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LAT: Ron Paul's Iowa maneuvers place GOP in awkward position

"DES MOINES — Rick Santorum won the Iowa caucuses in January, with Mitt Romney a close second, but neither was the true winner this weekend when the delegates who actually will vote at the Republican National Convention were selected. That would be Ron Paul."


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SteveMT's picture

A story to relish during these days of rigged conventions.

A great result for Ron Paul, just like we thought.

BULLSH1T! RP "finished a distant third in the Iowa caucuses"????

According to the LA times, Ron Paul finished 3.2% behind Rmoney in the opening round, despite the fact that the results in many precincts simply disappeared, (which somehow wasn't newsworthy):
That is hardy a distant third, since the Iowa GOP destroyed the evidence to deny an accurate count or recount.

The M$M propaganda continues.

He won it.

They cheated him and they continued to flip the votes across the country the whole thing's a sham by the bankers and wallstreet and the news casters and media people and goverment people.

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The GOP willingly chose the awkward position

of traitorous deception and cheating and bullying.