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Paul On CNBC: More Inflation Than Our Statistics Say


This was an economic interview today. He mentions how both parties are the same. There was no talk or questions about the GOP convention or anything, but enjoy the brilliance of Dr. Paul. He's an economic genius, and I am SICK TO MY STOMACH that he won't realistically be our President....once again! Why? Due to the cutthroat MAINSTREAM MEDIA and the ANTICS of the GOP. With the money & power being thrown at "anybody but Ron Paul", it is no wonder.

Still, I do believe very much that we need to put on a WONDERFUL BASH for Dr. Paul, a sending off party from Congress, if you will. I hope the dear doctor will attend our Tampa Festival in his honor....and will state that he will come....soon!

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Key statement most people in America miss

"the people are getting poorer and running out of money...and one day everyone will know it"

There are those that have foresight and those that do not. To all those people that did not vote for Ron Paul remember...to quote TS Eliot ' All things fall apart because the center cannot hold. '

Yes we are going to add more money to the Euro bailout This Weekend at G20..

As American's are asked to prop up Europe...

Not everyone comes out of this.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

The resignation in his voice from 3:15 to 3:25 is sad....

he knows we're screwed. Winter is coming.

Is Ron

backpeddling now? What happened to the truth. He knows damned well they are planning austerity here. Why do you think you pay $400 gas and electric bills, $300 water bills and $4 for gas. It is all part of austerity. It is the beginning stages of it just like Alex Jones and the people he has had on his show have said.

Paul Ryans budget plan was Austerity. Even Ron plans to austerity. What do you think the cuts to the federal government were? Austerity. There will be austerity no matter what because no one (china, world bank) will not lend us anymore money till we get our debt under control and "prove" we are. How will they do that? By cutting grandpa and Grandmas social security check/disability check, welfare to poor people, medicare and medicaid. Just I believed Rons austerity would be kinder, because he planned to cut the military budget instead. But the neocons have slobbering for years to cut welfare and other social programs. That means more stealth bombers with GPS guided bombs to kill poor brown people over seas in some country most Americans can't even find on a map. The neocons have 85% of the country believing we are in a debt crisis because granny and gramps get a social security check and that poor woman gets a little bit of food stamps for her kids and some medicail care for them. It is so sickening. Cause we all know it isn't the 1.2 trillion a year they spend on military now is it?

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Ron is not

back peddling at all. He's saying that if congress has it's way there will be no austerity. The Dems will fight tooth and nail to keep the welfare system going and the Republican will fight to keep the military spending going and both will tell their constituents that the other side is horrible and wants to destroy our country and yadda yadda yadda. They'll pretend that until the government just collapses or we get a new leader like Ron. They'll go right down with the ship rather than correcting their course, that's all Ron is saying. Yes, the people will see austerity, it's coming and coming hard, but not because the government made tough choices, the government doesn't make tough choices, they just blame the other party and sit in office doing the same things over and over. Don't blame Ron who happens to be the voice of reason. You're just not paying attention to what he said.

Not everyone comes out of this one

that is why there are some worried looks

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Print baby print.

Our day will come. I'd rather it be now than later. Take a page from my wife's book. I TOLD YOU SO!!!

dave anderson

Already - today

Yes we are going to add more money to the Euro bailout This Weekend at G20..

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Wow, MSNBC. I swear they

Wow, MSNBC. I swear they change these camera shots so often just to try and distract people from what is being said. I had a hard time paying attention because I was watching these idiots nod at the camera over and over again.

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."


they stayed OFF the redhead when she made the stupid comment amount treasuries being 'officially' downgraded again. Although we did see they guy's face grow long and puzzled when Dr. Paul said "then everyone will know"

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

I noticed this too. CNBC is

I noticed this too. CNBC is just economic propaganda. Most of the people they have on there have never traded a stock in their life.


You guys don't even know what you're talking about. First of all, they aren't even talking about stocks - this show is about currency markets.

3 of the 4 people on that panel are power currency traders who make more trades in a month than probably anyone here will make in a lifetime. I watch them every Friday and they are almost never wrong about which direction the currency markets will move in the coming week. They are BRILLIANT when it comes to understanding the currency markets and how they will move and why. The only thing they care about or discuss or debate on this show is what direction the currency markets will take in the coming week. Period. They don't debate or care about what's wrong and who's propaganda is right, etc. They only care about what is going to happen in the markets this week so they and their viewers can make good trades. There's no conspiracy here.

That's why they invited Dr. Paul on the show - because they do respect his expertise and insight on what will happen. As an expert on the American Central Bank and monetary policy, they wanted to know what Dr. Paul thinks the European central bank will do in the coming week in response to the Greek election this weekend as that will have a large impact in the direction the currency markets take this week. Frankly, he didn't really answer the question as he's probably still in campaign mode which is understandable. As I said before, Ron Paul is used to talking to people who know nothing about this stuff and so I don't fault him for not realizing that it wasn't the case here.

The "redhead" is Amelia Bourdeau who is one of the most articulate brains on currency markets I have ever heard and her question wasn't stupid. The official downgrade of treasuries will have massive impact on the US Dollar in the currency markets at the time that it happens, so it matters to her and everyone watching this show when the timing of that will take place.

CNBC treats Dr. Paul with respect and are the only news group apart from Bloomberg news that give him a platform to talk about these things in depth and with the deference that he is an expert on these topics.

I get the feeling that you

I get the feeling that you watch them frequently. Do they normally switch the camera between panelists as often as they did here? It seemed like every 3 seconds a different person was nodding with a different facial expression to try to interpret. I'm no expert but it seemed abnormal to me and that is why I am suspicious of CNBC.

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."


Yes, they do often switch the cameras like that but only when someone is on the phone speaking unless they are saying things that they can illustrate with graphs and then they will show the graph more than the panel.

I completely agree with you on this matter - the camera guy needs to go.

Any thoughts on his last

Any thoughts on his last answer, sounded like he was talking up the Fed.

Did it sound weird to anyone else, could someone smarter than me clarify please.


what interview were you

what interview were you watching?

sounded more like he was pressed for time to get in the points regarding the feds inflationary practices so it sounded a little jumbled.

Notice he says they'll pretend their taking care of it.

At 4.05

The promise that "they'll be there" is a promise to keep doing the wrong thing inflating the currency, Shoring up and perpetuating the malinvestment. Transferring wealth from hard working people to the corporate elite and the government, then using it in a way that keeps the under employed dependant.

"They'll be there" its more ominous than it sounds, just like when someone says "I'm from the government and I'm here to help".

Just one more adjustment

If the Central Planners just adjust the dials one more time everything will be a perfect utopia. The middle east will be cleaned up, the economy will be back on track, the EU will stand stronger than ever and the house prices will go up and up and up forever.

To Infinity and Beyond !!! - Keynes PrintGear

Thats what the tell us

What they think is .. I only need another year, to devise yet another gimmick.
One day the center falls apart.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

It's interesting how MSM...

THRIVES on whacked out cannibals, school shootings, Sarah Jessica Parker's new signature panty-liner, Hillary's crows-feet, rape, torture, mayhem-EVIL AND DANGER BEHIND EVERY CORNER! BOO! Yet when it comes to the economy/debt/monetary policy and Wall St. - thanks to our good and gracious 'patrons' and 'leaders' from which benevolence endlessly pours- it's always sunshine, unicorns, lollypops, pots of gold, strawberry shortcake, and teddy bears... and heaven forbid if you should contradict the financial Eden we all 'live' in with actual 100% definitive REALITY! Your true colors might show, and the world will know that you are just some snarky, pessimistic, nay-saying, paranoid doom and gloom seance crackpot loon. Man I love the objectivity in today's media.

Anyway, I can't tell a lie. I check out Drudge Report once a day. I don't get to the supermarket much anymore, and I miss the scandalous headlines provided by the Enquirer, World News Daily, Sun, People, etc. Firstly, they're humorous! Secondly it solidifies my will to make even the smallest change, or difference amongst those whom I interact with everyday. When I visit the Drudge Report, I only read the 'headlines' and it makes me reminisce of those days long past when I could learn about Demi's 'bump?'(Read more and find out!....that she had a big taco salad before the paparazzi snapped her photo coming out of a gift shop with newly purchased sand dollar wind chimes just outside a junk market in National City California..), or "Michelle Obama was really Tootie from the Facts of life!- Inquire within!" -all the time waiting in line behind 'that guy'... the one paying for a loaf of Wonderbread, a 44oz. malt beverage, and a packet of Skittles with the combination of a $2 'win' lotto ticket, 73 cents in pennies, some being so worn, tarnished and covered with mud that the poor Pakistani fella behind the counter just sort of takes his word for it- and a $1.13 on a state benefit card.............you know, THAT guy......and so, when I'm finally able to buy myself a little sustenance and sanity in the form of a sour-mashed liquor beverage, I find sadness, dissatisfaction, and sorrow in the fact that this is all we could come up with? A multitude feeding on the festered meat that they at some point wanted to be? To take pleasure in feasting on the carcasses of 15 minute celebrities that 'we all' wanted to be? And now I have to prove my loyalty to the fucking supermarket I'm waiting to scan that glorious "club member" Safeway card, give my date of birth to verify that yes, I actually WAS born human on this continent, and yes I DO have enough ass hair to make three Indian blankets...yes I DO live in the area code 206, yes I DO have two dogs, both of which are spayed/neutered...no, they aren't aware about it, no, I elect NOT TO donate $1 to whatever charity Safeway is trying to make a profit off of by using a rather dull and over-used marketing ploy.

Ron Paul

The greatest Statesman of our time."We The People" salute you Ron Paul

Perfectly Said

Every time I listen to him speak it's a reminder what an incredible statesman Dr. Paul is. I'm so grateful that a person of such integrity is out there fighting the good fight on our behalf.

Talk about the campaign !


Unlike his son

he actually understands capital and debt markets..

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

Dr. Paul is simply a

Dr. Paul is simply a fantastic teacher, rather it be on economics, history or politics. Those four bozos don't have a tenth of the intelligence of our great statesman.

I like the disclaimer at the end of the clip!

Might as well say "the views expressed by Ron Paul are not endorsed by our large media corporation" but we don't want to look bad when everything he says comes true, so we'll give him a story or two"

The guy on the panel

always seems to have a condescending look - or is it me? Nonetheless, Dr. Paul seems to school the group. Since the whole Rand Paul debacle (amid other campaign failings) it's good to hear Dr. Paul speak.

Ron Paul should be the

Ron Paul should be the nominee and win.
He needs a better campaign staff.

reedr3v's picture

Remedial class in session at CNBC


and they all looked seriously

and they all looked seriously confused when the camera panned to each of them.