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Iowa District 3 results - looking good!

Clean sweep. 3/3 delegates.

There was shenanigans and votes thrown out but we won!

Will update about alternates later.

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Thank you, thank you!

This news is so encouraging - can't wait to see how we do Saturday!
Thanks for your posts!!!

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I love you guys! Take 'em

I love you guys! Take 'em all!

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Bump 4 Visibility

...and congrats...super news.


Iowa, get them all!

And do not let anybody takem from you later! Hold on to each and strong.

Ron Paul ... forever.

So it's a sweep for CD 1, 3,

So it's a sweep for CD 1, 3, and 4. Anyone have any info on CD2? I read a tweet a minute ago that said Ron Paul supporters took 11/12 delegates slots, so that would mean we got 2/3 in CD2.



We got 2/3 in CD 2.

We won 11/12 delegates today. 13 more will be elected tomorrow.

good indication we will take the rest

It seems like if we won 11/12 congressional district delegates that we must have enough votes to win the 13 at large delegates too. fingers crossed.

So 9 of 12 so far!

AWESOME!!!!!! :D

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didnt ron paul win like 12-13 delegates about a month ago from IOWA? i thought he officially won half the delegates then and they only had about that many left?

now it seems like they have 12 delegates to decide today and 13 tomorrow.. fill me in please.

Probably, like in some other states...

...it's a multi-stage process.

Some delegates are likely awarded by Congressional District.

Others by a state convention.

District 4 also clean sweep.

District 4 also clean sweep. 3/3 Delegates, 3/3 Alternates and Paul Electorate.

15 to win

CD1 CD4 also looks like a sweep.

Problems in the Polk County Congressional District

More votes then Delegates present so they are recounting!

Prayers are with you all!

Good news!Go get em!!!Get those delegates for Ron Paul and do not stop!

I thought it didn't start

I thought it didn't start till tomorrow? Anyway, great news!


Today and tomorrow

12 delegates elected today
13 delegates elected tomorrow

Today is the Congressional Districts of which Iowa

has 4, so we will have 12 delegates decided today.

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I lost the live stream....

And can't find it now. Anyone to tell me where to look?

Susie 4 Liberty

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thanks for the good news




Im seeing excellent results

All around!

Rock on Iowa!
Rock on Dr. Ron Paul

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016