron Paul supporter is on.... Surely everyone has something other than Rand to talk about?

Any comments about Rand are

Any comments about Rand are bad for this sight right now.... everyone is divided... The best thing everyone can do is agree to disagree and worry about Rand when the time comes... Next Rand money bomb or whatever... Donate or Not..

The negative comments are

The negative comments are even worse. But I could go with what you're selling. Why don't you make a thread about pledging to no longer post about Rand Paul on the DP? I would sign up in a heartbeat.

edit: but it would only work if people remind posters we no longer discuss Rand and Michael would need to remove the "Rand Paul" section on the forum.

LOL that is still talking

LOL that is still talking about him...Just everyone stop... Don't go to a post that mentions Rand..... It's that simple... Set yourself free..

I wish someone had notified

I wish someone had notified me during my daily royal troll operations briefing that we're supposed to bash Rand Paul.

Its a given

he endorsed Romney. (just in case you don't know)

You expect me to pay

You expect me to pay attention to something as trivial as a presidential election?