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Livestream Virginia convention

We're live at:

sorry this is going to be hard to hear- WAY in back and it's hard to hear in here no matter where you are!

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VA GOP really pushed in all the stops!

Worst convention ever! I remember I was so happy that the guest passes were only 10 bucks (Cheapest by far, Maine at $25 and Montana, $300!) but unfortunately they weren't worth even that paltry fee! The guest area was way in the back a good 50 feet behind the last seats on "the floor" and NO one could hear a thing! Even the back end of the convention floor experienced this. I know because guests were constantly yelling to the delegates things like "What did they just vote on?" and the answer was always, "No idea. We can't hear a thing!"

To stream, I had to stand in the doorway of the football-field-sized room, since the massively thick cinder block walls were impenetrable by the data signal for my iphone, and the only signal I could use was from an internet cafe outside. No dozen free high-speed wifi hookups inside, as in past conventions either! According to the staff there, after presumably spending 10's of thousands for the hall, the GOP decided not to spring for the extra $100 bucks to turn on the wifi. Really?

Ok, enough of the complaints (though I DO have more!) So what happened?

It seems as though, back at the point when the delegates from Warren county were chosen, the chair, annoyed at how many Paul delegates there were, decided to undermine their efforts by not sending in the paperwork at all and consequently the entire Warren County offered NO delegates- ALL unseated. for details, get it from this interview with one of those disenfranchised delegates here:


So when the committeewoman was voted on, the 58 delegates who would have surely been voting for Holt, couldn't, and she then lost by FIVE votes.

The slate was decided on in committee the night before and was split fairly even 6 to 7 for Paul and Romney respectively as far as we could tell. But everything was word of mouth and there was no one who could officially comment, so THERE you have it.

More GOP chicanery!

Class Action against the chair for not sending in the paperwork

Small small claims court. Lawyers for Ron Paul - again. How are they getting away with all of this?