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Ron Paul's Message To Supporters: Let's Do Our Job Right | Rally In Tampa 8/26


Full email:
The Republican National Convention begins on August 27, and you and I have some critical work to do to get ready.

As I shared last week, my campaign will have as many as 200 bound delegates and several hundred more on the convention floor who support our issues.

To stand with my delegates, I will be holding an important rally in Tampa on Sunday, August 26th. Everyone is welcome to attend. In fact, I'm hoping we'll have a wonderful crowd.

The goal of this rally is to kick off the week for our delegates, set the proper respectful and positive tone, and prove to the GOP establishment that you and I are the future of the Republican Party - and that we stand behind our beliefs 100%.

Today, I shot a video sharing my thoughts on my campaign's successes and how we will advance our ideas in Tampa. I do hope you'll take a moment to watch it.

Of course, my campaign is still competing in several state conventions still yet to come. And we have a lot of planning to do to prepare for the convention.

If you are a delegate, please stay tuned for communications from my staff laying out our plans and offering assistance.

If you are not a delegate but would like to come celebrate with us, you will hear more details in the coming weeks.

There is no doubt that you and I can win the future.

Tampa is an important step toward restoring liberty in our country and setting the stage for victories yet to come.

I hope I can count on you to join us.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

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A Mainer who would like to rally for Ron Paul!

I would like to be surrounded by other liberty folk showing America what we stand for. I just need a carpool or I will need to hitch hike.

Ronvoys! :)

To get to Tampa...one idea is to take the Ronvoy!

Visit the Paul Festival website, click on Travel & Lodging, and there you will see "National Ronvoy to Paul Festival" - those are for people going ONLY for the festival.

But for those who are staying for the RNC as well, please click on STATE RONVOYS TO PAUL FESTIVAL. There, you will see Ronvoys planned from every state.

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions! Thank you!

Susan Wolfe
Travel & Lodging
Paul Festival

invite all fb friends, The

invite all fb friends,

The largest festival for freedom the world has ever seen!


Ron Paul's Message To Supporters: Let's Do Our Job Right | Rally In Tampa 8/26


Don't really know what to think or say on this.

I like many people on here and others I have met and now know have worked our collective asses off trying to get the message out for Dr. Paul.

I have truly been at a loss to explain what to me only looks like sabotage of our own campaign. I have not really tried to explain it or even tried to convince myself of some ulterior motive for the actions taken by the campaign.

I have had others who brought up conspiracy theories etc. I have not bought into that.

I argued with a woman who said this entire thing was to get books sold for Dr. Paul.

Frankly I am just disillusioned and don't really know where to go next. I don't want to send more money to the campaign. I don't feel really great about politics anymore.

Then we are told to go and get the message out. WTF does that mean? Seriously? I look at it like this might be the last gasp for American freedom. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am not a Libertarian. I am an American and I am so sick of all this political garbage crap.

I want to believe that the Ron Paul movement did not just get the shaft. So tell me why I should f-ing bother at this point?

Sorry if that sounds bummed out but I finally felt that I had the right person.

This is what I know.

Do not give up. There IS a decentralized campaign, and we are it. Individual supporters have done most of the work, and won many victories. It is possible that some people in Ron Paul's staff are backstabbers. But Ron Paul's supporters have the power in their hands. Not Jesse Benton, Rand Paul, or anyone else. If the campaign staff were doing their job right, this is what they wanted. If they are Judases, then this is what they didn't count on. Either way, we have the power in our hands.

I believe that Ron Paul wants to win. He has never allowed a lobbyist into his office, he has never accepted inappropriate government money, he has always avoided doing the things he condemns, and he has always been honest. He has never wavered on his principles, in the many decades of his career. I don't think that he would lie to everyone and claim to be in it to win and not be. I think that some of those close to him may have recently (within the last month or so) convinced him that he can't win, causing a shift to a "spreading the message" campaign. It is possible that the information that he gets in closely guarded by Benton and others. It's possible that Ron Paul wants to win, but now feels that he can't.

But he can still win, if we all work hard at it. Don't let anyone discourage you. The Battle of Tampa is winnable. Maybe Ron Paul has completely given up, maybe he thinks he logically can't win but is praying that somehow, by some miracle, he does. No matter what, give him a chance. There's nothing to lose if you try, but you don't, you lose the satisfaction in knowing that at least you tried. It is our job to win. The campaign can't stop us. It's all in our hands. And there are many of his supporters who are dead set on winning. The group "Lawyers for Ron Paul", for example, is working hard to help us actually win the nomination, and they are only a portion of Ron Paul's devoted supporters. So don't give up.

Excellent post

Well said!

666 going to a more Godly number!! :)

There is no one I know who commands a deep sense of regard more so than Dr. Ron Paul, and I daresay that he will be mentioned in the history books someday. There really is no one who can even begin to compare to him as far as his integrity and his deeply felt Christian sense of right and wrong. He is an intellectual and historical genius, and there is not one person who can compare to his brilliance in all of the Senate and in all of the Congress, nor with any of the TV pundits.

A tireless worker, a voracious reader, and a true patriot & former veteran.....I trust Dr. Paul implicitly, and we need to go with the flow, and trust him. If he can attend the festival at the fairgrounds, great, but if he can't, we will follow him to wherever.....in Tampa, no problem.

not going to the rally or convention

I am not a national delegate and unless someone is going to cover my gas and time to go to tampa. I will not be able to attend, but good luck to everyone going and keep fighting. It is a shame the ron paul campaign screwed up the last month or so and basically sent signals from tate,wead,benson and there were a few more. I blame the ron paul campaign for giving the media and our own movement demotivating statements in the last several weeks. I wish i could blame the media and establishment but no. It all goes back to the campaign. I will be voting Ron Paul 2012 if the gop gives me that option. If not, i will vote Gary Johnson 2012 and put 100% into his campaign. I know i will not vote for anyone endorsing or supporting obamney in any way! take that to the fed. cd colorado delegate.

Ron Paul 2016

If there is One thing we know about Romney

It is that he doesn't have any firm beliefs, convictions, or ideas of his own. The Ron Paul inspired liberty movement is growing every day now. Even non-political people are beginning to pay attention to the good doctor's ideas to a much greater degree. I notice the media is carrying a lot more positive or neutral RP stories too. With two months to go before the convention, how much ya wanna bet ($10,000?) that Romney starts flopping like a flounder.

Palin support

We need Sarah Palin to give another shout out to Ron Paul, especially the success of winning delegates. That will be a signal to her contingent that she will take an active roll in bringing about an open convention. She loathes Romney, can't utter his name, and has, like RP, not endorsed him. A Paul/Palin alliance would turn Tampa upside down. She will have thousands at the space her PAC leased at the Channelside Bay Mall next to the convention center, Ron with maybe 100,000 at the fairgrounds. I can't wait. This will be no coronation. With two patriots like Paul and Palin fighting tooth and nail, little Mittens Romney won't know what hit him.

Ah, good point.

Ah, good point.

Can we start...

Carpool threads by state somewhere to help get as many people to Tampa as possible?

Forgive me if this is already done. :)

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Is there a list offering Tampa-area couch surfing to Delegates?

I have a big house in the NW part of Tampa. My wife is on board with offering some space to delegates who are pinched for accommodation cash. Is there a list here somewhere (couldn't find one) offering such assistance?

I'm all

For that idea! My old jalopy won't make it to the grocery store let alone Tampa ;)

For Virgil fans

[Latium=Tampa; Troy=USA]

O socii (neque enim ignari sumus ante malorum),/O passi graviora, dabit deus his quoque finem. Vos et Scyllaeam rabiem penitusque sonantis/accestus scopulos, vos et Cyclopia saxa/experti: revocate animos maestumque timorem/mittite; forsan et haec olim miminisse juvabit./Per varios casus, per tot discrimina rerum/ tendimus in Latium, sedes ubi fata quietas/ ostendunt; illic fas regna resurgere Troyae./Durate, et vosmet rebus servate sucundis. (I:198-208)


I'm a Vergilius Maro fan but don't know Latin. A translation would be nice for us lesser minds!

RE: Sweet

http://www.theoi.com/Text/VirgilAeneid1.html, but the translation doesn't carry it very well.

Maybe it's just me....

I can't seem to find a schedule of events for the August event.
I looked on the website for the Fest but couldn't find what was happening and when. All I could see what that it was going to be at the Fairgrounds. Does anyone know where I might find more details?
BTW, coming from a Floridian, those who are coming from out of state, Florida is extremely hot in August due to the high humidity and being very close to the equator. When it's 95 degrees outside, it feels like 195!!! Bring hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas, ponchos and make sure you made arrangements to keep hydrated. Can't afford to lose anyone, lol!

Building a German libertarian base

Please follow our efforts in building a new outpost of the worldwide liberty movement. News will be presented in English, too. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Libert%C3%A4re-Revolution/318...


I must first and foremost inform you that our exalted leader Obama requires that before all Germans can fully understand liberty they must first learn Austrian (and he wasn't talking economics).


group transportation from NC

It looks like there is no group transportation deals like Paulfest from North Carolina area

Is anyone from Western NC area going. My wife and I, split any expenses
of course.

Please let me know


There are 2 kind of people

1. who fights till the end and looses.
2. who gives up before the end.

I am not sure what kind of person is RP.

RE: Three are 2 kind of people

It seems to me that (1) based on a long history, he is in the first category, except he usually doesn't lose, and (2) for our purposes as Constitutional conservatives, it almost doesn't matter which RP is anyway. There is no reasonable probability that we will see ever again in our lifetimes a real possibility of nominating someone of our mind in a major political party. The GOP will undoubtedly start immediately after the election to revise its nomination process to prevent all future grass-roots initiatives. The Constitution has been for practical purposes abolished in toto during the past 8 years. If, as is likely, the dollar collapses completely within the next 4 years, it will be necessary for the national state, if it wishes to retain its power, to institute an open reign of terror to control the citizens. So if you want to improve the outlook for the country, this is pretty much it. Better get on it and do whatever you can do, and you can at least not feel you were partly responsible if the shipwreck of America occurs. So donate $20 or whatever you can to a Ron Paul PAC, and contact delegates to Tampa from your district to encourage them and help them get there and feel enthusiastic. This is the last minute. Get on it.

yup 2 kinds of people all right

Schmucks who cannot see their own dick in their hands and

people who recognize that Ron Palu has spoken the absolute truth in the international capital of liars for 3 decades.

There is absolutely no question what kind of person Ron Paul is.

This is a retarded comment.


he needs to see the level of support and determination, it fuels him
and maybe he bases some of his decisions on that

I was really really worried about what he was going to say.

My fav part was when he put his glasses on and sent that message to Santorum

I wish he would have chosen the oval office backdrop instead ;)

Dr. Paul DOES "see the level of support and determination".

IMO, it is what keeps him going. As to your comment about basing some decisions upon what he sees us doing, one thing that struck me is his announcement of a rally in Tampa. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't there 2 different rallies being planned by supporters that was causing some conflict between the 2 groups?

If anyone has seen the links I've posted about the 1968 convention, you'll understand my concerns about our people in Tampa. I honestly believe Dr. Paul decided to hold his own rally there to help protect us in Tampa. He, too, remembers the 1968 convention (nobody who saw that could ever forget it) and probably has the exact same concern for his supporters now.

I'm convinced Dr. Paul does base many of his decisions on watching our backs, too! God bless and protect Ron Paul and all patriots!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I don't know

How many rallies and festivals there are now, I would like to go to RP and Paulfest.



Actually, you forgot the 3rd kind...

3. Will fight till the end and when his time is up the next generations shall take over and continue the fight(jump the nest and start to fly)!

kids now

are so smart when I hear them speak, it really is inspiring, they are learning history that has been repressed in the public school system.

They sure are!

Would you believe that mine taught me of Paul and brought me out of my neo-con deception? How awesome is that?!