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Virginia State Convention


"The slate was just voted through. John Tate and Christopher Stearns were both chosen. based on information given by Chris Stearns relayed to me,, itll be 5 paulers and 2 conservatives. Should be a majority when this is combined with what we won at the district conventions."

Thanks to Beard4Liberty.



I'll elaborate once I'm at a computer, but...

The convention starts in < 20 mins. The state coordinator just arrived and informed us that we have no slate.

Up until now, there were rumors of a slate of 6 ppl, mostly Campaign for Liberty folk. This was disheartening, because there are over a dozen deligates up for grabs.

We only have Donna Holt, a national committeewoman, to vote for. Even John Tate (of C4L fame) is no longer running for delegate. What the heck???

But it turned out that a deal may have been made to avoid a convention fight. Granted, this is hearsay...but I'm hoping to find out the truth soon.

Regardless, we sure did drop the ball.
There are Willard signs everywhere.
Willard volunteers everywhere.

Not a single Ron Paul sign in sight. I've run into no more than 6 supporters myself.

This is awful.

I'm so sorry that Virginia has let you all down...

We MUST learn from this disaster!

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Synopsis Sent Out by Mark Obenshain

This was the first full list of National delegates I've come across (other than the mumbled, unintelligible, speed-talking recitation at the convention).

"What a great convention! I hope you had a chance to stop by my hospitality suite on Friday night. We were packed all night long, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with so many dedicated Republicans. You could really feel the enthusiasm, the intensity, and the commitment to victory this November!
In the whirlwind of convention activities, it's sometimes difficult to keep up with everything that takes place, and most of us (myself included!) aren't taking notes when nominating committee reports are read. So for you political junkies out there, I'm providing a run-down of the results from Saturday's convention. This is inside baseball, and won't be of interest to everyone, but I offer it up for those of you who have been dying to know who the party is sending to the national convention, and what State Central Committee decided about the nominating method for 2013.
As you know, the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) met in convention to elect the party's national committeeman and national committeewoman, thirteen at-large delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention, and two at-large presidential electors. The day before, at a meeting of the RPV State Central Committee, the party took up the method of nomination for candidates in 2013. Here's what happened.

Primary vs. Convention
In December 2011, State Central Committee adopted a primary as the method for nominating candidates for statewide office in 2013. On Friday, the Committee reversed its decision, adopting a convention by a vote of 47-31. This decision will affect the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. Since the nomination of Virginia's first Republican Governor in the modern era in 1969, eight gubernatorial nominees have been selected at convention and three at primaries. (As a candidate for Attorney General, this decision affects me, but I was not involved in it. I was prepared to run-and, with your help, win!-in either a primary or a convention.)
Party Chairman
Incumbent Party Chairman Pat Mullins faced no opposition, and was reelected by acclamation (that is, by a unanimous voice vote) at Saturday's convention.
National Committeeman and Committeewoman
Morton Blackwell, our National Committeeman, and Kathy Terry, our National Committeewoman, were both reelected at convention. Morton Blackwell, who has represented Virginia on the Republican National Committee since 1988 and has been a member of the RNC Executive Committee since 2004, convincingly defeated challenger Shelby McCurnin, while Kathy Terry, who is completing her first term at the RNC, fended off challenger Donna Holt by a mere 4.13 weighted votes.
To put that in perspective through an example from one of my localities, each Rockingham County delegate present at the convention controlled 15.6 weighted votes, almost four times the margin between the two candidates. Every vote counts!
By virtue of his office, Party Chairman Pat Mullins also represents Virginia on the National Committee, with the 168 members of the RNC comprising the national leadership of the Republican Party.
National Convention Delegates and Alternates
Virginia selects its delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention through a modified winner-take-all system, in which 33 district delegates are bound to presidential candidates based on the primary results in their congressional district (three delegates each), 13 delegates are selected at-large at state convention (bound when a candidate wins a majority, proportional otherwise), and three are reserved for party officials.
Ten of Virginia's 11 congressional districts went for Mitt Romney in the primary, and their combined thirty delegates, chosen at district conventions, are bound to him. The 3rd District is sending three delegates bound to Ron Paul. At state convention, the nominations committee proposed a negotiated slate of thirteen delegates and thirteen alternates from among the 85 who filed for delegate and 48 who filed for alternate.
Since Romney won 59% of the primary vote, all thirteen delegates elected at the state convention on Saturday are bound to Romney on the first ballot (only one ballot is anticipated), though the Ron Paul campaign, which demonstrated significant strength at district conventions as well as the state convention, succeeded in securing many of those slots for Paul supporters in hopes of influencing the party platform. The nominating committee's slate was adopted by acclamation, and is as follows:
The Hon. Bob McDonnell
The Hon. Bill Bolling
The Hon. Ken Cuccinelli
The Hon. Jim Gilmore
The Hon. Mark Dudenhefer
Caleb Coulter
Shirley Forbes
Kay Gunter
Jared Hendrix
Matthew Hurt
Chris Sterns
John Tate
Marie Quinn
The Hon. Tom Davis
Trevor Benson
Chuck Cunningham
Hilary Griffith
Aleyda Kasten
Linda Kivy-Porter
Dwayne McIntyre
Lori-Ann Miller
Mikki Miller
John Salm
Ernesto Sampson
Pete Snyder
Wendell Walker
Convention Committee Assignments
For the national convention, each state appoints two of its delegates to the Convention's Rules Committee, two to the Platform Committee, and one to the Credentials Committee. These are, of course, highly coveted appointments, as the members of these committee guide the manner in which the convention operates, write the party's platform and the resolutions coming before the convention, and certify delegations. At convention, the following delegates were named to these committees:
Rules: Morton Blackwell and Ann Gentry
Platform: Kathy Terry and Chris Sterns
Credentials: Jo Thornborn
Presidential Electors
Virginia is entitled to thirteen presidential electors, one chosen at each district convention and two -- Gary Byler and Cortland Putbrese -- elected at-large at Saturday's state convention from a field of seventeen candidates. All electors, chosen at both district and state convention, are legally bound to support their party's nominee.
This, of course, only scratches the surface of what transpired at the convention, as a convention is so much more than a few votes. It's a convention hall full of Republicans revving themselves up for this year's campaigns. It's mingling, visiting hospitality suites, meeting candidates, and listening to inspiring speeches. I can't capture the full atmosphere of the convention here, but I did want to provide a quick synopsis of the convention's actions for those of you who live and breathe politics.
With primaries and convention behind us, our 2012 field is set and our party leadership is in place. Only one thing remains: to win in November. I look forward to standing beside you as we work to defeat Barack Obama and Tim Kaine, and to return our Republican congressmen to continue representing us in Washington!
With best regards,

Mark D. Obenshain
Virginia State Senator
Authorized and paid for by Friends of Mark Obenshain

So...Virginia total delegate counts:

Ron Paul delegates= _______

Flip Romney delegates= _______



"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

link it


I see at least 5 RP on the delegate list and 2 on convention committee.

Let's all show Eric Golub...

...some love for his hitpiece on us and his general misreporting of events at the convention:


It should come as no surprise that his wiki page refers to him as a "politically neoconservative Jewish blogger" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Golub).



Thanks Virginia for all the hours of hard work

We all appreciate your hard work and effort over the last few months. I hope some of you have exposed the fraud with Lawyers for Ron Paul. Make sure all your delegates vote their concience at the RNC They wouldn't dare punish you. Besides the law suit should be settled by then. Thanks again.

The lawsuit will be settled

The lawsuit will be settled by then and all delegates will have copies of the judgment in their hands so they can vote their conscience.

Either way, the RNC's rules, and their own lawyers have already stated that it is completely legal to vote however you want. The RNC's own lawyers stated that delegates are "free agents".

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies".

What shall it profit a (liberty) movement if...

... we gain the whole platform and other committees, and positions, and possible VP slot and 2016, etc. through deal-making, and lose the presidency. Romnney and the rest of the gop establishment are giddy to offer all kinds of seeming red meat to the Ron Paul Revolution just as long as it is absolutely certain Ron Paul does NOT get the presidency. Plus, later they'll renege on ALL the deals, platforms, party positions. If you don't believe this, you've returned to a former naivete and are once again totalitarian prey.

Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!

We need Dr. Paul NOW in 2012.... to give us & liberty more time!

... in order to constitutionally interpose himself in the executive branch to defend against and delay the new world order while the rest of us awake Americans constitutionally and Biblically interpose ourselves at the individual, family, church, corporate, sheriff, legislative, local level against usurpation and overreach of UN, agenda 21, federal, and any other kind of tyranny. We need Dr. Paul in the presidency NOW to give us more time to prepare in every way and to delay/slow down the NWO which is presently in an aggressive offensive mode against We the American People as well as the people around the world. Playing party politics with the Paul Presidency will result in the precipitous and present plunder of the people. We need Dr. Paul NOW, not political ploys, to give us more time!

Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!

Agreed. I have a lot of

Agreed. I have a lot of passion and free time for this cause and I'm pretty upset that VA's campaign refused to make use of or communicate with the grassroots/Ron Paul people here. We could have openly made much bigger strides and not have had to succumb to closed-door deals in the process.

Fail Virgina. Fail.

Give ear to my prayer, O God...


IMHO they COULDN'T communicate with the grass roots - due to the campaign finance laws.

If they told us what they wanted us to do (or even hinted - by explaining strategy) and we did it, all the money and other valuables we spent (such as postage, printing, and work we'd normally charge for) becomes "campaign contributions" which must be accounted for and limited - but which they couldn't track. Then Ron and his official campaign gets into BIG trouble and the press gets scandals to report.

This way we're like George Soros - with smaller pockets but 'WAY bigger numbers: We do what WE think is a good idea and Ron's people have plausible - even REAL - deniability.

And our opposition is mobbed by what seems to them to be a chaotic mix of simultaneous attacks on many fronts - but which, to us, is just the usual entrepreneurial excellence-through-diversity at work in a free market. B-)

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

If there are campaign finance

If there are campaign finance laws, they were never enforced or brought up when I was helping other campaigns, especially the race for senate. There were no campaign contribution write-offs mentioned, and I know a lot of people who were paying out of pocket and working endless to get things done.

I'm sorry, I'd like to think there was no choice in the matter, but they messed up. Especially when 84 people signed up to be at-large national delegates, several never even had confirmation that their forms were processed let alone a slate was being decided upon, and I only received ONE email from a candidate asking for my vote, who was neither Chris Stearns nor John Tate.

Give ear to my prayer, O God...

Donna Holt

I was there yesterday. The big issue for me was election of the two RNC positions. We ended up losing both. Both of our candidates were very good and every chair in the room had informational material about their principles (consitution and liberty) and background. They announced in the begining that only 7 minutes of speech would be given and they ended up turning one off his mic at the end of his speach (apparently without warning), that was very pathetic.

There was an older gentleman who introduced Donna Holt. He wore a suit and was very frank and eloquent. He talked about how the Republicans should accept Donna Holt because her principles are solid and the REPUBLICANS DESPERATELY NEED OUR SUPPORT. He said Republicans need a new infusion of support and young ideas. He also talked about how republicans have not been inclusive of the early Reagan supporters.

Between cutting of McQuiry's(spelling) mic, not allowing Warren County delegates, and establishment voting against our consitutional RNC candidates - yesterday sealed the deal for me. Because the republicans of Virginia have rejected us, I will be campaigning for Garry Johnson in the fall and taking as many republicans and democrats with me as possible.

Give our law suit a chance

and hold off voting for gary johnson or taking anyone else with you until after the gop national convention please. That is what the msm wants to hear.

By which time

It will be too late. Why waste a couple of prime months during the summer waiting... on what? Ron has already stated he is not going to get the nomination. Rand has endorsed Romney. How much clearer does it get.

Could Ron by making this statement be suggesting we get on with another program without actually saying so - due to threats or whatever. Cutting us loose without giving up.

We need to get together now behind someone. As far as I can see that someone is Gary Johnson.


Please do not split our movement

We have worked very hard for Ron Paul and will stay and keep doing what we have been doing at least until after the rnc or ron says he would run 3rd party. Then go to gary johnson if you wish. Give Ron and Lawyers for Ron Paul a chance. The globalist cabal would like nothing better than to split our effort.

thats why i said "this fall"

thats why i said "this fall"

21 out of 49 firm for Dr. Paul of the nat'l delegate count.

We gained four firm and at least 4 stealth (which would mean 25 out of 49) delegates yesterday. I spoke to Chris Stearns yesterday and other key supporters / negotiators.

We took all the officer positions for the nat’l delegation, such as credentials.

We gained just about everything on the platform for liberty, such as NDAA nullification, ending the Fed, repealing of Obomney care, etc. We did very well here.

One moment of shenanigans; Warren (28 delegates) county delegation was not seated. The convention officers stated that the paper work not submitted, which was true. But the reason the paper work was not submitted was the county chair refused to submit the paper work for the Warren county delegation. The delegation was / is overwhelmingly for Dr. Paul. I / we would have assisted further on a floor fight if we had known the circumstances, it going to be decided later in the rules committee. The county chair will be dealt with, accordingly.

Donna Holt (running for Nat'l Committeewomen) lost by 4 votes, Warren county would have won it for us and could possibly change.

National Committeeman Position was a win / win situation, the new person is liberty minded who lost, but the current and winner Morton Blackwell has not only been fair, but has helped us out greatly.

One funny moment, the platform kept saying "George" (father, who ran in '64 for Pres. former Gov. of Michigan) Romney instead of Mitt or Willard other than that Romney's name was hardly mentioned.

We did well, but some mistake was made, such as the Warren county issue. We will put together and after action report, coordinate and grow our liberty organization throughout the commonwealth, this is just the end of the beginning.

Possible more to come later if I get further updates, especially on the Warren situation and from the RPV.

With the love of liberty :^)

LIBERTY2ME's picture


There are 49 delegates for Virginia.
1)So far we know that RP has won 21 of these 49?
2)Warren county has not been counted yet?
3)Warren county has 28 delegates?
4)21 + 28 = 49 - so that would mean that since Warren County hasn't been counted yet, only 21 delegates could be counted so far and RP has won them all? Based on other things you said, my logic doesn't seem right. Can you help re-direct my thinking?

Thanks! Thank you for all you did to help get RP delegates! You guys (delegates) are all amazing!

This may help

Here is a quick interview with a couple of disenfranchised Delegates from Warren County who describe very clearly what happened. I think it is very clear so I shan't bother describing.


Or you may like this, which is my take on the convention generally. (If you care.) ;)


Actually, Warren Co. should have had 58, not 28 votes

We are in a cat fight here in Warren Co. still struggling for control of the local committee. It may even require another mass meeting. There are plenty of zombie republicans who will come out for the machine. We have a good source of young families who could come out for us.

At the original (March) mass meeting, many of us signed up to go to Richmond ... yet due to our inexperience (and shenanigans, manipulations, and outright lies of the old guard) we got snookered. Plain and simple. Wendell Walker (whom Paul people helped to elect as chairman of the 6th district) does not appear to be on our side. In fact, he had all our delegate forms tucked away in his files.

We are a lot wiser and sadder right now. We were hoping to take control of the committee so that we'd have more clout in resisting Agenda 21 in the county and town of Front Royal. We also want to start a campaign to get rid of the computerized voting machines in Virginia.

Wendell Walker

I was a delegate at the 6th District convention, and hearing on Saturday that Wendell Walker was influential in messing with Warren Country was very disappointing--though perhaps not surprising due to the fact he's been deeply involved in running the show there for a long time. Definitely an old-guard type.

However, your statement that Paul people helped to elect him as chairman should be qualified by the fact that he was running unopposed (which itself was perhaps a failure on our part).

I'm sorry that he's been part of the problem in this case. While I never got the impression that he was a Paul supporter, he did at least seem to run a fair convention for the 6th District (which RP totally swept in all contested positions). My wife's grandfather has been active in the Republican party here for decades--also an old-guard Romney supporter, though perhaps more reluctant than some--and when I told him yesterday about what happened at the state convention, even he admitted that in his experience there were always about 10%-15% of the people involved who just take over and run everything, regardless of what anyone else wants.

I am proud to say though that I followed my gut and sided with Warren County (with some of those around me) in the poorly-executed voice and standing votes on Saturday.

The non-RP contingent of the Roanoke County delegation sitting on the opposite end of our row of seats gave us nasty looks the rest of the afternoon.

sharkhearted's picture

You are confusing the number of delegates with delegate slots...

There are about 4,000 (or should have been) about 4,000 delegates to the VA state convention.

There are 49 delegate slots elected through the district and state convention processes from VA, to the national convention.

Paul supporters numbered 21 out of 49 delegates, with 4 more stealth delegates...making a ever so slight slight majority of 25 out of 49.

That makes mathematical sense as the previous ratio was 17 out of 33 from the district convention...an ever so slight majority.


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Thank you for clarifying and

great meeting you yesterday, my friend in liberty :^)

LIBERTY2ME's picture

thank you

If we do have the majority in VA, can this be a state they would count towards the 5 states needed to be on the Tampa ballot?
Thanks again.

to the best of my knowledge,

to the best of my knowledge, the GOP only officially recognizes Ron Paul having a plurality of delegates in 3 states

This map says there are 5 now


It was made by a Paul supporter.

LIBERTY2ME's picture

we don't know the #'s in TX

we don't know the #'s in TX yet, so not sure about this map. Also LA - RP did win - but the way it all went down, no one is certain that the RNC will give it to him.
Not sure about that map.