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Attend Romney/GOP Events, Hand out Literature, Talk Issues

This post made me think of this:


YES! Go to these events, but instead of just sign bombing, go to the event, bring any remaining literature you have from the campaign, and start talking about issues. Don't start talking about how we can still win, just talk the issues and win them over on that. This might not change delegates minds, but it'll start changing the GOP's brain. We never stop. We still have two months to build public awareness about the Campaign for Liberty. If we do it right, we can build support and open up the minds of those Romney delegates, maybe after they see Paul speak at the convention and read some comparison sheets at the convention, we might just win their votes.

It is a war of ideas.

Continue to attend GOP meetings, talk about Audit the Fed, Industrial Hemp, etc. Talk about the issues Rand is introducing. Don't push Ron, just push the "compromise bills" that Rand is pushing, and it'll all come back to Ron.

After the convention we keep fighting, spreading these ideas and supporting candidates sympathetic to our cause. Hopefully the first candidate we support is 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee Ron Paul!

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Yes, wherever you are at please join me on the trail.

Here I am GOP, convince me!

Party Unity. Why did rmoney reject duly elected MA delegates? Where is his Republican loyalty?

Ron Paul can add the third party vote to GOP vote and soundly beat the incumbent this fall.


Party On! Thanks jaktober.

Free includes debt-free!