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Can we stop with the Rand bashing and blacklist the trolls who continue?

Note: this is not for people who respectfully disagree but for those who continue to parrot the same complaints & vile comments about Rand over and over.

I would prefer there be no long comments about the thread or arguing; just the names of posters who continue to divide us. This is a simple method to filter out the anti-rand trolls. Yes, even if you want Ron Paul to be president, yet you smear his son, you are a troll. Why? It doesn't take a genius to figure it out but here you go: Rand Paul is Ron Paul's SON. Do you have any idea how divisive you're making us or how stupid you're making us look to the opposition!? Do we have to agree with Rand Paul on his endorsement or anything else - nope. But I think we can all agree that posting negative comments and threads about the SON of Ron Paul on one of the MOST VISITED libertarian websites is not helping our movement at all. I've said this before on other comments but everyone here knows that the Paul family visits the DP right? How do you think Ron Paul feels about the comments trashing his son, you think he agrees with you? Do you think bashing Rand will earn you Dr. Paul’s respect and energize the movement!? So anyway, if you’re anti-rand but are willing to give up bashing him on the DP I thank you, and if you’re pro-rand please police the comments and call out those with negative posts. Remind them that bashing Rand on the DP helps no one. If they continue, put their username on this thread along with some of their posts. The only people laughing are the Romney trolls and the neo-nerds. That is all, thank you.

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Disagreeing with you make some one a troll?Are you right and everybody else wrong? that makes you an arrogant ass.personally,i think RAND stabbed us all in the back for his own political advancement.what's that? you don't like me saying that? tough titty.my first amendment.thanks for allowing me to exercise it.RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

No disagreeing RESPECTFULLY

No disagreeing RESPECTFULLY (if you read the note) is fine. Disagreeing like your post is not. I'm sure Dr. Paul loves your post too...

OHHHH, well, then

as long as you just want me RESPECTFULLY blacklisted......

No I want you to stop turning

No I want you to stop turning off new Ron Paul supporters, OH and I want you to stop feeding the Romney trolls. Thank you.

You have no

proof that anyone who disagrees that the Rand defection is strategy and posts it has turned off any new supporters. And if they buy that story they will be too easily duped to be of much use to Ron Paul. You appear to want to post about the issue from your POV (pro-Rand) but to post a differing opinion is "feeding trolls". I disagree. It is very important at this point that the distinction be made between Rand and Ron, that the name Paul associated with endorsing Rombama NOT be confused with Ron and WHY this is such a sell out.


Remember Dr. Paul supports my 1st ammendment,and i still support Dr. Paul whole heartedly.I just hope he finds his spine and joins this lawsuit and our efforts to get him elected dispite Rand's support of rumnuts.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

Yes, that's what I'm trying

Yes, that's what I'm trying to do, take away your 1st amendment rights and your ability to post on the DP. If you can't respect Dr. Paul enough to not post something horrendously negative about his son, what good are you doing? You’re just making some Romney troll smile.

Ron and Rand are very different people.

Rand does not get a free pass to muddy the Paul name endorsing RINO Neocons. If he does this it must be understood what he has done, the great damage he has done to the liberty movement. I seriously doubt the criticism of Rand on DP by strangers is more painful than the actual defection of Rand from Rons campaign to Rombamas.


dp double post

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