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Every "War" That We Are In Is Simply Laughable

War is in quotes because we are not at war. War, at least, is fighting a legitimate threat for the purpose of defeating it and when the mission is completed you return home and go about your business. By most accounts we have the most advanced military in the world and we have been at "war" with Middle Eastern civilizations for decades. We still haven't left Japan or Germany.

No, we are not at war. They cannot declare war because what they are doing is not war. Elites are using gullible people to commit acts of war to commit genocide. Elites are using gullible people to commit acts of war to steal and control continents.

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This is half war so the

This is half war so the military industrial complex can reap its profits. It's our brave men and women in uniform who pay the most.

All you need to know about

All you need to know about war is here: http://www.antiwar.com/orig/rothbard_on_war.html

Our history

Started like this with the genocide and removal of the
Native Americans. Makes me sick that Thomas Jefferson
was actually part of that.

Ain't it fun watching our

Ain't it fun watching our troops beat the crap out of the bad guys?

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"Laughable" is not the word I'd have used

Abhorrent, inhumane, evil... closer - and many more adjectives I could use...

Susie 4 Liberty

Actually, just because

Actually, just because someone laughs doesn't mean that something is funny. Laughing is common in uncontrollable, extreme, and horrific situations. Its a coping mechanism. In this case it's used as sarcasm. People laugh sometimes when they see something incredibly ridiculous.

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My thoughts also


My dad who is a vet

Is extremely worried about all these wars. We are going to have everything come home to roost pretty soon. Drones, the TSA, ext all are coming home. I hope that we get the good end.

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