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Doctor Says I Have Tumors - Chemo Only Answer

So I'm at the DR. at Sloan on Tuesday because this hole above my left collarbone is getting bigger I feel like the he guy on the operation board game. My surgeon said there was nothing he could do looked at my wound which he saw ten days earlier and said fill it and come back in two months! now looks at it and on sight says tumor or tumors from radiation proceed to chemo maybe they have some experimental durgs that can give me some "milage" what am I a freakin' prius. The first thing I said to him on Tuesday "So What's The Plan? Wait til this thing gets as big as my fist and plant roses? Anyway I feel these bitches have caused me enough damage with their treatment already why keep listening to them I'm going with hemp oil. I have to go with a drug I know and trust and get off this medical industrial carousel of insanity. Hemp (Cannabis) Oil vs. Chemo? Any suggestions? RP2012 I'll Do It My Way

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This is an old thread

I do not know how to put this tactfully. According to the thread linked below, he died in December of 2012. Perhaps the moderators should un-publish this thread.


Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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Hi punkskaguy

My sister died of cáncer over 5 years ago, and that experience changed my life. I suggest you look at this:
The Beautiful Truth
Dying to Have Known
The Gerson Miracle

Jeremiah 17:5 KJV: Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.

We need to stop trusting in man and trust God since he left the perfect foods, which are medicine to our bodies.


Hi Alex

My sister died last month. Sucks! You posted some great videos there. I did watch them all earlier this year. I just want to let you know that punkskaguy (Dean) did already pass away. A friend of his named Susan posted a final update. You can find that as final post listed on his profile page. Love and peace to you ♥ See you 'round... Take good care...



http://www.jimhumble.biz/4-use-for-all-cancers.html Demonstrated success against all viruses and most bacteria. There is also reported success here in Czech Republic on using tourniquets to strangle cancer tumors ..

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Chemo is not your only answer

Check doctor in Texas on success at eradicating brain tumors. Check M.D. Anderson hospital. But there is another doctor In Texas too who performs a totally different approach...I will try to think about it and post later.

I think you mean Dr. Stanislaus Burzynski

He may currently be in jail due to persecution by the FDA...

This is one of several YouTube sources that talk about him:


My condolences Mrs. Susan in Jesus' name

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I did not read all of the

I did not read all of the comments below but has anyone suggested uno de gato, or cat's claw? I have some benign tumors on a lung and the cats claw seems to have knocked them down. I have not been in for a ct scan since taking it but the pain and discomfort has practically disappeared. Also, there's proof that 100% organic coconut oil is a cancer killer. I take a big spoon of it every day.

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It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown


I haven't come here for an update you guys are really terrific for opening up your hearts and experiences it really is very encouraging and I thank each of you for it. Yesterday I went to the Nylit center for cancer here in Staten Island at Staten Island University to see an oncologist so he can look at this whole above my collarbone which is a tumor I have no doubt about that. It's about an inch and 3/4 by maybe 3/4 at it's greatest width. I had a nutritionist make a house call from Nylit because I was not their patient. First thing she says is put sugar back in your diet. Now my wife wanted me to see a nutritionist because my weight dropped to 123 I'm 6'0 since I changed to an alkaline diet. The day she was here she asked me if I was suffering from dry mouth and I said a little after she left it became much worse. Have diarrhea? "No but I will now?" After she left and I did not speak to her much I left that for the brains of this operation, I told her I had pain in my left shoulder down the arm and across the back her response was "Maybe the cancer has gotten into the bone" after she left I couldn't lift my left arm and I know the Drs. at Sloan Kettering always asked me to lift my left arm and were surprised at how well I could do it as if they were waiting for this to happen. The shoulder pain made it impossible to sleep and I will not use pharmaceuticals and I've never used sleep aids except for the past four nights. I used Tylenol PM which is for pain and sleep and it has helped me sleep. Yesterday after 9 days of not being able to lift my left arm, like magic I was able to 75 percent of the pain is still there I'd say as I type this I can lift my left arm but it's painful, so I see the nutritionist yesterday and tell her that after she left I've been feeling lousy ever since but I did mention the arm and how today I can lift it when I thought I'd never be able to, she said it was probably because I was sleeping better, maybe but 5 or 6 days into this shoulder pain I smeared cannabis oil on my left shoulder it's like tar not easy to apply but it absorbed into the skin where you couldn't see it after about 2 1/2 days. It may have been the cause for improvement, put some more on today if next week the shoulder seems more improved I'm giving the oil the credit. Here's the kicker not only did she recommend putting sugar back in the diet and some changes were made like going from unsweetened almond milk back to whole milk she also recommended a product called Juven which is more calories and is supposed to build tissue. So my mom goes out and buys a 100 box of this stuff and says to the woman that they are very expensive, she walks away and comes back and instead of 3 more packs she puts ten or eleven in my "goodie bag". My wife comes over to me today and says I hate to say this but I'm not going to use the Juven anymore Why?? because one of the ingredients in the Juven although it does many good things one of the possible side effects May Cause Tumors To Grow!! WTF?? Yeah sounds like a deal breaker to me. One thing she was right about was lemon candy does help my dry mouth. On to the oncologist he's telling me to switch to ambien over TyPM because the Ty PM causes dry mouth but they both do. He said if I don't treat the tumor with khemo it will not shrink and I'd have to live with it for years and years I did a double-take thinking in my head OK. Even though this whole is pretty gross looking why would I take poison to possibly shrink it and he said it would not close and then it would open again, back to the khemo, carousel of insanity. It's a very difficult balancing act when you have weight concerns while fighting cancer on a pureed liquid diet. Juicing and shakes and soups do not seem enough to maintain a viable weight. They took blood yesterday and being the big chicken I am I asked for the butterfly problem was the woman taking my blood was incompetent had me pounding my feet on the floor. This is the care that they are forcing us to pay for, as if it were something everyone needed and was entitled to and now that they want everyone in the pool the care will only get worse. Once again I thank you all for your input I'll try to do a better job with the updates, Sincerely, Dean

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

cabbage juice

I was talking with a relative and she told me that a person she knew had marked improvement in cancer fight after adding cabbage juice to diet. A quick google of cabbage juice cancer cure did indicate that there is something to it. One page mentioned a chemical in cabbage that is supposed to kill cancer cells, for example. Dunno how much, but this page says 12 oz a day,plus 24oz of carrot juice a day http://www.mydr2.com/cgi-bin/english/fetch2.pl?refnum=812&qu... It also says carrot juice is good to help alkalize blood. Another page i saw said a quart a day of cabbage juice.

The cancer cell is the hardest cell for your body to destroy.

Chemo and radiation kill the normal cells, which make up 80% of a tumors density, that's why you always hear of initial improvements with cancer patients. Sugars and alkalinity feed and enable the cancer cells. (DCA) – Sodium Dichloroacetate a drug with over thirty years of use for other purposes, removes the cancer cells ability to defend itself from your own immune system. Essentially it changes the cell back to a normal cells defense mechanism and then your own immune system will take it out.

That's why it is important to build up your immune system and adjust your alkaline to levels that do not favor cancer growth. I don't speak from hearsay, I speak from experience, and I gained relief from half a treatment. I plan to complete the other half as soon as my financial situation changes. Plenty of info out there on it, just be careful not to give too much credit to the naysayers.
Make sure you take at least 500 mg of B1 while using it because it protects you from neuropathy. As a type one diabetic and predisposed to neuropathy, I suffered very little from its use. You do not need a prescription to buy it, and it is so damn cheap compared to what your doctors will charge, or your own life.

As much as I dislike Glenn Beck, he was on target with the DCA episode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LXH-TJYS5w&feature=related

I wish you well and hope it is as painless as it was for me.

Many suggestions.

I have been following the alternative medicine community for a while now. What I have found out is that government has kept many cures from seeing the light of day. Not just that, but they are actively working to keep people chronically ill.

My personal experience: After finding out about some of these alternatives, I decided to go proactive. I read up on the Gerson Therapy and watched a couple of documentaries. ( A Beautiful Truth is one of them) I switched my diet to organic, and started juicing twice per day. I took two weeks off of work and did the therapy in my home. It includes cleaning out your liver by causing it to dump the built up toxins that accumulate over time. My body started to function much more efficiently and I felt much better. This was about 1.5 years ago. I went from 210lbs to 180 and have maintained it since then. I eat normally, but juice and cleans regularly.

Most recently, I started looking into mineral suppliments. It is amazing what functions these things have, and how little we get from normal sources.

Many chronic diseases are cured by taking out the toxins (in our food and environment), and giving our bodies what they need to function properly. The net result is health, and a cure. You must get away from things like fluoride, chlorine, GMOs, aspartame, etc. They are toxic and will shut down the proper functions of your organs.

I don't know if you are an Alex Jones fan, but the guy has people on his show that are truly amazing in this field. Start visiting sites like naturalnews.com. Some cancers are being cured with massive doses of vitamin C. Your overall health needs to be addressed. Rather than trying experimental poisoning, give true health a try.

Watch this video:


Look into the Gerson Therapy. Go to http://gerson.org/gerpress/


I know it might sound ridiculous, but your average doctor is an ignorant person. They are indoctrinated by a corrupt system. They have too much pride in their "knowledge" to accept anything that they were not taught about in medical school. The system will kill you.

I don't know what your

I don't know what your religious feelings are but I know of several guys who beat it and they're convinced having a good church praying for them was the key.

Best wishes brother, don't give up.

Sorry to hear that...

... stay positive man. I hope everything turn out ok.

I have seen reports about eating a diet of high oxygen content like raw vegetables changes the chemistry in your body to a alkaline state as opposed to an acidic state and that cancer cannot live in that environment.

Also check out info on Vitamin C infusions. I've read that's it cured a lot of people as well.

My prayers are with you Punkska.


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

Check this Doctor Out!

Take Charge of your own health
Best of Luck!

I watched a documentary on

I watched a documentary on that guy. It was on thing that got me to realize that our government is criminal and wants us dead. Burzinsky is an awsome dude.

Hey, I think the oil is very

Hey, I think the oil is very smart, also look into Turmeric. As for a sugar substitute try Chicory Root I'm pretty sure it is harmless, there is a coffee/chocolate tasting type and sugar called just like sugar. Get well soon, please!

My input:

My sister is studying to become a PA. I think she read something that said 80% of oncologists say they would not take chemo.

I think you are doing the right thing. Some of the things I'm reading on here is stuff I have often heard: Cancer loves sugar so stay away from it, marijuana oil is supposed to be good for it, apricot seeds are supposed to be good, an alkaline diet is supposed to be good, i heard of a guy who did the baking soda thing but with molasses not maple syrup for I think prostate cancer, organic green tea, turmeric, cayenne pepper, mushrooms, sea kelp, raw organic cacao.

I forget the name of it, but there's also supposed to be a very good cancer clinic in Switzerland. They focus on diet but they also will either give you hypothermia or purposely give you a fever to help freeze or heat the cancer cells to kill them.


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Tried IP6?

"IP6 Shines Brightly as an Alternative Cancer Treatment and Preventive"



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You can educate yourself....

The Boss...

my wife said that all sugar at this time has to be cut out. The tumors feed on all sugars good and bad so no more blueberries or fruit that contains sugar. My only sugar intake will be from the whey protein in my shakes 2gm sugar to 27gm protein. I had an appointment with a second khemo Dr. at Sloan tomorrow but I cancelled it. The cancer doctors won't tell you to stay away from sugar just, eat healthy. So I'm going from sugar stoked to sugar starved, the only other sugar will be maple syrup with baking soda a teaspoon about 2 times a day to provide an alkaline environment for the tumors. The oil has been used topically in a couple of problem areas specifically my chin and under the hole and both have improved, it's all about what you put in yourself. I've used it more internally, placing it under my tongue and on my gums, tastes sort of like seaweed has to be major in the alkaline side of things. I appreciate all the posts, and I'll keep you all updated.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

That's great.

Stress management can also play an important part in your healing.
Please check out Emotional Freedom Technique, "Tapping". It is like emotional acupucture without needles, free and in the privacy of your own home just a few minutes a day. It is being used successfully on veterans with post tramatic strss syndrome.
Addiction, pain, stress, anxiety, cravings...their motto is try it on everything. (Gary Craig is the retired founder).

I wish you the best on your recovery. So pleased that you have considered alternative medicine. www.Mercola.com. (free resources from an Medical doctor turned alternative.

So glad to hear it.

You're very strong.

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It is good to hear your and your wife are

researching and finding better ways, and that you're having some early positive results.

Gary Null

knows about I3C (Indol 3 Carbinol) found in Broccoli.

I urge you to contact him!

I second gary

He comes of a little arrogant, but he's worth a shot.

At the very least, he'll maximize your heal.th, thus maximizing your chances of bearing this thing


my wife just made some broccoli soup for me with onions and turmeric and some squash she's only using alkaline and cancer fighting ingredients. I have the best Dr. anyone could ask for she cares and she cooks. Thanks for the suggestion.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Treatments: Cupping and Others

Above all else, make sure your blood flow is correct. Visit a masseuse and an acupuncturist. If you can locate one or the other who performs cupping, all the better.

Best is buy yourself a cupping set. Cupping is a time tested health treatment that today is the last self regulated, self treatment available for dirt cheap and is more effective than most doctor-offered treatments. Study acupuncture points and do wet cupping when necessary. Teach yourself. You can do it.

If you want more cupping info such as books, e-mail me and notify me here so I know to check for your e-mail. Because you have someone to help you, your wife, your situation begs cupping. You can do it to yourself, but someone doing it to you is easy for some areas. You can also do it on your wife. Learn from each other.

Continue turmeric and cheyenne. They thin blood (which usually is an improvement because most dis-ease involves blood stasis) and fight cancer. Don't go too alkaline. Much alkalinity causes harmless genes to turn harmful. Be balanced.

Avoid vaccines.

Remove dentistry material especially root canals, crowns, bridge work and implants. If you have fillings, they should be removed and in electrical sequence unless they are compatible with your blood, compatibility being a slight misnomer because all dental materials are reactive to the human's physiology, so the compatibility category sought is "least reactive." One important test before any dental work is removed is the Cavitat scan, an ultra sound test for the jaw to evaluate blood flow. If the jaw has necrotic bone or calcified bone, two conditions disallowing blood flow to and from the area, the test will pick up those conditions displayed on the monitor showing colors pertaining to blood flow -- green the best, red the worst. If dentistry is the offender and it and its effects in the jaw are removed, your acid-alkali ratio and, likely, other issues will normalize.

Good luck, DPer.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Who is Dr Joel Wallach DVM

Who is Dr Joel Wallach DVM ND? (starts after 1:00 minute.)

"90 essential Vitamins & Minerals By Dr. Joel Wallach DVM ND

Things included in the Gerson Diet are there and other things are not after 70 years of improvement. Any thing that stifled or reversed the healing process was eliminated. Juices proved to speed up healing and provide the 90 essential vitamins and minerals. Take Wallach's supplements and take the juices for the fastest results. There is also a list of acceptable pain management compounds.

The "treatment" itself can relieve the pain of the tumor/sores as well as safely speed away the waste toxins that the healing processes are producing. When those toxins gather in the body, they are sickening, even debilitating. Hippocrates described this technique for pain.

As I said before, I was not diagnosed with cancer. But my experience over the past year and the successes I've had, and the difficulties in bringing on the healing times. Besides the iodine (36mg/day), I needed the other 89 essential minerals and vitamins. I wasn't juicing so I wasn't getting the volume of plant material needed. The essential 90 is on my order list even now. Next paycheck that is.

That's what I would do. As a chemical engineer, its all about inputs and outputs, and turning a profit for the owner, me.

Broccoli Soup. Sounds great.

Best wishes.

Free includes debt-free!

Are you a moderator?

I am responding to you on this particular thread as the MOD thread is NOT the place to be having a debate with other posters. I did not misrepresent you - I know who answered.
I addressed only the moderators on THEIR thread.
I will respond to YOU here.
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