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Government Blocks Sales of 65.2 MPG Cars


From Youtube description:

PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING!!. THIS WILL PISS YOU OFF, VW is not allowed by the US government to sell high milage cars to US consumers. VW even makes the cars here that get 78 mpg but must ship it over seas. I have added this link that shows a test drive world record with the passat which was 75 mpg US http://www.vehix.com/blog/most-popular/fuel-efficient/vw-tdi...... *****UPDATE**** I am still upset with myself for saying "THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION"t. I understand that it is government regulations that crosses over all party lines. It was just that i had watch Obama talking about better milage cars and that was what upset me to make this video. Please understand I do not place the blame on him alone, this has been going on for decades. It seems this one poorly said statement has put off a lot of people to this message. and the wrong camera angle.

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VW has been selling 60 mpg

VW has been selling 60 mpg cars for 30 years in the US.

Never heard of a Jetta?

The reason they don't sell MORE of them is that they don't sell well and they lose money on it.

However, if the EPA and NHTSA were less restrictive, they could afford to bring the cars in with smaller numbers. Or if people were allowed to Canada or Mexico and bring them across the border, that would help.

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And we are conspiracy theorists?? LOL Tesla could have developed free energy for the entire world and the PTB stopped him. These people are EVIL

Sorry, but snopes says this information is incorrect.

Among other things, they say, and I quote, "...we found no evidence of U.S. government regulations that would prohibit the sale of automobiles such as the referenced Volkswagen Passatt in the United States soley because of their mileage ratings. In general, when an automobile manufacturer offers a particular model of vehicle in other parts of the world but not the U.S., it's because that model has features that don't appeal to U.S. buyers or because the model does not meet U.S. safety or environmental standards. In the case of the Volkswagen Passatt models mentioned here, their lack of availability in the U.S. is likely due to a combination of those factors.


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So the next question is

How does it rate for safety? What features doesn't it have that would cause us to buy a car with great mileage? This video already commented on the environmental standards...This VW has 10 percent more emmissions PER GALLON BUT uses alot less GALLONS. Give us the answers and let US DECIDE if we want the VEHICLE!

The United States Govt

Bans high MPG cars for one reason and one reason only: LESS MONEY paid into the Gas Tax. The Govt makes a killing off the gas tax, especially when most cars get 16-30 mpg. More mpg's, the less purchases of gas = less money the govt steals through the gas tax.

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I'm sure that they will find a way to blame

environmentalists. They always do.

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