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Tampa Tactics

Among the myriad of ways Ron Paul delegates can make themselves heard "politely" at the Tampa convention:

1) At a pre-determined time, say, at 9pm each night (or at the top of every prime time hour, etc.), no matter what is going on on the convention floor, or whoever is speaking, delegates will chant "End the Fed!"

At another pre-determined time, a "President Paul" chant is to break out. Wouldn't it be wild if a "President Paul" chant were to break out in the middle of Romney's prime time, nationally-televised address?!

Anyone have a number 2) tactic? ("Polite", of course.)

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At Tampa the first vote

should be To allow video and audio recording of the convention and all votes to be counted in front of the delegates.

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That is the opposite of polite.


The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Either of those would do

Either of those would do nothing but make you and Ron Paul look bad.

And by the way...are you under the impression that anyone gives a fuck about the convention on TV? The ratings will be lower than MSNBC's ratings at 4:00 AM on a SaturdaY morning.

The convention on TV...

...reaches a WIDE audience.

You're wrong.