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Please Dr. Paul - Do Not Do It! *video*

Excellent video showing Rand's statement and Romney's many statements on the the Federal Reserve as well as Ron being asked about endorsing Romney. Someone did a great job on this video!

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Sucky video, mean spirited and unconvincing

Auditing the Fed has nothing to do with Ben or Mitt's opinion of his competence.

The only way we can prove that Ben is competent is to Audit the Fed.

Sthe video fails to prove it's point.

Why the demagoguery. Because like Congress, you think I am too stupid to figure it out when I see the facts.

You failed to find on public record any indication that rmoney supported an audit of the Federal Reserve. That is telling.

However, you can't prove what was said in their private meeting. Maybe Rand was told by Mitt that he has supported an Audit of the Fed during his campaign.

So your false accusation stands against you.

Free includes debt-free!

Lays it right out there.

Thanks for finding this for us, JO.

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