Get Those Signs in Visible Locations!

by Donna Andert
Assistant Organizer of Pasadena & Irvine, California

One story that I haven't seen on the Ron Paul blogs is about our ability to put a Ron Paul sign on private property when authorized by the owner. Unless prohibited specifically by local law, if the owner of a property or a business owner can decide to post a Ron Paul sign right now.

We need Ron Paul supporters with windows and property in high traffic locations to post professional looking signs. We know that we have many supporters who are NOT meetup members. And those beautiful large white "Hope for America" signs that you see in YouTube videos have been shipped to major Meetup groups.

We need people with the power and influence to authorize a sign, to contact their local Ron Paul meetup to ask for a sign if one is available, or to buy a Ron Paul sign from their local signmaker.

Southern California meetup groups will work with local businesses to get signs posted. Now. Get these big 4'x8' signs off my fireplace and onto Roadsides. Contact Pasadena and Irvine Meetups. (From photos, I believe San Diego has signs as well.)

The competition, naturally, is to post photographs of these signs with the businesses that support Ron Paul.

Thank You,
Donna Andert
Assistant Organizer of Pasadena & Irvine, California

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Car Magnets

I have a 12x18 car magnet that is on the tailgate of my pickup truck. Since I commute 130 miles a day on the overcongested 91 almost end-to-end over three counties, thousands of motorists see it everyday. Simple passive advertising, transferrable, and easier to read than a bumpersticker!

The nice thing is that there isn't a single thing any censoring local law can do about it!

Kinkos does 12x18 pairs in multiple colors and a high-gloss finish for about $100. The key is to have a JPEG in 12x18 size (very doable in PowerPoint).

BTW, the green/liberal company Northern Sun now has a RP bumper sticker in its catalog (along with the hundreds of others they nromally have). If that's up your alley, check out

"The Revolution will not be televised!"

Live in a Condo?

I believe, due to a court case (at least in California), condo residents can put up signs in their own windows without having to comply with any restrictions imposed by their CC&R's or association rules.

Note that many cities have a time, place and manner restriction on signs, even on private property. My city limits postings to 30 days. Good thing we have signs in 2 colors, so I can change it regularly!

Encourage Democrats to put up signs for the Republican peace candidate, to show Republicans who the front-runner is, even if they won't commit to voting for him.


What do you think?


The Ron Paul campaign is the ONLY campaign in NH that has the state peppered with signs from here to Coos County.

They are in yards, windows and tacked up to the sides of barns.

Some fellow who lives up north told me he was pleased to see this, just the other day at NHCCS Day.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Signs Signs Signs

I have been posting signs in Lenawee and Jackson County Michigan for over a month now. I've had the state police take them down off of private property or cover them up with their coat. These were homemade signs Who Is Ron Paul? And Ron Paul Revolution signs. They said that I was 3 feet over the line legally allowable or that they thought some rowdies drunks from the NASCAR Race was invoking some kind of trouble. Since I was patrolling the area the entire weekend I asked if moving it back was acceptable and instead of the Revolution sign if Who Is Ron Paul would be better and that it was private property with the owners approval if it would be ok to repost. I did and when I found out later that they covered it with their coat the Campaign Manager for Ron Paul called the State Police and they uncovered it immediately. I posted one on my friend’s property and someone ripped that one down along with others. Finally I got the Official 3 x 5 Hope for America posted it on private property up this great big hill in a cross intersection, went by there yesterday and it's gone. Still trying to figure out where that sign went. Every village, township, county etc have rules. Where are my signs and my 4 ft. metal poles? I WANT THEM BACK!!!