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We need to make preparations and rules for the next election now!

I hope everyone will continue to fight even after the elctions are done this year. Because it will be much harder for them to stop us next time if we hold all of the top positions like the committeemen and Chairman and Secretary and Rules committe members that are so important that they use to hold us down this time.

Maybe next year the champaigns will be much more organized by learning from the mistakes that we have made this year and doing them better next time around like being much more accessible to the public next time like at least having a champaigne website where people can call and ask questions and forums to post in next time so all of us can help each other next time! These were good but we need to have them up and running earlier from day one and promoting them!

Also hugely important for next time is to file ahead of time in every county in advance of the elections to have duplicate ballots produced and prepared ahead of time for the Grand Juries!

And a central location (CHampaigne Website to Centralize the effor)to order and buy supplies from, a problem we had this time.

The ability to talk to people that call in and ask what to do and to hip them to the delegate game and have them bring their friends everywhere. And to have them post their locations in their counties ahead of time so everyone can have a central location to go to ahead of time to cast the only vote that really matters! Once people see we don't actually have to win a beauty contest outright, since we already know what their doing flipping the vote, we should expect that next time and to be even more organized next time for the ground game. Someone to have answering the phones twentyfour hours a day at least with a recording of options of commonly asked questions to refer them to our youtube videos?

And maybe next time to save even more money on champaigning by advertising our on-line live events in their areas to tune and and listen to use, so that way we can have the people come to us instead of us speanding our money having to go to them! Then they can all tune in to see us all over the state when it's the most convenient for them!
Those were some of the mistakes that the campaigns made this last time! And when they hold a major event, they need to be making money off those events too to help sponsor the event instead of it coming out of their funds, and also having paraphenalia to see that we can make money off of and being able to set up vendors everywhere. Imagine how much further ahead of the game we would have been afterwards.

And what about the idea of everyone that voted to send us an email to let us know that they voted for us so we can count our own votes against their votes and have real numbers to go off of! And how about getting the sherrif's Dept. in on the action to have them be there when the wotes are counted!

So let's keep fighting for those delegates and winning those key positions! Don't let this momentum go to waste!

From a Patriot!

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I'll raise a glass of CHampaigne to that ;-)

I know first-hand what four years of intensive prep work can accomplish.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Wee need to get everyone FB & email adresses now so we can

have a network to set up now!
For our list of volunteers!