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Paul On CNBC: More Inflation Than Our Statistics Say


This was an economic interview today. He mentions how both parties are the same. There was no talk or questions about the GOP convention or anything, but enjoy the brilliance of Dr. Paul. He's an economic genius, and I am SICK TO MY STOMACH that he won't realistically be our President....once again! Why? Due to the cutthroat MAINSTREAM MEDIA and the ANTICS of the GOP. With the money & power being thrown at "anybody but Ron Paul", it is no wonder.

Still, I do believe very much that we need to put on a WONDERFUL BASH for Dr. Paul, a sending off party from Congress, if you will. I hope the dear doctor will attend our Tampa Festival in his honor....and will state that he will come....soon!

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If their going to tax us through inflashion.

cant we just get ride of the income tax? lol

No-one ever thinks about asking that question because no-one understands taxing by inflation.

Even if they don't ask,

sometimes Ron tells them anyways: If you believe that the world will continue to take our dollars no matter what our debt is, Americans shouldn't have to work anymore, because we can just print all the money.

So, not only can we get rid of the income tax as you suggest, we can play hooky from work every day!


These four idiots look freaking clueless listening to DR. Paul

the guy with his lips pursed together while paul talks is ridiculous

nbc money motion puhhleeeze

"representative paul always good to get you blah blah blah "

these people are programmed morons.

they need 4 anchors for this show 4 !!! what are thier salaries i wonder ???

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

These people are...

some of the smartest people on TV when it comes to currency markets - I DVR this show every week. They are currency traders and I sometimes have to watch the show twice to grasp everything and process all of the trades and why they are trading them that way.

You're mistaking boredom for ignorance - Dr. Paul is talking theory when they want concrete information or tips that they can trade on. Ron Paul is used to talking to people who know nothing about the markets or monetary policy - these guys know everything about it so they are bored, not confused.

Did they have a follow-up segment....

on Dr. Paul's comments that debt is being liquidated through inflation?

I'd be interested to know their expert opinion.

I'd wager that they know he is exactly right but wouldn't dare give him any credibility.

CNBC's a different breed from the rest

Truly, CNBC is different from the rest of the MSM for some reason when it comes to Ron Paul. It’s through watching that channel that I first even learned about Dr. Paul and started following him (and I went on to be a state convention delegate in Colorado so their favorable attitude of Dr. Paul is worth noting). He’s on there all the time and always in a manner of asking him his expert opinion on what is happening.

Except for maybe Bloomberg news, they are the only mainstream source that gives Congressman Paul any credibility, deference or respect and are the only source of MSM interviews you’ll find on Youtube with Dr. Paul that are about intelligent things and not mere “why don’t you just drop out?” interviews like every other channel.

He is frequently given a platform on CNBC to debate with so-called economic experts and he schools them every time.

I’ve pondered why CNBC (and Bloomberg) should be so different in this regard and I think it’s because, as a news source that focuses on markets and who is watched by traders and business people, their main goal isn’t to spin and form opinion but rather to get through the spin to find out what’s really going on so they can understand how to play the markets with the most accurate information. If you watch the channel for a few hours, you will quickly see that that is the case.

For these guys on Money in Motion, the fact that debt is being liquidated through inflation isn’t something that is up for debate – it is common sense and common knowledge and, frankly, kindergarten stuff. They aren’t here to debate that topic but rather to try to understand how that fact will affect the currency markets over the short, mid and long term.

I was pretty ecstatic when they announced that there would be an exclusive interview online after the show with Dr. Paul. And a little letdown that he didn’t take the conversation to the next level with these guys but focused on the basics. I totally understand though since 99% of the people he probably talks to all day aren’t at this level so he is used to starting with the basics. I think it’s their fault for not telling him he’s preaching to the choir and instead ask him more questions about what we can expect to happen as a result of these fact in the short, mid and long term.


to hear Dr. Paul...the expert.