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? Who Is Aaron Russo? And How Did He Make Ron Paul A Household Name?

Google Aaron Russo...

Learn how "When an idea who's time has come..." works.

Oh, incidentally... the last thing Aaron Russo said to me on a phone call was..."Get Ron Paul elected"

That was days before his death... the anniversary of his passing is the RNC in Tampa.
Aaron Russo - February 14, 1943 - August 24, 2007

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First fallen in the R[love]ution

He is our Paul revere and should always be remembered. Remember! remember! the 5th of september?

Oh Wow!

August 29 Aaron will be smiling down as we get Ron Paul elected! When I think of Aaron, I think of him talking with his friend (at the time) Jay Rockefeller.. "There's going to be a war in the middle east. They're going to be looking everywhere in caves but they wont' find anything... Why don't you join us? Aaron: "What's the end game here?" Everybody will have a chip. "If you rebel, we'll just unplug your chip". "What about the people?" "Forget about the people, why do you care? Take care of yourself and your family."

Nevada was lucky,

& had Aaron when he ran for Governor in the 90's. Jack Nicholson actually made a radio spot for his campaign - imagine. Why won't he do the same for Ron Paul?

Anyway, Aaron was waaaaaaaaaaaay too NY/Hollywood Jew for Nevada, with his long hair & flowing pajama outfits. He lost. Then, he cut his hair, put on a suit & kicked into high gear. Unfortunately, he died before he could really get going. Some say he was killed.

Anyway, I'm going to post this for my Nevada friends, & "Thank You" for bringing his b'day to our awareness. Nevada will DEFINITELY drink a toast to Aaron on that Friday.

I'll never forget him rolling in that wheelbarrow full of the NAFTA documents. What a mindblower!

He's dead? Damn, I missed that. Too bad.

I went to a taping of a program he had filmed in Los Angeles. The widow of Donald P. Scott, Frances Plante, was there and performed a song.

Following the Scott killing, the Legislature eliminated civil asset forfeiture.

Aaron Russo was a solid leader in the Liberty Movement.

I'm sorry to hear that Aaron Russo died. He was not so old.

Hey Richard Gilbert!

The “Lawyer for Ron Paul”, why are you here pretending to be another to be Scott Anthony McMillan, a fellow Orange County attorney? Are you jealous? Please explain!

Maybe we could

start celebrating the birthdays of REAL leaders and heroes instead of state holidays for dead dictators and war celebrations. Celebrate people who REALLY loved their fellow men, told the truth and helped them instead of joining in the tyranny. People like Russo, Ron Paul, Rothbard, Mises.

I watched

Freedom to Fascism in 2007 after following a link to whatreallyhappened.com. It was about the same time that I was introduced to G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island". My god, what an eye-opener!

Both works dramatically changed my world view and I will be forever grateful for their contributions to the cause of liberty and the goal of personal freedoms for us all.

Aaron Russo; may you rest in peace...

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


I guess the number 7 is special

I saw America: Freedom To Fascism after I saw a video of WTC-7 coming down.
That was Jan 7, 2007.

That's when I saw Ron Paul for the first time.

He was so honest I just assumed he had been retired from office and had nothing to lose by telling all.

I was shocked and pleased to learn he was actively in office.

Aaron Russo

was a good man. He asked Nick Rockefeller THE question (and my question as well): Why do you want to do this to people?
Rockefeller supposedly told him "What do you care about these people. Look out for your own family".
Maybe it was an offer he couldn't refuse and he did. Others don't.

I miss him

he was a really wonderful man.

I talked to Aaroron also

He asked for some video I had while he was making FTF.
He was a very nice man, and driven to finish the movie before he passed.
We all owe him a debt.


exposed Nick Rockerfeller, who made claims that were very traitorous to this nation. Russo made claim that he was offered the deal, but refused. You know the red pill, or the blue pill.

Bill Cooper, Aaron Russo, and Jim Tucker, all old moss horn NWO fighters. Bill and Aaron R.I.P. All worth doing background investigation if you have not already.

They fought where the vast majority of humanity did not even know that they had been enslaved into a Zionist Rothschild false national debt central bank scam. We are not debt slaves to these criminals.


sharkhearted's picture

God rest his good soul!

Freedom to Fascism helped change this ex-neocon's mind and heart.

Brilliant work!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

No way! You didn't talk to

No way!

You didn't talk to Aaron on the phone...

Yes way

It's the only time I ever heard him cry. Aaron didn't cry.


Hey at least you bumped it.

God still uses jackasses...Lol

Sorry BT

Sorry BT