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Can we stop with the Rand bashing and blacklist the trolls who continue?

Note: this is not for people who respectfully disagree but for those who continue to parrot the same complaints & vile comments about Rand over and over.

I would prefer there be no long comments about the thread or arguing; just the names of posters who continue to divide us. This is a simple method to filter out the anti-rand trolls. Yes, even if you want Ron Paul to be president, yet you smear his son, you are a troll. Why? It doesn't take a genius to figure it out but here you go: Rand Paul is Ron Paul's SON. Do you have any idea how divisive you're making us or how stupid you're making us look to the opposition!? Do we have to agree with Rand Paul on his endorsement or anything else - nope. But I think we can all agree that posting negative comments and threads about the SON of Ron Paul on one of the MOST VISITED libertarian websites is not helping our movement at all. I've said this before on other comments but everyone here knows that the Paul family visits the DP right? How do you think Ron Paul feels about the comments trashing his son, you think he agrees with you? Do you think bashing Rand will earn you Dr. Paul’s respect and energize the movement!? So anyway, if you’re anti-rand but are willing to give up bashing him on the DP I thank you, and if you’re pro-rand please police the comments and call out those with negative posts. Remind them that bashing Rand on the DP helps no one. If they continue, put their username on this thread along with some of their posts. The only people laughing are the Romney trolls and the neo-nerds. That is all, thank you.

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self defeating topic

It is funny that you don't understand that your topic provides the forum for the exact type of discussion, which you are so afraid to have.

Son or not, Randy is a big boy. In a free market of ideas, one must accept the benefits and the draw backs of opening their mouth and stating opinions. I am sure that as the son of Ron, Rand understood this, and if he didn't, he does now.

If our movement isn't clear with its 'leaders' about our expectations, who knows what other bending the future will hold.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Fine, but then don't complain

Fine, but then don't complain when Romney trolls start copying and pasting all the anti-Rand comments from the dailypaul. Don't complain when Beck discusses the "crazy Ron Paul supporters" who attack the man's own son.

Ok we're crazy

for not being crazy..


No but you're making it even

No but you're making it even harder on us who are trying to get over this hump in the road. I think every dailypaul user knows about Rand's Romney endorsement, and has taken a position. Are you trying to remind us or something with negative Rand posts on the DP?

Step back away from the cliff...

I called the Rand Paul senate office in Washington D.C today and was surprised of how rude the the receptionist was who answered the phone. Now take that in contrast to me calling Ron Paul's office in Washington D.C today and the receptionist was polite and understanding. She said that they had received numerous calls like mine and that they were aware of Rand's endorsement. She said that she hoped I could appreciate how she could not comment on this but they were getting the message loud and clear that many of Ron Paul's supporters do not want him to endorse Mitt Romney.

From what I could pick up from talking to her is Ron Paul has no plans on endorsing Romney. I was polite when I spoke to her and told her that my wife and I both were concerned of how Rand responded to Luke's request to an interview. Between my wife and I, we have donated over $4,000.00 to the Ron Paul campaign. We also sent $800.00 to Rand Paul's campaign but to have his receptionist talk to me like I was dirt let me know that I had made a bad mistake in supporting his run for the Senate.

Do I blame Ron Paul for what his son is doing? Of course not but I also agree with Alex Jones that we need to nudge him back to those of us who have put him where he is. He can not do anything without support behind him and if he does not change course fast he will lose all good will that he has received from his father's supporters like my wife and me.

I would also say this has been extremely hard on my wife because she was the biggest Rand Paul fan out there. She was almost in tears when she saw how Rand avoided any questions from Luke. This broke my heart and I for one am so disappointed with the advice he is taking from these political hacks around him. Oh yea, I also brought up Glen Beck to Ron Paul's receptionist. I reminded her that there was a time that Beck talked so much crap about Dr. Paul when Alex Jones was there on the radio everyday defending Dr. Paul. I told her Alex was not an enemy of Dr. Paul and that he asked many of us to chill out on going after Rand Paul. I respect Alex for asking us to do this but I for one do not think that Rand Paul has earned the right for anyone in the liberty movement not to hold his feet to the truth.

There is no one who is above the truth, that goes for Rand and he needs to learn this early on in this thing called politics. He needs to realize that we are not out here fighting for freedom for him to take a nap up there and start endorsing neo-cons for office.

I don't think

campaign contributions will be a problem for Rand anymore. The thing about corporate and AIPAC loot is that you don't have to do what the grassroots want (or respond to their requests or questions).

Fantastic. This is a positive

Fantastic. This is a positive way to express your dissatisfaction with Rand's decision. Calling him a traitor, a neo-con, "Ran" Paul, etc., is not. That's what I'm fighting against. The people who post without thinking are as damaging to the movement as "their issue" with Rand's endorsement.


the meaning is the same.


I'll be doing the same tomorrow.

don't know

about trolls, but there are a lot of hypocrits on here. awhile ago you were praising rand paul to the skies, now you are trying to lynch him. grown ups who disagree about policies do not do so by character assasination. by calling rand paul names you are turning off a lot of people who might become supporters. makes me wonder if any of you name callers have any kids that you treat the same way. that by the way is called abuse. so you are disappointed, but there are worse things in your life that will be disappointing. get a grip, get over it.


Wow ducky

To call people hypocrites because they supported Rand Paul before he endorsed Romney is just plain ol' idiotic. The only hypocrites here are those who say one thing and do another. Rand Paul would be a good candidate for the hypocrite label as would be the supporters that support him but held the position of disgust when Santorum stated, "you have to take one for the team", and now are more than happy to take one for the team.

OMG! Grow up! You're being

OMG! Grow up! You're being obamanesque in your protection of Rand .... or else you're labelled a troll and banned ?????

This is a Ron Paul website,

This is a Ron Paul website, not Rand's.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

Um no I'm being smart. And

Um no I'm being smart. And I'm not trying to protect Rand, I'm trying to protect our leader's movement. Did I say banned by the way?

Sure and censure anyone who

Sure and censure anyone who speaks bad of Romney... You are talking about the first amendment you do realize that? The best thing you can do is just act like you don't see.. Don't take the bait...

No, talk bad about Romney all

No, talk bad about Romney all you want. For one he's the opposition and two he's not the flesh and blood child of our movements leader.

You confuse the campaign with

You confuse the campaign with the movement....

Ron is the leader of the campaign...

You are your own leader for your liberty....

Think of it this way... If Ron Paul dies the campaign is done... The movement towards liberty lives on through you...

Sorry if I come off as

Sorry if I come off as confused but I still stand by the fact that the negative Rand posts on the dailypaul hurts the movement.

Then why are you on a thread

Then why are you on a thread commenting on them? Simply ignore them... If everyone is like minded soon the people posting it will get tired of getting no reaction.

The time to show Rand what one feels will be his next Money bomb and if you live in Kentucky his election.

Good, get your friends on the

Good, get your friends on the DP to feel the same way too. But I will not sit by when (what seems) a majority of Ron Paul supporters are leaving their vitriol hats on when it helps nothing.

You have to understand our

You have to understand our perspective. WE WILL NEVER COMPROMISE.

We installed Rand.

He compromised after promising not to. That's it. Some people say that doing a two speak doublethink number on everyone by supporting Romney isn't compromising, but I say they are delusional.

There isn't anything we can do about it other than telling people we are right and we aren't going to support him again for doing what he did. I don't support politicians, I support statesmen.


Blacklisting those who recognize sell out Neocons for what they are should bring you the "unity" you crave, collectivist.

I'd rather be a collectivist

I'd rather be a collectivist that helps win Ron Paul the nomination than a antagonist bent on making Ron, his SEED, and the rest of us look like idiots. But hey, it's more important to post a negative about Rand on the DP so you feel good about yourself. Great....

The only ones who look like idiots

are the ones who keep taking up for him, claiming he has a "strategy", and insisting "we" "all" have to agree with this nonsense or "we" are hurting Ron Paul.

Totally agree. And look

Totally agree. And look atthese fools who are rapturous in their wonder at Jesse Secret Decoder Ring Benton and his super duper strategy behind all this seeming obeisance to the GOP establishment!

Fine you are entitled to your

Fine you are entitled to your opinion. But THANK YOU for not throwing in "Rand is a neo-con" or "Rand is a traitor".

Time to Condemn Rand Paul for Romney Endorsement Has Crested

The timing of the Rand Paul Presidential endorsement of Mitt Romney has ended. We need to refocus our efforts and electing new liberty minded candidates for the general election. Rand Paul need reinforcements in local, state and national type offices. Dr. Paul knows that the majority of over two million voters for Ron Paul disagree with his decision. If you want to condemn Rand Paul for campaigning for Mitt do so when the time comes.

You don't seem to understand

You don't seem to understand Rand has lost support of many Ron supporters. Many are no longer willing to do anything for Rand. The best thing you could do is focus on Ron. The divide comes when you put Rand into the picture. I know I no longer would support Rand. This election is about Ron. You say everyone needs to stop condemning Rand yet you tell us we must support Rand by gaining him reinforcements. Why don't we work on replacing him with someone who will not endorse no liberty candidates? Again... The smartest move to bring folks back together here would be to leave Rand out of all post... In support or not... When the time comes for Rand to need support start the money bomb and see how it goes.. Until then he is dividing everyone...

This isn't about

condemning Rand. This is about the current Delphi process going on on this forum attempting to marginalize and silence those who see the foul play going on.

I'm for debate with true liberty supporters, but

something must be done about the continuous arrival of new trolls.

My concern about completely ignoring them is how those posts may appear to non-RP supporters who genuinely visit this site to learn abour RP -- people who don't know how to spot trolls.

It would be nice if we could get one or two, and no more, replies briefly exposing the troll then leave the thread alone. That sends it to the back, and also deals with the problem that a "soft-supporter" may visit the site and be misled by that post - thinking its an RPs supporter.

Just my 2 cents.