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The Three B's For Explaining Why The Endless Wars Must Stop!

1. (B)ankruptcy Even the most hawkish warmonger has to realize that the war machine cannot be funded for much longer since we are already in trillions of dollars in debt from military spending overseas. Our militarism is literally financial suicide.

2. (B)lowback The Militarism we have used to combat "terrorism" has in many cases created more combatants than killed combatants. The drone technology and destructive nature of the weaponry used today is not completely accurate and there are innocent victims which very frequently get caught in the line of fire. There are also innocent men women and children that get painted as a target. Thousands of innocent people have been killed and for every "one" combatant you've killed, you've potentially created several more combatants which are comprised of the victim's family and friends. These actions are often the excuse for terrorism as well.

3. (B)loodshed Life is so precious. Ask yourselves if the wars we fight are truly for the defense of our country and are worth the price in blood of the family members we lose from both our own country and the innocent people of the country we invade. The Liberal Anti War people should realize this and not fall asleep just because there is a democrat in office. The Christian Conservative, if they are a true follower of Christ, should also understand. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR!

Remember the "Three B's"!

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